Monthly Diary of a League: Nasty Nessies in May: Trixy Whips!

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Another month comes around for the Nasty Nessies, and this time it's a pithy interview with Trixy Whips being served up.

Trixy Whips, by James King

What first attracted you to Roller Derby?

I remember seeing it on TV ages ago. Later, I saw a roller girl on one of these tattoo reality type shows getting a derby pin-up tattoo: she was so enthusiastic about the sport that I thought I would like to give that a go!

 Derby names are an important aspect of the sport, especially when you're starting out. How did you choose your name, and how does it reflect your personality on track?

My friend has called me Trixy since we were children so that just fell into place. On the track its great to get whips so there it was!

What was your biggest initial difficulty?

Having not skated for 21 years was a bit of a worry at first but it all came flooding back !

 Lots of roller girls find it hard not to spread the word about their new sport. How have you been spreading the word?

I tell my friends and family and people at work about practice and try to explain (probably badly) the rules  and obviously sharing the joy of passing my MINS, although the state I was in after my 25 in 5 would probably put them off !! That was one of the hardest things I have done: my lungs were on fire !!

 What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt/ done this month?

I cant think of one thing this month; each practice you are learning and improving on something! Oh, I have learned the difference new wheels can make though (-:    !

What were the most difficult and the best things?

The most difficult can be time: sometimes it is not possible to make every practice due to other commitments; work, etc. But the best has been getting fit, meeting a really friendly bunch of girls and having a laugh.

What's new for the Nessies this month?

More new Nessies! We are still looking for new skaters to come along and we also have more practice time every MON and SUN with a newbies night on a WED.

Auld Reekie Roller Girls Vs Kent Roller Girls

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Image courtesy of ARRG

Kent Roller Girls travel up north on Saturday the 26th of May to take on ARRG's Cannon Belles,at Meadowbank Sports Centre.Doors open at 2pm,entry is £7 on the door or £5 in advance,under 14's go free.

Monthly Diary of a League: Fierce Valley in May: Hey Ho, Let's Jo!

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Once again the time rolls around for the next monthly diary entry from the Forth Valley's finest skaters. This month, it's Hey Ho Let's Jo telling us about what's happening at Fierce Valley.

Hey Ho Let's Jo! warming up for FVRG's bout against Dundee Roller Girls. By Laura MacDonald.

What first attracted you to Roller Derby? I started skating just over a year ago with Fierce Valley, my friend (Calamity Jen) and I first found out about FVRG after going to a roller disco at Falkirks finest establishment (har har) that is City Nightclub. The whole reason we went to the roller disco is because we had just newly been to watch the film Whip It and quite fancied ourselves as derby girls, but not realising there was anything like it in the Forth Valley thought we would settle our curiosity by going to the next best thing Falkirk had to offer, a roller disco- oh how wrong we were. I still remember when Grizabelta and Chaos Faerie came over to 'recruit' us, and the rest you could say is history. I had never really pulled a set of skates on in my life and to say that I was a shaky on my feet to begin with is an understatement, I remember leaving our first taster session, rubbing a sore arse after a bad fall on my coxic and trying to calm my jelly legs, all while saying, 'well, I take it we're not going back to that again!', I was more than a little shocked when my friend replied- ehh definitely! Fast forward a few months and you could not prise the skates off of my feet! Sticking with it and overcoming my fears is one of the best things I have ever done.

Derby names are an important aspect of the sport, especially when you're starting out. How did you choose your name, and how does it reflect your personality on track?

Well my name's taken from the brilliant Ramones song Blitzkrieg Bop, but rather than say it reflects me as a grungy/punk type on track, I would say the rallying cry of Hey Ho Let's Go! in a cheerleader like fashion represents me a bit better.
Like a lot of girls, I was deliberating over names for ages, but nothing was grabbing me in a YES I need that as my name way. It wasn't until the lovely Fun Ghoul suggested Hey Ho Let's Jo! that I was settled.

What was your biggest initial difficulty?

