Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 6th/7th May Edition

As is traditional, we’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). Our new SRD Rank is out – the first for this year, and now includes Junior leagues where possible, and a lot more Latin American leagues.

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know!


The only bout we're aware of involving Scottish teams is down south in England...


British Champs fixtures are back this weekend, after a break last week:

  • Manchester sees the Tier 1 Men's triple-header, hosted by New Wheeled Order; seeing the hosts v South Wales Silures, Birmingham's Crash Test Brummies v Newcastle's Tyne & Fear, and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder v Sheffield's The Inhuman League [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • High Wycombe sees the Tier 2 South, with hosts Big Bucks High Rollers v Swansea City, and  London Rockin' Rollers v Kent Roller Girls [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • Guildford holds the Tier 3 East, as hosts Surrey Roller Girls play  Bedfordshire's Rebellion Roller Derby and Chelmsford's Killa Hurtz take on Norwich's Norfolk Brawds[FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • Bristol sees the Tier 3 South hosted by Bath Roller Derby Girls, playing Newport's Riot City Ravens, and North Devon Roller Derby taking on Dorset Roller Girls [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • and on Sunday, Ipswich, the Tier 2 Men's sees Suffolk Men's Roller Derby play London's Southern Discomfort B, and Bristol Men's play the Super Smash Brollers of  Nottingham [FTS Tournament][EVENT]

Outside of Champs there’s also little we know about:

  • Saturday: London Rollergirls host a very exciting double header as London C play Amsterdam [FTS], and London B play Team Scotland Roller Derby![EVENT]
  • Meanwhile, London's Juke Boxx and Southern Discomfort's Ballistic Whistle, are in Newcastle to run a bootcamp [EVENT]
  • Sunday: after their champs bout the say before, South Wales Silures host a coed/open to all day of scrims [EVENT]


In Europe, there’s rather a lot of derby, but all concentrated in a few places…

  • On Friday: Tenerife sees Tenerife Roller Girls host Dublin Roller Derby [FTS][EVENT]
  • Gothenburg, Sweden, Saturday sees the end of the Swedish National Elite tier, hosts Dock City taking on Stockholm's The Royal Army [FTS Tournament], as part of a double header with Royal Army B playing Dock City B [FTS][EVENT]
  • Norrköping, Sweden sees Norrköping Roller Derby play Gothenburg B [FTS], and the Killer Apes from Outer Space (Norrköping Men's) play Gothenburg Salty Seamen[FTS][EVENT]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark hosts a triple header, with Copenhagen Roller Derby A against Hamburg's Harbour Girls [FTS], Copenhagen B against Helsinki Roller Derby C [FTS], and Malmö's Crime City C also playing Helsinki C [FTS] [EVENT]
  • Limerick, Ireland sees hosts Limerick Roller Derby against Lutece Destroyeuses all the way from France [FTS][EVENT]
  • Eindhoven, Germany and hosts Rockcity Rollers play Roller Derby Metz [FTS][EVENT]
  • Late Addition: the French Men's Championship Finals, Saturday through Monday, held in Toulouse! [FTS Tournament][EVENT]


In Australia and New Zealand, it’s pretty busy, but with little on FTS:

  • Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland Roller Girls v Wellington's Richter City [FTS][EVENT]
  • Newcastle, Australia sees the start of the home season for Newcastle Roller Derby League, with home teams Fort Smashleys against Harbour Hellcats.[EVENT]
  • Mansfield, QLD, Australia sees Gold Coast's Paradise City Roller Derby play host Northern Brisbane Rollers [FTS] [EVENT]
  • Bateau Bay, NSW, Australia sees Outcast Derby host a "triple" event with no more details! [EVENT]
  • Toowoomba, Australia, sees a double header with Toowoomba Juniors playing Ipswich Scare Force, and Toowoomba City Rollers A against Sun State Rollergirls [FTS] [EVENT]
  • Timaru, New Zealand, finally, sees Timaru Roller Derby host Christchurch’s Otautahi Roller Derby [FTS][EVENT]

Latin America

In Latin America, it seems quite quiet…

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina sees Wonderclan host their yearly "Autumn Fair". [EVENT]
  • Lima, Peru and Toxic Lima host a home teams bout, with Terror de la Selva playing Furia Marina! [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Colombia: Bogotá's 4th District Tournament returns, Central Derby DC Roller Derby hosting the usual triple header,  Bogotá Bone Breakers B (Baby Breakers) playing Rock N Roller Queens B; Rock N Roller Queens A against Maquina del Mal Feminino; and in the men's tier, Légion Roller Quads versus Combativos [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • Late addition: Sunday sees Avellaneda, Argentina's Desalmadas Roller Derby host Rotten Vicious Dolls (DFD B) [FTS] for a double header with an open subscription bout to follow. [EVENT]

Africa and Middle East

This section is quiet again.


Now we're in the "big Tournament" season, this section will hold events (in the USA) which are relevant to the World overall.
  • From Friday to Sunday, Eugene, Oregon sees The Big O 2017. Relevant to our interests are:
    • Europe: Helsinki Roller Derby; Malmö, Sweden's Crime City Rollers
    • Pacific: Sydney Assassins; Victorian Roller Derby League (A + B) and Victorian Vanguard (Men); New Zealand's Pirate City Rollers
    • Latin America: Buenos Aires' 2x4 Roller Derby; Baja California, Mexico's Wheels of Mayhem
    • [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Highlights: VRDL v Rose [decides our ongoing Dust Devil Cup holder], 2x4 v everyone, Wheels of Mayhem v everyone.