Upcoming National Teams Bouts

With both World Cups now less than a year away - the Roller Derby World Cup in February, and the Men's Roller Derby World Cup in April, there's an increasing number of National Teams related fixtures being announced, as all the teams get in some practice, some visibility, and some fundraising opportunities.

It's easy to miss what's happening, so maybe it helps to keep them all in one place.

Here's the events we're aware of (and do please let us know if we've missed anything!)

Women's National Teams

15th July: Equipe de France play an exhibition bout hosted by Les Passeuses Dâmes [EVENT]

15th July: Team Portugal have an open training session for Portuguese skaters [EVENT]

16 July: at least some of Team Germany are at Euro Derby Con participating in events [EVENT]

22 July: Team Ireland Roller Derby turn up to play London Rollergirls B, the Brawl Saints as part of a double header in London [EVENT]

29 July: Team Korea and Team Philippines make their world debuts at Rollercon, playing against each other on Saturday! [EVENT]

29 July: Team South Africa have their final round of tryouts! [EVENT]

5-6 August: Team England host Team Sweden, Team Finland and Team Canada for a weekend round-robin event, in Nottingham! [EVENT]

5-6 August: Aotearoa Roller Derby (Team New Zealand) play a black v white scrim, followed by a bootcamp run by their coach, Mick Swagger. [EVENT]

6 August: Team England will also be scrimming with an open subscription team after that round-robin [EVENT]

6 August, 20th August: Team West Indies scrim against all comers in two open subscription bouts in Bedford (6th) [EVENT] and Birmingham (20th) [EVENT]

3 September: Team Scotland will be taking on a scrimmage against an open subscription team [Applications open] [EVENT]

23 September: Équipe de France Feminine host a fixture against 2 undisclosed National Teams, in Tourcoing, France [EVENT]

8 October: Team Belgium host Team Italy and Team Netherlands for a triple header [EVENT]

11 November: Team Austria are hosting Team Germany and Team Switzerland for a triple header [EVENT]

12 November: Team Ireland are playing an undisclosed team in Dublin [EVENT]

19 November: Team Scotland are again scrimmaging with an open subscription team (applications open) [EVENT]

25 November: Team England take on an undisclosed team in Peterborough. [EVENT]

2-3 December: Team Wales welcomes undisclosed opponents to the Road to Manchester tournament! [EVENT]

Men's National Teams

(Some time during this period, Team Finland are planning... something.)

15 July: Team New Zealand have their tryouts in Kawerau [EVENT]

23 July: Team England's Stage 1 Tryouts (open submission) happen in Nottingham [EVENT]

5-6 August: Team Spain host the Torneo Barcelona City... but aren't playing in it? [EVENT]

12 October: Team Wales have a mysterious event [EVENT]

18-19 November: Team Netherlands hosts Ireland, Belgium, Scotland, Spain and Italy in a "Road to Barcelona" event. [EVENT]

18-19 November: Team Germany hosts undisclosed opponents in a... "Road to Barcelona" event [EVENT]

25 November: Team England take on an undisclosed team in Peterborough (double header with Women's team above) [EVENT]