Weekend Highlights: 25 May 2019

There are far too many valuable fixtures to cover all of them (especially in France and the UK, which tend to have multiple tournaments, bootcamps etc all on one weekend), but we also don't want to be so strict as to have just 1 per country. So, we'll be doing the following:

Two highlights a weekend - Sat + (All Weekend); and then a smaller one for Sunday.

Both highlights limited to 1 event per country, with an "extra" event allowed for a different kind of fixture (so, 1 tournament and 1 bootcamp), or if they involve Scottish leagues (since we are the Scottish Roller Derby Blog). Other notability might also allow the extra event - great posters, notable teams, etc.

The Scottish Clause means that this is a pretty packed update, as no less than 4 leagues or skaters from Scotland are involved in events this weekend! (Unfortunately, the density of tournaments in France once more means that we're having to make a hard choice in picking just one to represent all the activity there, in consequence.)

In a bid to make this list as useful as possible, we've avoided links to Facebook except where noted. (Links to Teams are to non-Facebook resources - Instagram, or actual team pages - we'd strongly recommend that Teams get themselves an actual webpage [we can help host one if you need help]).

Locations are roughly organised East-West (with things before the weekend out sequence at the start).

Sat: Palmerston North, New Zealand


Swamp City Roller Derby (link to Facebook as they seem to have no other presence?) host a double header event with some national teams action.

  • Swamp City Roller Rats (Palmerston North) home teams: Trauma Queens versus Quad Bombers
  • New Zealand Men's Roller Derby versus mashup team

These bouts are not listed on Flat Track Stats due to the mashup teams not being rateable.

Event starts: 1430 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Bush Multisport Park, Palmerston North, New Zealand **

Sat-Sun: Albany, WA, Australia


Albany Roller Derby League hosts the second fixture of this year's Boom State Clash, the Western-Australia-wide single-division tournament. This is a two day event, with 6 bouts in total.

  • Sat:
    • WA Roller Derby (Perth) versus Geraldton Roller Derby
    • Dread Pirate Rollers (Kwinana) versus Perth Roller Derby
    • Albany Roller Derby League versus Margaret River Roller Derby
  • Sun:
    • Perth Roller Derby versus Geraldton Roller Derby
    • WA Roller Derby versus Albany Roller Derby League
    • Margaret River Roller Derby versus Dread Pirate Rollers

Event starts: 1400 Saturday (first bout)

Venue: The Track Albany, Roundhay Street, Gledhow, WA, Australia

Sat-Sun: Tampere, Finland


Tampere Roller Derby and Tampere Rollin' Bros host a two-day Finnish spectacle. On the Saturday, the fifth fixture in the Finnish Nationals (Suomi Cup). On the Sunday, an international MRDA-gender round robin tournament! The Saturday, and possibly the Sunday will also be streamed on the Roller Derby Finland YouTube

  • Sat (Suomi Cup):
    • Tampere Roller Derby versus Dirty River Roller Derby (Turku)
    • Queen Bs (Helsinki Roller Derby B) versus Jyväskylä Roller Derby.
    • Kinapori Fistfunkers (Kallio Rolling Rainbow "tournament" / Helsinki) versus Oulu Roller Derby
  • Sun ("Brozen" international tournament)
    • Tampere Rollin' Bros versus Gothenburg Salty Seamen
    • Gothenburg Salty Seamen versus Granite City Brawlers (Aberdeen M)
    • Tampere Rollin' Bros versus Granite City Brawlers

Event starts: 1200 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Kauppi Sports Center, Kuntokatu 17, Tampere, Finland

Sat-Sun: Gdańsk, Poland


Gdańsk Chrome Sirens Roller Derby accelerate from their initial double-header of Short Track Roller Derby to a Polish tournament under those rules! This is a full 10 games of 5-teams round robin tournament, with teams from across Finland, in just one day, thanks to the short-format.

  • Teams:
    • Tsunami Surfers (Gdańsk Chrome Sirens exhibition)
    • Seaquake Hunters (Gdańsk Chrome Sirens exhibition)
    • 3City Piranhas Roller Derby (Gdańsk)
    • Vratislavia MadChix Roller Squad
    • Worst Warsaw Derby Team

These bouts are not currently listed on Flat Track Stats as it does not yet list Short Track bouts or rate them

Event starts: 1200 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: SkateArena, Stadion Energa Gdańsk, ul. Pokoleń Lechii Gdansk, Poland

Sat: Norrköping, Sweden


Norrköping Roller Derby is organising a juniors and adults try-derby-day in collaboration with East Pride. No previous skating experience necessary. After the open-day, the event ends with a "Pride-themed" exhibition bout.

