Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 2nd/3rd Mar Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]


Scotland has bouts this weekend, and also a recruitment.

  • Friday, Glasgow: Glasgow Men's Roller Derby are hosting the start of their New Skater Programme for recruitment. [EVENT]
  • Glasgow: Mean City Roller Derby host a double header [EVENT]
    • Mean City WFTDA-gender-policy versus Team Metal Legs (exhibition team)
    • Mean City Intraleague (Open gender policy / OTA).


British Champs 2018 is in full swing, but there's also plenty of other derby, and recruitment, going on across the UK.
  • Friday, Strood, England: Southern Coed Roller Derby host "WeJust Roll", "female-only" derby sessions for junior and adult skaters (11-25 years). [EVENT]
  • Birmingham, England: Central City Rollergirls host British Champs Tier 1 [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Glasgow Roller Derby versus Central City Rollergirls
    • London Rockin' Rollers versus Liverpool Roller Birds
  • Dorset, England: Dorset Knobs host the British Champs Mens Tier 3 South [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • East Anglo Smacksons (Norwich) versus Dorset Knobs
    • Kent Roller Derby (M) versus Suffolk Roller Derby Men.
  • Leeds, England: Leeds Roller Derby host a double header [EVENT]
    • Leeds Roller Derby versus Nottingham Hellfire Harlots [FTS]
    • Leeds Roller Derby B versus Mansfield Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Newcastle, England: Newcastle Roller Girls host their first home games of 2018 in a double header. [EVENT]
    • North Cs (Newcastle C) versus Bomb Squad (Birmingham Blitz Dames B) [FTS]
    • Canny Belters (Newcastle A) versus Birmingham Blitz Dames [FTS]
  • Sunderland, England: Sunderland Roller Derby host British Champs Tier 4 North [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Sunderland Roller Derby versus Furness Firecrackers (Barrow-in-Furness)
    • Spa Town Roller Derby (Harrogate) versus Durham City Rolling Angels
  • Sunday, Manchester, England: Manchester Roller Derby hosts an all-gender Derby Sevens tournament to celebrate their 8th Birthday. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Rochester, England: Southern Coed Roller Derby host their Introduction to Roller Derby course [EVENT]


The 2018 Derby Season gets off to a big start in Europe, and France, Sweden and Finland see a particularly busy set of triple and double headers.

