Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup:19th/20th May Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]

(Note: we're especially likely to be missing items this week, as Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal has resulted in them turning off large parts of the services we use to automatically collate events for this article. We don't think we've missed too much, but...)


There's only the one double header in Scotland this weekend (but Auld Reekie are down south at EuroClash), as Glasgow face Dundee:
  • Glasgow: Glasgow Roller Derby host their second double header in two weeks, as they invite Dundee Roller Derby over for A and B team games [EVENT]
    • Irn Bruisers (Glasgow A) versus Dundee A [FTS]
    • Maiden Grrders (Glasgow B) versus Dundee B [FTS]
  • Wed (23rd), Dumfries: Doonhame Roller Derby host their next open day (no Facebook event) [EVENT flyer]

United Kingdom

This weekend, British Champs is across the whole weekend, with two fixtures on Sat and two on Sunday. We expect a lot of people will be over in Newcastle, however, for the second ever EuroClash tournament!
  • Wed, Sheffield, England: Hallam Hellcats host an open scrim, slightly confusingly worded but open to WFTDA-gender-policy conforming skaters. [EVENT]
  • Thursday, ?: Possible closed bout between Leeds Roller Derby and Tiger Bay Brawlers (presumably taking advantage of TBB being up for EuroClash on the weekend) [FTS]
  • Ipswich, England: Suffolk Roller Derby host the British Championships Tier 3 Mens [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Kent Men's Roller Derby versus East Anglo Smacksons (Norfolk M)
    • Suffolk Roller Derby (Men) versus Dorset Knobs
  • Kingston upon Hull, England: Hulls Angels Roller Derby host the British Championships Tier 3 East [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Nottingham Roller Derby versus Lincolnshire Bombers
    • Hull's Angels Roller Derby versus Roller Derby Leicester
  • London, England: London Rockin' Rollers host a rookies / C-level scrim [EVENT]
    • London Rockin Rollers "rookies" versus Mixed Rookies Team
  • ??London??, England: Flat Track Stats lists a pair of (closed) bouts between Southern Discomfort and Glasgow Men's Roller Derby:
    • Southern Discomfort (London M) versus Glasgow Men's Roller Derby (Glasgow M/All gender) [FTS]
    • Mild Discomfort (London MB) versus Glasgow Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Sat-Sun, Newcastle, England: Newcastle Roller Girls host their second ever EuroClash tournament, which you should already know all about from our previous coverage [HERE, and HERE]. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Tiger Bay Brawlers (Cardiff) versus Steel City Roller Derby (Pittsburgh)
    • Newcastle Roller Girls versus Birmingham Blitz Dames
    • Dublin Roller Derby versus Dock City Rollers (Gothenburg)
    • Birmingham Blitz Dames versus Steel City Roller Derby
    • Newcastle Roller Girls versus Tiger Bay Brawlers
    • Newcastle Roller Girls versus Steel City Roller Derby
    • Dublin Roller Derby versus Middlesbrough Roller Derby
    • Dock City Rollers versus Auld Reekie Roller Girls
    • Central City Roller Derby [Birmingham] versus Steel City Roller Derby
    • Middlesbrough Roller Derby versus Auld Reekie Roller Girls
    • Dock City Rollers versus Birmingham Blitz Dames
  • Winchester, England: SC*R's monthly charity scrims return, this time with a Friends theme, as the Phoebe Buff'ay?s take on the Chandler Bangs [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Bideford, England: North Devon Roller Derby host the British Championships Tier 2 South [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • North Devon Roller Derby versus South West Angels of Terror (Exeter/Taunton)
    • Bath Roller Derby Spartans versus Royal Windsor Roller Girls
  • Sunday, Grimsby, England: The Grim Reavers and Brothers Grim host a double header [EVENT]
    • Brothers Grim (Grimsby M) versus Knights of Oldham (Oldham M) [FTS]
    • Grim Reavers (Grimsby A) versus ?? [FTS?]
  • Sunday, Harrogate, England; Spa Town Roller Derby host the British Championships Tier 4 West [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Spa Town Roller Derby versus Furness Firecrackers (Barrow-in-Furness)
    • Durham Rolling Angels versus Durham Roller Derby
  • Sunday, ??London??, England: Flat Track Stats lists two apparently closed bouts in London: We suspect these aren't hosted together, but since they're both closed, we're grouping them here:
    • London Rockin' Rollers versus Leicestershire Dolly Rockit Rollers [FTS]
    • Southern Discomfort (London M) versus Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder [FTS]
  • Tuesday [22nd], Leeds, England: Leeds Roller Derby host their next tryouts for the team [EVENT]