Hmm, being a complete newb to skating, I would say finding my derby legs was pretty challenging. I had no balance for staying up right at all, actually I've said that all wrong, I had every balance for staying up right, which often landed me on my behooky. I had no balance for derby stance! But perseverance and getting used to an achy back in the morning, I eventually got there and found my stride.
Lots of roller girls find it hard not to spread the word about their new sport. How have you been spreading the word?
Pretty much in every conversation I have. It seems to creep in with every 'What did you get up to this weekend?', 'What's new with you?', 'How did you get that bruise?', 'What's with the gammy leg and limp??'. Roller Derby is definitely more than a sport, it's a lifestyle- it's only natural it comes up, a lot.
What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt/ done this month?
In terms of skills I would say improving on my transitions, but a much bigger issue for me is my confidence, so I'm trying to be a bit more, yeah I did do that quite well, didn't I? Which is a really weird and difficult thing for me, but I think it's really important that I become more empowered to progress both on and off track.
What were the most difficult and the best things?
The most difficult things are feeling you've let your team mates down. I'm pretty bad for beating myself up over everything, I should have made that hit, my wall should have been tighter, why I am not nimble enough to get myself from the back to the front of the pack faster etc. Even when everyone else is over a situation, I'll still be moaning on about my lack of performance for ages. Hence the new confidence drive as I mentioned above!
There are so many great things: executing a tactic to perfection, that moment of bliss when each member of your team, including yourself, gets everything so right and everything you've been working for and fretting over just goes textbook, it makes everything worth it. That feeling at the end of a bout/scrim where you know you've gave everything you had and everyone worked well together and there's that buzz in the air of excitement and happiness and you know your team have just progressed a little bit more. That's the feeling that makes it worth it, and the emotion you remind yourself of when you or any team mates are feeling a bit down.
What's new for the Fierce Valley this month?
Lots!! We've just voted for our Captains and Vice Captains for our first Inter-League bout and Belfast bout. Our intermediates are advancing all the time, so our tryouts for Belfast will see FVRG reach a new milestone where we'll be competing against each other for the first time to prove our worth for a place in the team. It's so exciting to see our wee/not so wee anymore league advance all the time. Very exciting times ahead!

Bout Report: ARRG Home Seasons Final: Double Header

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Photography by Sam Skipsey

Head over to Ante Ortus A Novus Lumen Ars for a bout report on the Auld Reekie Roller Girls Home Season final double header. All the usual photos and video to peruse plus two reports,you can find the first,a bruising bout between Glasgow Roller Derby's Hells Belles and The Cherry Bombers, over here. For coverage of the final bout,between The Skatefast Club and The Leithal Weapons click here.

Glasgow Roller Derby Vs Paris and Dundee

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Image courtesy of Glasgow Roller Derby

Glasgow Roller Derby's upcoming double header once again mixes up the action between Scottish and European leagues,featuring bouts against the Paris Roller Girls and the Dundee Roller Girls. The bout takes place at the Kelvinhall on Saturday the 19th of May,entry is £8 on the day or £7 in advance.Doors open at midday.

Derby Revolution-European Roller Derby Convention 2012

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Derby Revolution is shaping up to be quite an event,a four-day Roller Derby Convention in Ghent that will run between the 28th of June and the 1st of July.Amongst the highlights are..

On skates training will be run at beginner,intermediate and advanced levels,with coaches including 8Mean Wheeler and Luludemon from Terminal city/Team Canada,the mighty Quadzilla,together with Kamikaze Kitten and Ballistic Whistle of London Roller Girls fame. Off skates workouts,ranging from cardio sessions to Yoga. Bouts and scrimmages,there will be at least one full bout per day and also multiple scrimmage sessions,plus a black/white open to all scrimmage. Seminars on a wide range of subjects,training,league organisation etc Full referee and NSO program,including coaching from top European officials such as Riff Reff and yet to be announced US referees A range of social events where you should be thinking,"Belgian Beer, prom dresses & pompons"

Skater and referee prices start at €100 for a weekend pass,four-day passes at €175 and early bird passes,if you book now are €150 Spectator passes,for coaches, fans and nso's are €75 Information on all aspects of the convention is being updated frequently,including news on newly added coaches,follow Derby Revolution on Twitter or drop by their Facebook page to keep track of announcements.

