Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup:31st Mar/1st Apr Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]


There's not many events in Scotland this week, but both of them are excellent things to attend (and there's some more Scottish derby down in England, too).
  • Fri, Dundee,Scotland,United Kingdom: Dundee Roller Girls host another of their Friday Open Scrims, this one is WFTDA-gender-policy (and referees and NSOs are also welcome) [EVENT]
  • Sat, Aberdeen,Scotland,United Kingdom: Granite City Roller Derby host their first double-header of the season [EVENT]
    • Rising Stars of Scottish Roller Derby bout [mashup teams from across Scotland, including Elgin and Orkney]
    • Granite City Roller Derby Home Teams bout

United Kingdom

British Champs is taking the weekend off for Easter... but there's still a bunch of Roller Derby happening, with bootcamps and double- and triple-headers across the country.
  • Thurs, Cardiff,Wales,United Kingdom: Tiger Bay Brawlers' Learn to Skate course continues (started 8th March) [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Durham,England,United Kingdom: Durham City Rolling Angels host their March Open Scrim Night (WFTDA-gender-policy this month) [EVENT]
  • Fri, Oldham,England,United Kingdom: Rainy City Roller Derby host their regular New Skater Night [EVENT]
  • Sat, Cardiff,Wales,United Kingdom: Tiger Bay Brawlers host a double header against Birmingham's Central City Rollergirls [EVENT]
    • Tiger Bay Brawlers A versus Central City Rollergirls A [FTS]
    • Tiger Bay Brawlers B versus Central City Rollergirls B [FTS]
  • Sat, Kent,England,United Kingdom: Kent Roller Girls host a bout against Essex's Killa Hurtz Roller Derby [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sat, London,England,United Kingdom: Rescheduled from earlier in the year, Team Unicorn host a bootcamp coached by Rogue Runner of Team England and London Rollergirls (this bootcamp is sold out) [EVENT]
  • Sat, Manchester,England,United Kingdom: Manchester Roller Derby are hosting a fundraising Easter Roller Disco, with fancy dress and easter eggs! [EVENT]
  • Sat, Newcastle Upon Tyne,England,United Kingdom: Tyne and Fear Roller Derby host a triple header of roller derby present Triple Header - Inglorious BStars, Barrow Infernos & Glasgow [EVENT]
    • Inglorious B
    Stars (Tyne and Fear B) versus Barrow Infernos (Barrow-in-Furness) [FTS]
  • Inglorious B*Stars versus Glasgow Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Barrow Infernos versus Glasgow Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Sat, Peterborough,England,United Kingdom: Borderland Brawlers Roller Derby host a double header [EVENT]
    • Borderland Brawlers (Peterborough M) versus Suffolk Roller Derby (M) [FTS]
    • Gents in Pink (M, semi-exhib) versus Knights of Oldham (Oldham M) [FTS]
  • Sun, Kent,England,United Kingdom: Southern Coed Roller Derby's Introduction To Roller Derby series sees another (the last) Sunday Information Evening [EVENT]
  • Sun, Manchester,England,United Kingdom: Manchester Roller Derby host their Open All-Gender Scrim [EVENT]
  • Sun, Worcester,England,United Kingdom: Worcester Wyldlings Roller Derby's Sunday Training continues (started March 11th) [EVENT]
  • Mon, Bury St Edmunds,England,United Kingdom: Suffolk Roller Derby's present Freshie Intake continues [EVENT]
  • Europe