  • Thursday, Vienna, Austria: Vienna Roller Derby appear to be co-promoting an Austrian film festival, FrauenFilmTage, promoting great works of film (fiction or non-fiction) from women filmmakers. [EVENT]
  • Thursday, Lille, France: Roller Derby Lille host the first of two dates for their Junior Roller Derby course, open for skates from 6 to 15 years old. [EVENT]
  • Thursday, The Hague, Netherlands: The Parliament of Pain host the first day of their two day fresh meat event for new members - a derby demonstration bout followed by meet and greet for interested recruits, be they interested in skating, officiating, photographing, announcing... . [EVENT]
  • Friday, Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona Roller Derby host their "Fresh Meat" tryouts for new skaters [EVENT]
  • (from Friday), Camargo, Spain: Villanucas Cantabria Roller Derby host TIME4ROLLERDERBY, a three-day event which appears to exist to allow comparison and training for both WFTDA and FIRS based roller derby systems. (FIRS having branded their system as "World Skate"). [EVENT]
  • Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki Roller Derby host the 5th fixture in the Suomi Cup 2017/8 [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Helsinki Roller Derby versus Tampere Roller Derby
    • Oulo Roller Derby versus Kouvola Roller Derby
  • Cholet, France: Cholet Roller Derby host a two-day bootcamp covering officials and competitive skaters, finishing in a scrimmage on Sunday. [EVENT]
  • Dijon, France: Les Flèches Revêche (AMsports Roller Derby Dijon) are hosting a double-header [EVENT]
    • Les Flèches Revêche versus Head Hunters (Narbonne) [FTS]
    • Narbonne A+B versus "Les Flechettes".
  • (FTS also lists a Dijon (Velvet Owls) versus Grenoble (Cannibal Marmots) bout, but we think that's displaced from next week.)
  • Lorient, France: Roller Derby Lorient host a bout between their Les Morues and Roller Derby La Rochelle's Cheeky! [FTS][EVENT]
  • Saint-Gratien, France: Roller Derby Panthers host a skater bootcamp run by Mick Swagger and Fags! [EVENT]
  • (sat+sun) Strasbourg, France: Hell's Ass Derby Girls host the first fixture in the Elite Tier of the French Nationale [FTS tournament][EVENT] organised with 10 games involving
    • Nothing Toulouse (Toulouse A)
    • Paris Rollergirls All-Stars
    • Lille Roller Girls Bad Bunnies
    • Nantes Derby Girls' Duchesses
    • Roller Derby Caen's Leopard Avengers
    • Quads de Paris' la Boucherie de Paris
    • Roller Derby Panthers' Panthers Graou
    • Strasbourg's Hell's Ass Derby Girls
  • Dublin, Ireland: the Ireland Roller Derby Association is hosting a Strategic Planning engagement workshop, to allow the Irish Derby community to mould the future of the IRDA as the NGB for Irish derby. [EVENT]
  • Gorey, Ireland: strictly not Roller Derby, but Chicks In Bowls Dublin are having a road-trip to Gorey's indoor Skatepark, and we know there's a lot of Chicks in Bowls/Derby crossover. [EVENT]
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands: Rotterdam Roller Derby host a double header against Brest's B.M.O Roller Derby Girls [EVENT]
    • Rotterdam A versus B.M.O. A [FTS]
    • Rotterdam Killer Bees (B) versus Les Sabordeuses (B.M.O B) [FTS]
  • Bergen, Norway: Wet City Rollers host a triple header round-robin of roller derby [EVENT]
    • Wet City Rollers versus Oil City Rollers (Stavanger) [FTS]
    • Wet City Rollers versus Norrköping Roller Derby B [FTS]
    • Oil City Rollers versus Norrköping Roller Derby B [FTS]
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm Roller Derby host the Swedish Eliteserien finals (and some extra games) over the entire weekend. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Dock City Rollers ( ) versus Gothenburgh Roller Derby
    • Crime City Rollers (Malmö) versus Luleå Roller Derby
    • Stockholm Roller Derby (B) versus Norrköping
    • Stockholm C-Stars versus Nerike Knockouts (Örebro) [FTS]
    • Stockholm All-stars versus Crime City A [FTS]
  • Sunday, Aalborg, Denmark: Aalborg Roller Derby host a recruitment day. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Mikkeli, Finland: Mikkeli Roller Derby host an open skate / try derby event [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Arras, France: Roller Derby Arras hosts a triple header event [EVENT]
    • Roller Derby Arras Purple 2.0 versus Sirènes Hurlantes (Dunkerque/Dunkirk) [FTS]
    • Open Men's Scrimmage (hosted by Men's Roller Derby Arras)
    • Freshie / new skater scrimmage.
  • Sunday, Dijon, France: Ateliers Sport + AMSports Roller Derby Dijon are offering a "roller derby workshop" event. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Lyon, France: Lyon Roller Derby host a triple-header with a Jumanji theme... [EVENT]
    • Lyonnaises versus Mars Invaders (Marseille B) [FTS]
    • Mon Cherrry (Lyon Men) versus Marseille Men [FTS]
    • Faux Soyeuses versus Marseille A [FTS]
  • Sunday, Mannheim, Germany: the DeltaQuads host their recruitment day, and signup for the associated Crash Course in basic skills. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, The Hague, Netherlands: The Parliament of Pain's second day of their Fresh Meat event sees an open training session for those signing up from Thursday [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Nijmegen, Netherlands: the Roadkill Rollers are also hosting a bootcamp event, for freshies, pre-minimum skills levels skaters. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Madrid, Spain: Roller Derby Madrid host their tryouts to join their league [EVENT]


As usual, there's lots happening in the Pacific, but a lot of it is recruitment in Australia and New Zealand. Japan, however, has a Sur5al tournament!