  • Junior try-Derby (1200)
  • Adult try-Derby (1300)
  • "Pride-themed" bout (1500)

Event starts: 1200 Saturday

Venue: Ektorpshallen, Trestegsgatan 4, Norrköping, Sweden

Sat-Sun: Malmö, Sweden


Crime City Rollers host their Level 1 Summer Bootcamp, the basic edition for minimum-skills passed skaters. This bootcamp is Open To All genders, and also contains provision for junior skaters (13+, approval from parent or guardian, confirmation in writing from coach of league that mins-passed and contact-ready). This is a two-day bootcamp... ...but the first day ends with Crime City's bout against Paris Roller Girls, which is free entry for bootcamp attendees!

  • Bootcamp [0900 Sat - 1700 Sat]
  • Crime City A (Malmö) versus Paris Roller Girls A [1700 Sat]
  • Bootcamp [0900 Sun - 1800 Sun]

Event starts: 0900 Saturday

Venue: Kopparbergsgatan 7, Malmö, Sweden

Sat-Sun: Dresden, Germany


Roller Derby Dresden 's "Dresden Derby Days" bootcamp series continues with a Purple Edition Female edition (WFTDA-gender policy?) aimed at nearly-mins-passed or just-mins-passed skaters. This is a two-day bootcamp, covering both on and off-skates skills, and finishing with a scrimmage or equivalent event at the end of Sunday.

Event starts: 0900 Saturday

Venue: Pestalozziplatz 20, Dresden, Germany

Sat: Munich, Germany


Munich Rolling Rebels host a double-header of Roller Derby, where perhaps the most exciting bout is the opener, as Munich's junior derby play Emden/Hamburg's Northern All-Stars! (Munich A then play Berlin's Bear City's Wallbreakers in a Bundesliga Division 1 bout which will also be exciting, but isn't a first for junior derby ;)

  • RebelLIONS (Munich J) versus Northern All Stars (Emden/Hamburg J)
  • Munich Dynamite (Munich A) versus Bear City Wallbreakers (Berlin X)

Event starts: 1500 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Städtische Sporthalle Allach, Everbuschstr. 124, Munich, Germany

Sat: Bologna, Italy


Bone-Crushing Hyenas, Bologna's finest Roller Derby league, host a triple-header of Italian Roller Derby.

  • OTA "Scrimmage" Derby Moms and Dads themed
  • AnguanAss B-side (Vicenza B) versus Stray Beez (Rimini)
  • Bone-Crushing Hyenas (Bologna) versus Banshees (Udine)

Event starts: 1000 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Centro Sportivo Comunale "Pederzini" Calderara Di Reno, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 8, Calderara Di Reno, Bologna, Italy

Sat: Lucerne, Switzerland


The Hellveticats host a single-header international game against Austria's Dust City!

  • Hellveticats (Lucerne) versus Dust City Rollers (Graz)

Event starts: 1600 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Allmend Mehrzweckhalle, Murmattweg 6, Luzern, Switzerland

Sat-Sun: Belfort, France


The Knee Breakers on Wheels host a two day bootcamp in Belfort, which we believe is Open To All genders (the phrase used in French is "Players Mixte"). This is an intermediate through to advanced level bootcamp coached by Pépé le Punch (Team France 2014,2018).

Event starts: 0900 Saturday

Venue: Gymnase Georges Thurnherr, Rue Ernest Renan, Belfort, France

Sat: London, UK


Team Unicorn Roller Derby host a one-day bootcamp on both blocking and jamming technique coached by Power of Scotland's (and now New Wheeled Order) Optimus Grime. This 4 hour mini-bootcamp is Open To All genders, and open to all experience levels (mins-passed).

Event starts: 1200 Saturday

Venue: City of London Academy, 240 Lynton Road, London, UK

Sat-Sun: Milton Keynes, UK


Rebellion Roller Derby are celebrating 10 years of roller derby in Milton Keynes with a two-day Roller Derby Sevens extravaganza! On Saturday, they're hosting an "intermediate level" WFTDA-gender-policy Sevens tournament; whilst Sunday sees an "advanced level" Open To All genders Sevens tournament! Both days are closed door due to venue restrictions (which is why we also can't give you an address.)

Flat Track Stats currently does not rate Roller Derby Sevens bouts, so none of this is listed there.

Event starts: 1000 Saturday

Venue: An undisclosed location in Milton Keynes.

Sat: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


Newcastle Roller Girls host a double header, with Scottish interest, as Glasgow's Mean City travel down to play Newcastle C, whilst Leeds engage in a battle of the B teams in the second bout.

  • North Cs (Newcastle C) versus Mean City Women (Mean City W / Glasgow)
  • Whippin' Hinnies (Newcastle B) versus Leeds Roller Derby B

Event starts: 1230 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Benfield Sports Centre, Benfield Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Sat: Dundee, Scotland


Dundee Roller Derby host Mansfield Roller Derby for a single-header event against the Bonnie Colliders. You can read more about this bout, and Dundee's recent history in our update earlier in the week.

Event starts: 1450 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Dundee International Sports Centre, Mains Loan, Dundee, Scotland

Sat: Edinburgh, Scotland


Auld Reekie Roller Derby host a double header event, including a WFTDA Sanctioned bout for their A Team.

