We Need You!

Posted: by aoanla [Source]
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Roller Derby is a worldwide sport, and there's far too much to cover just with our internal posts.

This is a reminder, then, that the Scottish Roller Derby Blog is happy to host guest posts from anywhere in the world of Roller Derby. (We'd prefer English-language, but we would also consider content in other languages, especially if this raises awareness of a particular community.)

We already host a regular Guest column with Speedy Convalesce... but we'd like to see more people writing, especially from places which need more attention: Latin America, Asia, New Zealand, and Africa. (If you're not on one of those regions, that doesn't mean we're not interested, but those regions are particularly in need of representation).

We'd also value more input from the Scottish community where we're hosted.

With the new format and hosting of SRD, there are lots of ways to get guest posts to us:

  • You can link us to a Google Doc with your article in it.
  • You can send us a link to a PDF or a Word document with your article (we'd prefer PDF).
  • You can send us a document in Restructured Text or Markdown format, with attached images.

or you can contact us directly by email, or social media, to discuss your idea for an article, and work with us on how best to produce it. (Our email address is at the bottom of every page of the blog, and we're available on Facebook, Instagram and WeChat (id: sskipsey) )