Men's World Cup merger!

Posted: by aoanla [Source]
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With the next Men's Roller Derby World Cup having already announced its location and date, we were expecting to not have much news to report until the list of attending teams was declared... but sometimes surprises happen.

Today, MRDWC announced that they will be taking their already close relationship with the Men's Roller Derby Association to the next level. MRDWC have always been aligned with MRDA - the widespread presence of the MRDA "Code of Conduct" at all of their events should make this clear, if nothing else does. However, with the increasing growth of both MRDA as an international organisation, and MRDWC as a body representing National teams outside of a single event every two years, it makes sense for the two to take steps to more completely share resources.

We are told that this will not directly affect the management of the 2020 Men's Roller Derby World Cup in St Louis, as the management team for that is already in place, and planning is advanced significantly. However, future cups (presumably from 2022) will be organised within the auspices of the new merged administration, with MRDWC essentially becoming a subcommittee within MRDA itself. (We already expected some significant changes in the management after 2020, so in a sense this is just one more item.) With some preliminary aspects of the 2022 MRDWC already taking shape, we would expect a relatively smooth transition.

Current MRDWC Chair, Statman, told us that he was excited about the development, adding:
"[This merger] cements the relationship we've been working on for years, and makes a clean path from grassroots all the way to the World Cup Final"