  • ASTROs (Auld Reekie C / Edinburgh) versus Space Bears (challenge team)
  • All-Stars (Auld Reekie A) versus Hellfire Harlots (Nottingham A)

Event starts: 1230 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Dalkeith Community Campus, 4 Cousland Road, Dalkeith, Scotland

Sat: Brest, France


B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls host a Tournoi Interceltique, a battle of teams with Celtic history, including As Brigantias from A Coruña, Spain.

  • Teams:
    • B.M.O. Derby Girls (Brest)
    • Roller Derby Rennes
    • As Brigantias (A Coruña)

Event starts: 1230 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Complexe Sportif du Petit Kerzu, 105bis Rue Jules Lesven, Brest, France

Sat-Sun: Madrid, Spain


Roller Derby Madrid hosts a double-header with international roller derby and a chance to see one of the new "hybrid" Teams formed for the ARDE Spanish Nationals for the first time. "Frankensteam" consists of a fusion of skaters from Salamanca, Cáceres and Badalona, and this will be the first time they've played in public!

  • Roller Derby Madrid A versus Gothenburg A
  • Roller Derby Madrid B versus Frankensteam (Spanish hybrid)

Event starts: 1530 Saturday (first bout?)

Venue: Centro Deportivo Municipal Francisco Fernández Ochoa, C/. las Catorce Olivas s/n, Madrid, Spain

Sat: Reykjavík, Iceland


Roller Derby Iceland host an international bout, as they play Faultline Derby Devilz (all the way from south California)!

  • Ragnarök (Iceland) versus Faultline Derby Devilz (San Benito, CA)

Event starts: 1430 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Hertz Höllin, Reykjavík, Iceland

Sat-Sun: São Paulo, Brazil


Ladies of Helltown host a two-day bootcamp coached by Bogotá Bone Breakers and Team Colombia's Kitsch, covering strategy, technical skating and scrimmage. This is a multi-level bootcamp, with beginner's bootcamp in the Saturday morning, and advanced bootcamp for the rest of Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Beginners bootcamp (1000 Sat)
  • Advanced bootcamp (1400 Sat - 1400 Sun)
  • Scrimmage (1400 Sun)

Event starts: 1000 Saturday

Venue: Centro Esportivo Tietê, Avenida Santos Dumont 843. São Paulo, Brazil

Sat-Sun: Chillán, Chile


Chillanrolleros host the semi-finals of Chilean Men's National tournament, Torneo X Men for 2019. As with previous coverage of the Torneo X Men, there's almost nothing public about this event, and we can't even confirm the venue! (It's since become more clear that this is also the finals of the Torneo X, on the Sunday. Standby for more info as it is made public.)

  • Bototos Bandidos (Valparaíso) versus Indomitos (Valdivia M)
  • Terror SQuad (Santiago M) versus Chillanrolleros (Chillán M)
  • (Losers for 3rd Place) Sunday
  • (Winners for 1st Place) Sunday

Event starts: 1200 Sat (first bout)

Venue: ??

Sat-Sun: San José, Costa Rica


Dark Side Roller Derby are part of the "Women's Urban Meeting" in San Jose this Saturday. As well as Roller Derby demonstrations, the event will include all kinds of other activities, including breakdancing, hula workshops and other sports. There will also be merch and "special guests" providing autographs.

Event starts: 0900 Saturday

Venue: Parque La Liberdad, Pattará, San José, Costa Rica

Sat-Sun: Tlalpan, CDMX, Mexico


Fugaz Roller Derby hosts the second edition of the Copa Quinto Sol, a 6 teams, two-day Mexican tournament arranged as a Group stage (2 Groups of three) followed by placement bouts between the Groups. (Position N in Groups 1 and 2 play for overall position 2N-1).

  • Group A
    • Aguamalas (La Paz)
    • Fugaz (Toluca/CDMX)
    • Roller Derby Mérida Yucatán
  • Group B
    • Reinas Rojas (Cancùn)
    • Medusas (Pachuca)
    • Vipers (Tijuana)

Event starts: 0800 Saturday (doors open / registration)

Venue: Centro Deportivo Villa Olimpica, Avenida Insurgentes Sur, Tlalpan, Distro Federal, Mexico


Sat-Sun: Rome, NY, USA


Mohawk Valley Roller Derby hosts the Mohawk Valley Cup 2019, the regular Men's Roller Derby tournament sanctioned by MRDA. This is of interest to us due to the attendance of Brussels' Manneken Beasts.

  • Competing:

    • Chinook City Roller Derby
    • Flour City Fear
    • Toronto Men's Roller Derby
    • Mass Maelstrom
    • Twin Cities Terrors
    • Montréal Roller Derby Masculin
    • Manneken Beasts
    • Mohawk Valley Roller Derby

    Event starts: 0900 Saturday

    Venue: John F. Kennedy Arena, 500 West Embargo St, Rome, NY, USA