As usual, there's a huge amount of Roller Derby happening in Europe, especially in France (as the Division 2 of the French Championnat has its finale), Sweden and Spain (as Barcelona hosts their European tournament, Brawlcelona!).
  • Friday, Dresden, Germany: Roller Derby Dresden host a very special edition of their Dresden Derby Days bootcamps - an Announcer bootcamp. Run by the very experienced Val Kyria. [EVENT]
  • Friday, Erfurt, Germany: Roller Derby Erfurt are running a fundraiser music event with music from the Death Punk band Skeleton Dance Club, and the Post Grunge band The Dead End Kids [EVENT]
  • Bordeaux, France: Roller Derby Bordeaux Club host a single header for their B team [EVENT]
    • Compagnie Cruelle (Bordeaux B) versus Brain Damage (Angoulême) [FTS]
  • Castres, France: Castres Roller Derby host a 6 team tournament (with reduced length duration games - 2x20 minute periods) [EVENT] featuring:
    • Rainbow Furies (Toulouse C?)
    • Les Amazones (Pays d'Aix)
    • Mars Invaders (Marseille)
    • Gones'n'Roses (Lyon B)
    • Euskal Roller Derby
    • Castres Roller Derby
  • Sat-Mon, Dijon, France: Another division of the French national series plays its finals, as The Velvet Owls host the last games of the Division 2 [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Panthers Miaou (Roller Derby Panthers B, Saint-Gratien)
    • B.M.O Roller Derby Girls (Brest)
    • Glorious Bâtardes (Lille B)
    • The Velvet Owls (Dijon)
    • Bones Breakers (Nîmes)
    • Faux Soyeuses (Lyon)
    • Les Biches (Léman)
    • Divines Machines (Nantes B)
  • Dresden, Germany: The Dresden Derby Days bootcamps continue into the weekend, with both
    • a fresh meat / rookies + beginners bootcamp, coached by a host of Dresden and Team Germany coaches + skaters [EVENT]
    • an NSO bootcamp and WFTDA-recognised Clinic, coached by the extremely experienced Kirahvi (Malmö + Copenhagen) [EVENT]
    • all bootcamps culminate in a mixed scrimmage where Announcers, NSOs and skaters can all demonstrate what they've learned [EVENT]
  • Arnhem, Netherlands: Arnhem Fallen Angels host a double header of Dutch roller derby [EVENT]
    • Suck City Roller Derby (Breda) versus Rotterdam Killer Bees (Rotterdam B) [FTS]
    • Arnhem Fallen Angels versus "Mixed team"
  • A Coruña, Spain: Irmandiñas Roller Derby host an open friendly scrimmage against all comers [EVENT]
    • Irmandiñas Roller Derby (Coruña) versus The world
  • Sat-Sun, Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona Roller Derby hosts the third edition of their two-day European tournament, Brawlcelona! [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Prague City Rollers Derby versus Roller Derby Madrid
    • Prague City Roller Derby versus Münich Dynamite (Münich A)
    • Ingles de Acero All-Stars (Barcelona) versus Roller Derby Madrid
    • Ingles de Acero All-Stars versus Prague City Roller Derby
    • Roller Derby Madrid versus Münich Dynamite
    • Ingles de Acero All-Stars versus Münich Dynamite
  • Madrid, Spain: Black Thunders Madrid host a "trash market", of cheap and bargain items, to fund their attendance at tournaments [EVENT]
  • Valencia, Spain: Roller Derby Valencia end their season with a party, featuring DJs, tattooists, pizza and more! [EVENT]
  • 'Sat-Sun, Luleå, Sweden: Luleå Roller Derby host a triple-header round robin over the weekend, with an additional exhibition bout:[EVENT]
    • Luleaå Roller Derby B versus Ume Radical Rollers [FTS]
    • Scrimmage/exhibition: Luleå A and Juniors!
    • Jackdaw City Rollers (Uppsala) versus Ume Radical Rollers [FTS]
    • Luleå Roller Derby B versus Jackdaw City Rollers [FTS]
  • Malmö, Sweden: Crime City Rollers host a double header of roller derby [EVENT]
    • Crime City Rollers C versus Riot Rollers Darmstadt [FTS]
    • Crime City Rollers B versus Oulu Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Norrköping, Sweden: Norrköping Roller Derby host a triple header of roller derby, including juniors! [EVENT]
    • Norrköping B versus Dock City Rollers B (Gothenburg) [FTS]
    • Norrköping Juniors versus Stockholm Roller Derby Juniors
    • Norrköping C versus "STHLM United" (exhib mashup team)
  • Sunday, Joensuu, Finland: Joensuu Roller Derby are hosting an event as part of North Karelia Pride. (Our Finnish isn't good enough, but we think it's an exhibition/display bout?) [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Rovaniemi, Finland: Rovaniemi Roller Derby host another of their "try roller derby" open days, ahead of their main recruitment in August [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Nantes, France: Les Jules Vénères host a triple-header round robin of men's derby [EVENT]
    • Les Jules Vénères versus Les Bonhommes (Rennes M) [FTS]
    • Les Bonhommes versus Banane Squad (Panam Squad / Paris MB) [FTS]
    • Banane Squad versus Les Jules Vénères [FTS]
  • Sunday, Rimini, Italy: the Stray Beez are a large part of a "roller sports" exhibition event in Rimini, where you can see Roller Derby demonstration bouts, and try it out [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Gothenburg, Sweden: Gothenburg Roller Derby host a "try it" event, for anyone interested in trying out the sport. [EVENT]