    As seems to be a pattern, there's a huge amount of Roller Derby happening in France this weekend - not just Championnat de France Nationale 2 fixtures, but equally large tournaments (Slip It!), bootcamps, and other events.
    • Fri, Göteborg,Götaland,Sweden: Gothenburg Salty Seamen host what they claim is "Gothenburg's First Roller Disco"! This has an under-18s and over-18s section, divided in time. [EVENT]
    • Sat, Brussels, Belgium: Team Belgium Men's Roller Derby host an open subscription scrimmage for their last practice before the Men's Roller Derby World Cup. [EVENT]
    • Sat/Sun, Caen,Basse-Normandie,France: Roller Derby Caen host the 5th edition of their yearly SLIP IT! Tournament - a round-robin with 5 teams (and hence 10 games) [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
      • Royal Windsor Rollergirls (Windsor, UK) versus GO-GO Gent Roller Derby
      • Roller Derby Caen versus Copenhagen Roller Derby
      • Royal Windsor Rollergirls versus London Rockin' Rollers
      • GO-GO Gent Roller Derby versus Roller Derby Caen
      • Copenhagen Roller Derby versus London Rockin' Rollers
      • Royal Windsor Rollergirls versus Copenhagen Roller Derby
      • Roller Derby Caen versus London Rockin' Rollers
      • GO-GO Gent versus Copenhagen Roller Derby
      • Royal Windsor Rollergirls versus Roller Derby Caen
      • GO-GO Gent versus London Rockin' Rollers
    • Sat/Sun, La Rochelle,Poitou-Charentes,France: Roller Derby La Rochelle hosts the next Championnat de France de Roller Derby, Nationale 2 division fixtures [FTS tournament][EVENT]
      • Spring Blocks (Mérignac) versus Valient Bitchiz (Anglet)
      • Silly Geez (Tours) versus Douleur Angevine (Angers)
      • Hell'R Cheeky Dolls (La Rochelle) versus Divines Machine (Nantes)
      • Silly Geez versus Valient Bitchiz
      • Hell'R Cheeky Dolls versus Spring Blocks
    • Sat/Sun, Montpellier,Languedoc-Roussillon,France: Montpellier Derby Club (DCCLM) host a "Bootcamp Made in France". This two-day bootcamp has 20 spaces for Jammers - coached by Equipe de France (F) skater and Nothing Toulouse skater+coach Missy Hammer - and 20 for Blockers - coached by QuadGuards skater and coach and Equipe de France (M) skater AssHelloff [EVENT]
    • SatSun, Perpignan,Languedoc-Roussillon,France: Coccyx Lexis Roller Derby present Destroying the Pâques - two days of Roller Derby in two different formats [EVENT]
      • Saturday: Le Terrier (Avignon, mixed gender) versus Els Segadors (Perpignan, mixed gender)
      • Sunday: Mini tournament (30 minute bouts?) "La Trophée Chocolatine".
        • Green is the New Block (Pibrac B?) versus Rainbow Furies (Toulouse C)

        • Full Metal Punkettes (Tarbes) versus Head Hunters (Narbonne)

        • B-Bones (Nimes B) versus Les Dégoupilleuses (Pamiers)

        • Coccyx Lexis (Perpignan) versus Bloody Patchol's (Albi)

        • Block Busters (Montpellier B?) versus Rainbow Furies

        • Green is the New Block versus Full Metal Punkettes

        • Head Hunters versus Bloody Patchol's

        • B-Bones versus Block Busters

        • Les Dégoupilleuses versus Rainbow Furies

        • Coccyx Lexis versus Green is the New Block

        • Full Metal Punkettes versus Block Busters

        • Bloody Patchol's versus B-Bones

    • Sat, Dublin,Leinster,Ireland: Dublin Roller Derby host a double header [EVENT]
      • Dublin Roller Derby A versus Birmingham Blitz Dames [FTS]
      • Dublin Roller Derby C versus Arnhem Fallen Angels [FTS]
    • Sun, Marseille,Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur,France: Marseille Roller Derby Club host a 1-day Bootcamp coached by Mick Swagger (Blockers) and Mary Fagdalene (Jammers) as part of their coaching tour.[EVENT]
    • Sun, Seynod,Rhône-Alpes,France: Roller Derby Annecy host a triple header round robin: Queen Of The Lake 2 [EVENT]
      • Brütales Deluxe (Annecy) versus Bloody Wheels Torino [FTS]
      • Brütales Deluxe versus Purple 2.0 (Arras) [FTS]
      • Bloody Wheels Torino versus Purple 2.0 [FTS]
    • Sun, Wuppertal,Nordrhein-Westfalen,Germany: Psycho Dolls Roller Derby and Red Lion Roller Derby are hosting an Osterscrimmage ("Easter Scrimmage") - three open subscription scrims [EVENT]
      • Rookie scrim
      • Advanced scrim
      • "Co-ed" Scrim (we assume Open To All genders)
    • Sun, Galway,Connaught,Ireland: Galway City Roller Derby's Freshmeat Course continues. [EVENT]
    • Monday, Dublin?, Ireland: The Irish Roller Derby Association is holding an open "Strategic Plan Presentation" day, to allow the Irish Roller Derby community to participate and feedback on their plans for the future. This event currently has no confirmed location, as presumably this depends on numbers expected. [EVENT]


