Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 10th/11th Mar Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]


There's not many events in Scotland this week:

  • Friday, Glasgow: Glasgow Men's Roller Derby host their new skater night (GMRD aren't, apparently, on Derbylisting, so we missed this first pass) [EVENT]
  • Sat, Elgin: Helgin Roller Derby host a Race Night Fundraiser - they're off to the races, and would like you to come with! [EVENT]
  • Sat, Glasgow: Glasgow Roller Derby host their first games of the season, as their new home teams, Yellow Submarine and The Black Sabbath, play each other for the first time [EVENT]

United Kingdom

In the UK, British Champs continues to supply a lot of bouts, but there's tons of other derby also on display, as well as a bunch of recruitment/training sessions for new skaters.
  • Thurs, Cardiff,Wales,United Kingdom: Tiger Bay Brawlers Learn to Skate course continues (started on March 8th) [EVENT]
  • Fri, Kent,England,United Kingdom: Southern Coed Roller Derby present WeJustRoll, explicitly "female-only" roller derby sessions for 11-25 year olds (started last week) [EVENT]
  • Fri, Oldham,England,United Kingdom: Rainy City Roller Derby's New Skater Night Fridays continue as regular as clockwork [EVENT]
  • Sat, Cambridge,England,United Kingdom: Cambridge Rollerbillies host British Champs Tier 3 South [FTS tournament] [EVENT]
    • Cambridge Rollerbillies versus Dorset Roller Girls
    • Hell's Belles Roller Girls (Hertfordshire) versus Wiltshire Roller Derby
  • Sat, Exeter,England,United Kingdom: South West Angels of Terror host the "SWAT Juniors 100 Lap Challenge Skate-a-thon", a fundraiser for the Junior league [EVENT]
  • Sat, Hull, England, United Kingdom: Hulls Angels Roller Derby (HARD) B host a game against Leeds Roller Derby's "challenge" team [EVENT]
  • Sat, London,England,United Kingdom: London Rollergirls host "Part 1" of a year-long bootcamp series "Minimum Skills, Drills and Thrills". This is a gender-inclusive event, and open to all skaters who have done basic contact (even if they've not passed min skills) [EVENT]
  • Sat, London, England, United Kingdom: Also, London Rollergirls are playing some derby, as they host Dublin Roller Derby for a double header [EVENT]
    • Batter C Power (London C) versus Dublin Roller Derby B [FTS]
    • Brawl Saints (London B) versus Dublin Roller Derby A [FTS]
  • Sat, Manchester, England, United Kingdom: Manchester Roller Derby host a Pub Quiz! [EVENT]
  • Sat, Oldham,England,United Kingdom: Rainy City Roller Derby host a double-header [EVENT]
    • Rainy City Revolution (Rainy B) versus Kent Roller Girls [FTS]
    • Open Skater Debut Bout (WFTDA-gender policy - open to women and gender-expansive,non-binary individuals)
  • Sat, Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom: Portsmouth Roller Wenches are hosting a double header [EVENT]
    • Portsmouth Roller Wenches A versus Tiger Bay Brawlers B (Cardiff) [FTS]
    • Portsmouth Roller Wenches B versus Hellfire Harlots B (Nottingham) [FTS]
  • Sat, Winchester, England, United Kingdom: Southampton Roller Derby host an open scrim with a Gladiators (the 90s TV show, not anything else) theme. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Cardiff,Wales,United Kingdom: South Wales Silures Roller Derby host an open "Coed" (by which we think they mean "Open To All"/"Gender inclusive") Scrim [EVENT]
  • Sun, Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom: Eastbourne Roller Derby host British Champs Tier4 South [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Bridgend Roller Derby versus Milton Keynes Roller Derby
    • Eastbourne Roller Derby Bourne Bombshells versus Plymouth Roller Derby
  • Sun, Kent,England,United Kingdom: Southern Coed Roller Derby's Introduction To Roller Derby course continues (Open To All/Gender inclusive) [EVENT]
  • Sun, Oldham,England,United Kingdom: Rainy City Roller Derby host the next Artistic Skating Workshop run by Missy Rascal. This will cover jumps, spins and one-footed transitions. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Sheffield,England,United Kingdom: The Inhuman League host an Open To All / Gender Inclusive Scrimmage [EVENT]
  • Sun, Worcester,England,United Kingdom: Worcester Wyldlings Roller Derby's "learn Roller Derby" course starts today for those interested. [EVENT]
  • Mon, Coventry,England,United Kingdom: Coventry Roller Derby host their monthly Open To All/Gender Inclusive Scrimmage [EVENT]


