Mea Culpa (29Sept)

Whilst we try to catch all the highlights for a weekend, sometimes some escape us. Facebook's event search tools are not good at finding events unless they're physically close to you; and they've disabled or limited most of the ways of reading lots of data from their site. Instagram doesn't provide any way to search for events at all; and not enough leagues have websites with rss feeds or calendars that we can pull from to make this reliable. (And, whilst most games get listed on Flat Track Stats, not all do; and not all events are bouts, or bouts which are suitable for ranking!)

We'd like to encourage leagues, again, to email us, or Facebook message us, or Instagram message us (or join our Discord server and talk to us there) to let us know about your events; or tell us how to (automatically) track your calendars if you have them!

We'd like to return to a few events we missed last weekend, though, just to restore the balance.

Firstly, in Uppsala, first fixtures of the Division 2 Swedish Nationals series for 2019/20 saw the hosts ( Jackdaw City Rollers ) compete in a round robin with Örebro's Nerike Knockouts and Sundsvall's Demolition Rollers, over 2 days.


Flyer for the Seriespel Division 2, showing times and attendees.

The entire event was streamed on the Sweden-based Solidsport platform, and at the time of writing, "replays" [saved copies of the stream] are available at: although registration is required to view them.

Div 2 Swedish Nationals
Team1 Score1 Score2 Team2
Uppsala 350 63 Örebro
Örebro 130 252 Sundsvall
Sundsvall 100 186 Uppsala

The next Division 2 fixture is in the December, and sees Uppsala face Helsingborg's Helltown, the final member of the series; before the division completes in the new year for the final games.

The hosts of this event, Jackdaw City Rollers / Uppsala Roller Derby, are currently experiencing significant difficulties with their training venue, having had their practice times and halls abruptly curtailed at short notice. For more information, and to support them by signing a petition, go here:

Over in Brazil, Capivaras Roller Derby (of Piracicaba) hosted a double header event with guests Gray City Rebels of São Paulo on Sunday. The Capivaras have been avoiding Facebook Events, so we missed this when it was just a flyer...


Image of some of the action from the first scrimmage.

Action from Brazil (Photo: Gray City Rebels)

The Capivaras told us:

This Sunday’s (09/29) Match, which happened in Piracicaba, a city in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, was a friendly mixed match between two leagues: the home team, Capivaras Roller Derby, and the Gray City Rebels, from São Paulo, the state capital. A large part of the refereeing team was also from São Paulo. We held two mixed matches in order to provide the opportunities for all the skaters present. In the morning, we held a full-contact game with the debut of some players from the Grays and one from the Capivaras team, and in the afternoon a non-contact game with the return of some Capivara players to the track and the debut of some of the Grays' fresh meat! More than a great opportunity to put players in the track and train their abilities in the game; the matches were also an opportunity to make new friends and strengthen the full potential of the roller derby in Brazil!

Finally, a significant event which deserves more coverage, although being wholly-North-American, it's outside of our self-imposed limit on highlights...

Hawai'i saw their annual Battle of the Islands event last weekend. This year, the event was hosted by Pacific Roller Derby (O'ahu), with teams competing from Maui Roller Girls, Garden Isle Renegade Rollers (Kaua'i), and the "Big Island Mashup Team" (representing Echo City Knockouts and Waimea W ), as well as the hosts themselves.


Maui's jammer escaping through a Pacific pack; skaters in black+green and green+black.

Champions, Maui, versus hosts Pacific Roller Derby [Photo: Matt Radaker]

As well as the main tournament, run as a 4 team round robin, the event also featured a Junior Roller derby exhibition bout by the Honolulu LeiOuts, and a closing Black v White scrimmage. The Friday before the tournament additionally saw an Officiating Clinic, for all visiting officials (referees and NSOs), run by the very well travelled Mass The Ref.

The entire tournament was also livestreamed on YouTube, and we link to the video in each game in the table (none of these videos are full-length, as far as we can tell).

Scores were:

Battle of the Islands Results
Time Team1 Score1 Score2 Team2 Video
0900 Sat Maui 271 92 GIRR
1100 Big Island 148 104 Pacific
1430 Pacific 148 149 GIRR
1630 Big Island 79 161 Maui
0900 Sun Pacific 99 142 Maui
1100 Big Island 243 121 GIRR

Making the undefeated Maui Roller Girls the Battle of the Islands Champions for 2019!

We hope to bring you a detailed article on the state of Roller Derby in Hawai'i later in the year.