The Pacific region sees a bunch of multi-game events (including juniors) across Australia, with only a little action in New Zealand.
  • Friday, Okinawa, Japan: If the Devil Dog Derby Dames get 3000 likes on their Facebook page, they'll be sending off Iron Maiden with a pie to her face... [EVENT]
  • Wollongong, NSW, Australia: Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby league host the first round of the Eastern Region Super League (South and Central Division)! [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby versus Central West Roller Derby (Bathurst)
    • Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby versus Western Sydney Rollers
  • Osbourne, SA, Australia: Light City Derby host a double header of intraleague games [EVENT]
    • Rockabellas Roller Derby League intraleague: Prim Reapers versus Doomsday Rollers [EVENT]
    • Light City Derby intraleague: Medic Mayhem versus Galactic Guardians
  • Ferntree Gully, VIC, Australia: East Vic Roller Derby host a double header of Junior Derby [EVENT]
    • South East Magic Rollers (East Vic Jrs Level 1) versus VRDL Small Stars (Victorian Jnrs)
    • South East Magic Rollers (East Vic Jrs Level 2) versus Pot Luck exhib team
  • Port Denison, WA, Australia: Sin City Rollers host some roller derby [EVENT]
    • Sin City Rollers (Geraldton) versus Margaret River Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Wellington, New Zealand: Richter City Roller Derby host a double header [EVENT]
    • Richter City Convicts (B) versus Whenua Fatales (Whenua, Levin) [FTS]
    • Rimutaka Roller Derby (Hutt Valley) versus Wairarapa Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Sunday, Keysborough, VIC, Australia: Kingston City Rollers host an open mixed scrimmage day, with three levels [EVENT]
    • non-contact scrimmage
    • "prebouting" scrimmage
    • Bout-level scrimmage

Latin America

In Latin America, it's mostly bootcamps and recruitments... although we're excited to see more bouts in Uruguay from the Painted Birds!
  • Wed/Thurs, Mexico City, Mexico: Quimeras Roller Derby (of Liga Roller Derby Cuidad de México) host a bootcamp coached bySatan's Little Helper (Angel City, Team USA) [EVENT Flyer]
  • Friday, Cordoba, Argentina: Hiedras host Insubordinades Disidente for a friendly bout! [EVENT Flyer]
  • Friday, Bucaramanga, Colombia : Pink Sucks Roller Derby are participating at a skateboarding + skating event with demonstration of the sport [EVENT Flyer]
  • São Paulo, Brazil: Gray City Rebels host an open scrimmage for all mins-passed skaters [EVENT]
  • Osorno, Chile: Deskarriadas Roller Derby host their 4th birthday event with a quadruple header! [EVENT]
    • Round robin:
      • Deskarriadas (Osorno) versus Diosas Volcánicas (Puerto Varas) [FTS]
      • Diosas Volcánicas versus Tacones Bandidos (Viña del Mar) [FTS]
      • Tacones Bandidos versus Deskarriadas [FTS]
    • Mothers' day exhibition bout, open subscription:
      • Mamacitas versus Soltericas
  • Santiago, Chile: Terror S-Quad host a fundraising party to help fund the Torneo X-Men [EVENT]
  • Queretaro, Mexico: Nebulosas Roller Derby Queretaro host a punk music fundraiser (to raise funds to attend the 2018 Mexican national tournament) [EVENT]
  • Sunday, São Vicente, Brazil: Thunder Rats Derby Squad are recruiting, for any skaters interested in the São Paulo region of Brazil [EVENT]
  • Monday, Osorno, Chile: Deskarriadas complete their birthday weekend with an officiating clinic run by El Huracán (Sol Díaz Bravo) from Buenos Aires [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Queretaro, Mexico: After their fundraiser, Nebulosas host a bout, against the Delicious Wheels of Celaya [EVENT]
    • Nebulosas (Queretaro) versus Delicious Wheels (Celaya) [FTS]
  • Sunday, Queretaro, Mexico: Queretaro Roller Derby host a triple header [EVENT]
    • Ravens (Queretaro) versus Tekillerass (Cuidad de Mexico A) [FTS]
    • Ravens (Queretaro) versus Aniquiladoras (Cuidad de Mexico B) [FTS]
    • Crows (Queretaro M) versus Minotauros (Cuidad de Mexico M) [FTS]

Africa and Middle East

We're not aware of anything in the MENA region this week.


  • Los Angeles, USA: Angel City Roller Derby host the MayDay Brawl-B-Q "roller derby weekend", a tournament of interest to us because of the attendance of Baja Roller Derby from Ensenada, Mexico [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Baja Roller Derby versus Misery Loves Company (San Jose)
    • Baja Roller Derby versus Angel City Derby Shore Shots (Los Angeles A)