The French derby scene continues to dominate the European schedules, between the Nationale fixtures and the host of other events which seem to happen in addition to it. Denmark, Iceland, and the Netherlands also have a busier schedule than most.
  • Thurs, Lille,Nord-Pas-de-Calais,France: Switchblade Roller Grrrls' (Roller Derby Lille) Junior Roller Derby course continues [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Warsaw,Mazowieckie,Poland: Worst Warsaw Derby Team host a Roller Derby workshop for those interested in trying and learning the sport. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Ghent,East Flanders,Belgium: GO-GO Gent Roller Derby host their monthly Open Training, for anyone interested in trying the sport or just coming along. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Hamburg,Germany: St Pauli Roller Derby / Harbor Girls Hamburg host their own "Rookie Day", for anyone interested in finding out about the sport. [EVENT]
  • Sat+Sun, Aalborg,North Jutland,Denmark: Aalborg Roller Derby host a tournament: TNT - The Northern Takedown 2018 [FTS Tournament][EVENT] featuring
    • Roller Girls of the Apocalypse: The Wreckoning (Tyskland) (B)
    • Gothenburg Roller Derby: Badass Beavers (B)
    • London Rockin' Rollers: Badasses (B)
    • Tampere Roller Derby: Howlin' Rolls (B)
    • Aalborg Roller Derby: Combat Bullies (B)
  • Sat, Châteauroux,France: Les Pirnanas de Châteauroux are hosting Equipe de France Masculine de Roller Derby for training, with a bout at 4pm (open to the public, free entry) [EVENT]
  • Sat+Sun, Montreuil,Île-de-France,France: Roller Derby Montreuil host the Championnat de France de Roller Derby N2 [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Nasty Pêcheresses (Montreuil) versus Rolling Candies (Amiens)
    • Baronnes Von Schlass (Lille) versus Gueuses de Pigalle (Paris)
    • Panthers Miaou (Saint-Gratien B) versus Black Tagada (Calais)
    • Gueuses de Pigalle versus Rolling Candies
    • Nasty Pêcheresses versus Baronnes Von Schlass
  • Sat, Nantes,Pays de la Loire,France: Nantes Derby Girls host a triple header round-robin featuring their Rec League, Filles de Neptune [EVENT]
    • Passeuses Dames (La Roche Sur Yon) versus Les Smashing Machettes (Lille B) [FTS]
    • Filles de Neptune versus Passeuses Dames [FTS]
    • Filles de Neptune versus Les Smashing Machettes [FTS]
  • Sat+Sun, Rouen,Haute-Normandie,France: Les Veuves Noires and Les Croque-Morts host a tournament [EVENT]
    • Les Faucheuses (Rouen B) versus La Carcasse (La Boucherie de Paris C) [FTS]
    • Les Croque-Morts (Rouen M) versus Unnamed Basterds (exhibition)
    • Les Veuves Noires (Rouen A) versus La Douleur Angevine (Angers) [FTS]
    • Les Veuves Noires versus Les Déferlantes (Rennes A) [FTS]
    • Les Déferlantes versus La Douleur Angevine [FTS]
  • Sat, Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois,Île-de-France,France: Les Psyko'Quads host a "friends and family" open skate. [EVENT]
  • Sat+Sun, Valence,Rhône-Alpes,France: Roller Derby Valence host their first Bootcamp, with places for Skaters, Referees and NSOs. Sunday session ends with a scrimmage to try out the stuff you've learned. [EVENT]
  • Sat, Bremen,Bremen,Germany: Bremen Meatgrinders have a presence at the Passion Sports Convention 2018 [EVENT]
  • Sat, Selfoss,Iceland: Roller Derby Iceland host a triple header round-robin [EVENT]
    • Ragnarök (Iceland) versus Atlanta Rollergirls [FTS?]
    • Royal City Rollergirls (Guelph, Ontario) versus Ragnarök [FTS]
    • Atlanta Roller Girls versus Royal City Rollergirls [FTS?]
  • Sat, The Hague,Netherlands: The Parliament of Pain host their first Double Header of 2018! [EVENT]
    • The Jokers (The Hague B) versus Thunderdoms (Dom City (Utrecht) B) [FTS]
    • Queens of PoP (The Hague A) versus Ruhrpott Roller Girls [FTS]
  • Sat, Almada,Lisboa,Portugal: Almada Roller Derby's Liberty Dolls and Lisboa Derby Troopers are playing each other in an interleague [FTS?][EVENT]
  • Sat, A Coruña, Spain: As Brigantias Roller Derby host the Black Thunders Roller Derby of Madrid for a bout [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sat, Stockholm,Stockholm,Sweden: Stockholm Roller Derby are looking for recruits for their governing board (including, it seems, external candidates for positions such as Treasurer). [EVENT]
  • Sat, Lucerne,Lucerne,Switzerland: The Hellveticats host Genève Roller Derby United for a bout [FTS?][EVENT]
  • Sun, Dijon,Bourgogne,France: Roller Derby Dijon host a double header [EVENT]
    • Velvet Owls (Dijon A) versus Cannibal Marmots (Grenoble A) [FTS]
    • Velvet Must'Hard (Dijon B) + Fresh Meat versus Cannibal Marmots B + Fresh Meat (semi-expo/new skater debut game)
  • Sun, Poitiers,Poitou-Charentes,France: Poitiers Roller Derby are co-hosting an event with "le Collectif des Étudiant-e-s pour la Liberté des Identités de Genre", who appear to be a student body acting to support gender-expansive, transgender and other individuals who expand gender identities. [EVENT]
    • Les Broyeyses du Poitou (Poitiers) versus Le Grand Ouest (exhibition)
    • Roller disco.
  • Sun, Saintes,Poitou-Charentes,France: The Holy Terrors host Dépouilleuses of Pamiers for a game [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sun, Galway,Connaught,Ireland: Galway City Roller Derby's learn to derby course continues (started March 4th) [EVENT]
  • Sun, The Hague,Netherlands: The Parliament of Pain 's free training sessions for new skaters continue [EVENT]
  • Sun, Lausanne,Vaud,Switzerland: Roller Derby Lausanne's Rolling Furies host Les Flèches Revêches of Dijon for a bout [FTS][EVENT]
  • Mon, Köln,Nordrhein-Westfalen,Germany: Cologne Roller Derby are hosting their Recruitment Day for new skaters, and officials. This event and all training is "coed", by which they probably mean "Open To All/Gender inclusive". [EVENT]
  • Mon, Ludwigsburg,Baden-Württemberg,Germany: Barockcity Roller Derby host their regular open-training event for anyone interested, including people who want to learn the sport. Officials (Referees and NSOs) also welcome. [EVENT]