    The biggest thing in the Pacific region this weekend has to be The Pacific Invitational in Brisbane.
    • Thurs, Hobart,Tasmania,Australia: South Island Sirens' Quad Fit, fitness and roller derby course continues [EVENT]
    • Thurs, Latrobe Valley,Victoria,Australia: Gippsland Ranges Roller Derby's Traralgon Program 2018 continues. [EVENT]
    • Thurs, Tauranga,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand: Moana Roller Derby host another of their Open Skate Sessions, open to All Genders, and 16+. For anyone interested in trying out skating, or roller derby. [EVENT]
    • Sat/Sun, Brisbane,Queensland,Australia: Sun State Roller Girls host The Pacific Invitational 2018, which is WFTDA-Sanctioned for the first time this year. [FTS tournament][EVENT]
      • Public bouts:
        • Sun State Roller Girls versus Pirate City Rollers (Auckland A)
        • Sun State Roller Girls versus Adeladies (Adelaide A)
        • Sun State Roller Girls versus Pirate City Rollers (Auckland A) [yes, a second time]
      • Closed bouts:
        • Adeladies versus Pirate City Rollers
    • Sat, Preston,Victoria,Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host a double header "friends and family" day[EVENT]
      • VRDL "Top 30 Mashup" bout.
      • Victorian Roller Derby League versus Northside Rollers [FTS?]
    • Sun, Ballarat,Victoria,Australia: Ballarat Roller Derby League apparently are hosting the ongoing 2018 Roller Skate Fit Club [EVENT]
    • Sun, Newcastle,New South Wales,Australia: Newcastle Junior Roller Derby still have Soy Wax Candles for sale to raise funds for travel. [EVENT]
    • Mon, Palmerston North,Manawatu-Wanganui,New Zealand: Swamp City Roller Derby's Roller Derby Beginners Course continues [EVENT]

    Latin America

    Latin America sees a couple of bouts this weekend.
    • Thurs, Rosario,Santa Fe,Argentina: Rosario Roller Derby continue their Empezá Roller Derby (Try Roller Derby) open evenings [EVENT]
    • Friday, Jujuy y Plata,Tucuman,Argentina: With exceptionally late notice, Rayo Naranja Roller Derby advertise a training session / minibootcamp with José Sanchez, of Seleccion Argentina de Roller Derby Masculino [EVENT]
    • Sat, Córdoba, Argentina: Hiedras Roller Derby host a triple header "triangle tournament" [EVENT]
      • Hiedras (Córdoba) versus SarCasticats (Mendoza) [FTS]
      • SarcastiCats versus Insubordinadas (Córdoba)[FTS]
      • Hiedras versus Insubordinadas(Córdoba) [FTS]
    • Sat, Rio de Janeiro,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil: Sugar Loathe Roller Derby host WonderClan from Buenos Aires, Argentina for a bout [EVENT]
      • Sugar Loathe Roller Derby (Rio) versus WonderClan (Buenos Aires) [FTS]
    • Sun, Salta,Salta,Argentina: Malditas Lisiadas host (with very late notice) some kind of bout or bouts (less than detailed event so far) [EVENT]
    • Mon, Bogotá , Colombia: Rock N Roller Queens hold their recruitment day. [No event, just flyer]

    Africa and Middle East

    There's only a little bit of activity in Africa and the Middle East this weekend.
    • Thurs, Pretoria,Gauteng,South Africa: P-Town Roller Derby are hosting their regular Roller Derby Funskate, open to anyone who wants to join in (and potentially try roller derby, too) [EVENT]
    • Fri, Dubai,Dubai,United Arab Emirates: Dubai Roller Derby continue in their series of outreach activities with an Outdoor Skate on the District One Cycling Track. [EVENT]
      • This is followed by a Roller Derby Brunch on the same day [EVENT]