The First SRDB Awards - RESULTS

The SRDB Award Logo: the Scottish Roller Derby Blog Logo (concentric circles, outer circle containing words "Scottish Roller Derby" all-capitals, separated by five-pointed stars, and an inner ring of stars just outside the boundary of the inner circle; inner circle containing a modification of the "lion of scotland", a heraldic lion, facing right, rampant, with a jammer cover on its head), but with a gold/bronze colour scheme applied.

This is the AWARDS page for the first ever SRDB Awards.

The ground-rules for the Awards are covered in the launch post here .

As mentioned in that link, voting was by approval voting. This means that you could, and should, tick boxes for all of the nominees you thought would deserve to win. You could tick all the boxes, if you thought they're all deserving; you could tick no boxes if you think none were deserving.

Before we get into the winners of each award, some statistics on the voting: we let you choose which categories to vote on, so some categories were voted on more than others. In general, the categories with the longest list of nominees were the ones with the most votes, predictably; the category with the fewest votes BOOTCAMP had about 7.5% of the votes cast on the category with the most, SKATER.

The fraction of voters voting for more than one nominee varied significantly across the categories: with only two nominees, only 1 voter voted for both BOOTCAMP nominees; whilst 38% of voters voted for more than one HALL OF FAME nominee. Overall, (ignoring the RISING STAR category as it had additional voting rules), 17% of votes were cast for multiple nominees, across the categories - this is a little higher than the average for this voting scheme in other deployments.

We also let you cast a vote for no-one, if you didn't think any nominee deserved it in a category. Again, ignoring RISING STAR, only 4 such null votes were cast, around 0.2% of votes in total. This is a little lower than the average for systems which let you place null votes, which is encouraging.

With that statistical interlude out of the way, lets get on with the main matter, the winners in each category.



The Skater award had the largest number of votes of any category in the awards. Despite this, the clear winner, with more than 50% of the voters, was:

ELO C RAPTOR of Harpies Roller Derby Milano!


The Coaching award was both popular (with more than 200 voters casting opinions), and very tightly contested, with the top 4 by votes all within 7 votes of each other. The winner, pipping the others to the post was:

ROSIE PEACOCK of New Wheeled Order and Power of Scotland!


The Referee award was also very popular, with more than 200 voters, but had a very clear margin for the winner (although still short of an overall majority)...

NICOLA'S RAGE of Crimson Vipers Roller Derby Bergamo!


The NSO award was not quite as heavily voted on, with more than 100 votes cast in total. The runaway winner, just 1% short of an overall majority, and with twice the votes of the next highest placed nominee...

KEDROG of Granite City Brawlers!


With only 3 nominees, the Announcer category had some interesting voting patterns... and a very clear winner. With a majority of the vote, the winning announcer was:

GRAEME MCPHAIL of Bairn City Rollers


The Photographer category was the second most voted on category of all in the awards, with almost 250 votes cast in total. Despite this, it was also a very tightly contested category between the top 3, who remained within 10 votes of each other for the entire voting period (and changed position more than once).

In the end, the winning photographer was:



The Volunteer category, with only 3 candidates, was another with interesting patterns of voting. The overwhelming winner, with a supermajority of votes, was:

AUDREY ... ex-Dundee Roller Derby, and sort of semi-retired volunteer.


League was another popular category, with more than 200 voters casting overall. It was also a very convincingly won category, with the margin between 1st and 2nd place being larger than the total votes cast for 2nd. Despite this, winning by a plurality:

THE ANGUANAS of Vicenza, Italy


The Tournament category saw only just shy of 200 votes cast... and the overall winner had the support of a supermajority of those! It's...

SKATE IM RING 2019 hosted by Alp'n Rockets


The Non-Regulation Tournament category should probably have been called the "Roller Derby Sevens" category, as all three candidates used that ruleset. This was a pretty tight contest between all three, with the winner by plurality:

KRUSTFEST 2019 hosted independently, in Scotland.


With only two candidates this category went, convincingly, to:

"LILY GASKELL AND FAIRY QUAKE'S BOOTCAMPS" hosted by Rainy City Roller Derby


The Media award was one of our less voted on categories, despite having a bunch of nominations, and the winning candidate changed over the course of voting... taking a win with a majority of voters when voting closed:

The MRDA EUROPEAN QUALIFIERS LIVESTREAM hosted on YouTube, run with Granite City Brawlers


The Hall of Fame category is something of a wildcard category, and had an eclectic range of nominees. This might explain why almost two-fifths of voters voted for more than one candidate in this category! Despite this, there was a clear winner, only just shy of an overall majority...

Our first Hall of Fame member is:

5TH BLOCKER SKATES, Glasgow's own Roller Derby shop!


Finally, we come to the Rising Star category, for junior skaters, or up-and-coming younger skaters in general.

Due to some anomalies in the nomination process, and also to especially encourage voters in this category to vote on the basis of deserving, rather than just popularity, this category required you to vote for 2 or more nominees. (Votes for a single nominee were considered the same as a vote for no-one.) Despite this being clearly described on both the Nominees page, and on the actual voting form (in two places on the latter), a number of voters still voted for a single candidate.

Ironically, including these single votes would not have changed the overall winner (although it would change the margin of win, and the ordering of all the other positions). The Winner, with a significant margin in terms of valid votes, was:

red OWEch (Owen Squires) of Newcastle Junior Roller Derby (Australia)

Whilst there's no official prize for winning an SRDB Award (and we consider being Nominated to be the real point), we'd be happy to work with any of the winners on a "Winners Profile" to be published later in the month or year. Please get in touch with us if you are a winner (or the nominee of a winner) if you want to work with us on this!