As usual for this time of year, the Pacific region is dominated by recruitment and fundraisers... but there's some home season bouts as well.
  • Thurs, Hobart,Tasmania,Australia: South Island Sirens' QuadFit 12-week fitness program continues (started 18th Jan) [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Sydney,New South Wales,Australia: University of Sydney Roller Derby League's Beginner's training program continues (Intake was 8th March). [EVENT]
  • Fri, Gladstone,Queensland,Australia: Gladstone PCYC Roller Derby host their March Roller Disco, open to all ages, with a Comic Book theme [EVENT]
  • Fri, Hobart,Tasmania,Australia: Convict City Rollers host a Heroes VS Villians Quiz Night [EVENT]
  • Fri, Tokyo, Japan: Kamikaze Badass Roller Derby host their regular Friday practice, open to new skaters. [no event, page HERE]
  • Sat, Campbelltown,South Australia,Australia: Murder City Roller Girls host Summer Shovin', an intraleague between the T Birds and the Pink Ladies [EVENT]
  • Sat, Albany,Western Australia,Australia: Albany Roller Derby League's Learn to Skate program continues (started on 17th Feb) [EVENT]
  • Sat, Latrobe Valley,Victoria,Australia: Gippsland Ranges Roller Derby host a Meet And Greet event for those interested in learning more about roller derby - including a training session. [EVENT]
  • Sat, Launceston,Tasmania,Australia: Van Diemen Rollers host another of their Open Scrims [EVENT]
  • Sat, Newcastle,New South Wales,Australia: Newcastle Roller Derby League host the start of their intraleague series, as the Harbour Hellcats take on Fort Smashleys [EVENT]
  • Sat, Napier,Hawke's Bay,New Zealand: Bay City Rollers host an Intraleague double header [EVENT]
    • Black versus White intraleague
    • "Guns & Roses" Scrimmage (15 minute halves, short game)
  • Sat, Tauranga,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand: Moana Roller Derby host Whakatāne Roller Derby League for their first game as "Moana Roller Derby" (renamed from Mount Militia Derby Crew). [FTS?][EVENT]
  • Sun, Darwin,Northern Territory,Australia: Darwin Roller Girls host a Learn to Skate Bootcamp for prospective new skaters [EVENT]
  • Sun, Katoomba,New South Wales,Australia: Blue Mountains Roller Derby League host an intraleague double header! [EVENT]
    • Juniors intraleague
    • Women's (WFTDA-gender policy?) intraleague
  • Sun, Keysborough,Victoria,Australia: South Sea Roller Derby host their monthly open scrimmage evenings, with three levels of scrimmage (non-contact, low-contact, and full-contact). [EVENT]
  • Sun, Newcastle,New South Wales,Australia: Newcastle Junior Roller Derby present a fundraiser, selling Soy Wax Candles to fund their travel for the year. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Sunshine Coast,Queensland,Australia: Coastal Assassins Roller Derby host another Roller Derby Freshmeat Intake 2018 information session. [EVENT]
  • Mon, Palmerston North,Manawatu-Wanganui,New Zealand: Swamp City Roller Derby's Roller Derby Beginners Course continues (started March 5th) [EVENT]
  • Mon, Tauranga,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand: Moana Roller Derby host another Open, All Gender, Skate Session [EVENT]

Latin America

Latin America is either quiet, or no-one is using Facebook events for their bouts anymore...
  • Thurs, Rosario,Santa Fe,Argentina: Rosario Roller Derby present their weekly (in March) Start Roller Derby events, presenting training and introductions to the sport for anyone interested. [EVENT]
  • Sat, Buenos Aires,Buenos Aires,Argentina: Sailor City Rollers present Sailor Fest, a fiesta including standup comedy, music, food and drinks [EVENT]

Africa and Middle East

South Africa has the only event we're aware of in this region this week:
  • Thurs, Pretoria,Gauteng,South Africa: P-Town Roller Derby present their weekly Roller Derby Funskate, to welcome potential new skaters. [EVENT]