  • Thursday, Redfern, NSW, Australia: Inner West Roller Derby host a comedy fundraiser [EVENT]
  • Thursday, Sydney, NSW, Australia: Sydney Roller Derby host the very start of their Roller Derby Fundamentals (Level 2) course for this year. [EVENT]
  • Thursday, North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: Convict City Rollers are also starting another season of their Introduction to Roller Derby course (their 25th since they started running them!) [EVENT]
  • Friday to Sunday, Ikego, Japan: Yokosuka Sushi Rollers are hosting what might be the first Sur5al tournament in Japan as part of their annual Spring Fling tournament [EVENT]
    • Friday: Tokyo Roller Girls versus Okinawa Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Saturday: Tokyo Roller Girls versus Devil Dog Derby Dames [FTS]
    • Sunday: Sur5al!
    • Sunday: Mochi Pounders (Tokyo Juniors)
  • Brisbane, QLD, Australia: Brisbane City Rollers host a double header against Newcastle (Australia) [EVENT]
    • Brisbane City  Rollers Hitmen (M) versus Newcastle Mens Roller Derby Men of Steel [FTS] (debut for BCRH)
    • Brisbane City Rollers Punk Blockers versus Newcastle Roller Derby League Dockyard Dames [FTS]
  • Gladstone, QLD, Australia: Gladstone PCYC Roller Derby host their two-day all-weekend Epic Scrim event, an open (and open to all, for this year) scrim event now in its 6th year! [EVENT]
  • Gladstone, QLD, Australia: Gladstone PCYC Roller Derby also host their first bout of the year, a double header [EVENT]
    • GRD Hornets (Gladstone Juniors) versus Team Epic Junior
    • GRD Haul Stars versus Team Epic (selected skaters from Epic Scrim)
  • Adelaide, SA, Australia: Light City Derby are hosting a "Black and Orange" open scrimmage event - with three scrimmages in the session (1 mixed juniors and seniors, 1 beginner/intermediate, 1 advanced). [EVENT]
  • Wollongong, NSW, Australia: Wollongong (Illawarra) Roller Derby also host a double-header [EVENT]
    • Steel City Derby Dolls (WIRD A) versus Outcast Roller Derby ( ) [FTS]
    • CRASH Incredibles versus CRASH Ultimates (OTA bout)
  • Napier, New Zealand: Bay City Rollers are hosting the Hawkes Bay event for SkateNZ's "Kiwi Skate Day", a whole day of skating demonstrations and tryouts, including a roller derby demonstration. [EVENT]
  • Rotorua, New Zealand: Sulphur City Steam Rollers are also hosting an event for "Kiwi Skate Day", a "Skate the Corridor" event, group skating through the city. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Mountain Creek, QLD, Australia: The Coastal Assassins are hosting the start of their 2018 recruitment drive, for new recruits. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Campbelltown, Australia: Murder City Roller Girls host their Family and Friends Bout, showing off the debut performances of their 2018 season freshies. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Preston, VIC, Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host an open day for junior scrimmage - three levels of scrim (Beginner, Intermediate (JRDA L2), Advanced (WFTDA-equiv) ) [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Okinawa, Japan: Devil Dog Derby Dames run another recruitment day and beginners lessons (for skaters and officials). [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Queenstown, New Zealand: Queenstown Roller Derby hosts a try-derby day [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Wellington, New Zealand: Richter City Roller Derby are also hosting their continuing Learn To Skate series for those wanting to try skating, and derby. [EVENT]
  • Monday, Preston, VIC, Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host the start of their Learn To Skate programme. [EVENT]
  • Monday, Palmerston North, New Zealand: Swamp City Rollers host their first beginners course for the year, teaching both skating and (eventually) roller derby! [EVENT]

Latin America

Latin America seems very quiet... but there is a birthday party.

  • Thursday, Rosario, Argentina: Rosario Roller Derby host a recruitment and learn to derby evening - the start of a regular Thursday evening slot for this all through March. [EVENT]
  • Peñalolen, Chile: Metropolitan Roller Derby host their first tryouts/recruitment session of the year. [EVENT]
  • Cuauhtémoc, Mexico: Mexico City Roller Derby are celebrating their birthday, with a bout against the All Blacks (CDMX), and a party. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Montevideo, Uruguay: Pájaros Pintados hold their first scrimmage of the year. (No Facebook event, but there's this post.)

Africa and Middle East

There's only two things we're aware of in Africa and the Middle East this weekend:

  • (from Saturday) Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town Rollergirls host a weekend of derby - two days of roller derby demonstrations and tryouts. [EVENT]
  • Monday, Tel Aviv, Israel: Tel Aviv Derby Girls are holding tryouts for both skaters and officials - there's no Facebook event for this, but there is a google form [LINK]