Popping your bout cherry...

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For most skaters, the first time you bout fills you with a mixture of fear and excitement.

You have worked for months to take your place on your league's bout team, passing mins and then getting to grips with tactics, scrimming as much as possible and talking to more experienced skaters to get hints, tips and advice. You know, deep down, you are ready.

However, as bout day draws nearer, chances are the nerves will start to set in. Skating in front of a crowd, playing well, heck even what you choose to wear on the day can create doubt and nerves.

For Reggie Reg, the Fair City Rollers' newest bouting member, the trick was to not let the nerves get the best of her during her first bout recently, when the Fear Maidens took on Granie City Roller Girls' Northern Fights in Scrimmage of the Damned.

Here, Reggie Reg gives an insight to bouting for the first time, and offers advice to any skaters preparing to compete in their virgin bout.

How long had you been skating before the bout?

Six months

What was the best advice you got for bouting and who gave it to you?

On the day of the bout, Jill Antonic told me to just enjoy myself; that it didn't matter if we win or lose; that there is no league table; and that at the end of the day it was all about having fun. This made me feel much less anxious but at the same time motivated me to give it my best!!

What was your "getting ready" ritual on the day?

Porridge and banana for breakfast, some stretches in the morning to loosen me up, fake tan and lots of dramatic zombie makeup; and I walked quickly to Bells to get rid of some nervous energy!!

What did you like most about bouting?

I liked feeling part of the team; I loved having my team shirt with my name on it; I liked using all the skills I had learned during training; I liked feeling that I was making a difference to how the team was playing!

How did it feel going out and competing in front of people?

After the mortification of falling in front of my fans during the skate out, I totally forgot about everyone watching when it came to competing.

What bit did you not like?

Falling during the skate out!!!

* What advice would you offer first-time bouters?

During the skate out, look at where you are going instead of the people watching! Also, everyone gets nervous but too much can be debilitating. You just need to keep calm and remember that everyone in the sport is very supportive, even the opposing team. So just have fun and do your best!!

Photo by

Helsinki Roller Derby Vs Auld Reekie Roller Girls On DNN

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Image courtesy of HRD

Finland's first Roller Derby league,Helsinki Roller Derby play Auld Reekie Roller Girls on Saturday the 5th of May in a double-header,first HRD's All-Star Ninja Turtles will go up against the Twisted Thistles,followed by a HRD intraleague bout,featuring Hurtta Lottas Vs Saturday Fight Fever. You don't have to worry about flights to Finland however,as the bout is being screened on Derby News Network from around it here

Bout Report: Glasgow Roller Derby v Stockholm Roller Derby Double Header

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Photograph by Sam Skipsey

The bout report for the recent GRD double header against Stockholm Roller Derby is up on Ante Ortus A Novus Lumen Ars.All the usual pics and video, as well as a comprehensive report to feast your eyes on.

Bout Report: Tyne and Fear vs The Jakey Bites

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This is a first on the Scottish Roller Derby Blog... Men's Roller Derby! The Jakey Bites, Scotland's first export of "merby" or "broller derby" (my personal favourite!), travelled south of the border on Saturday 21st April to take on Newcastle's Tyne and Fear.

The Jakey Bites hail from all over Scotland and are a mixture of Roller Derby Referees and enthusiastic new skaters. After just a few short months of training together, The Jakey's put on a valiant display of grit and determination when up against Tyne and Fear. The home team were keen to continue their winning streak by notching up their fourth consecutive triumph in their first bout played at home.

The support for The Jakey Bites was unbelievable. Despite playing away from home, it was noted by the announcers that the Scottish crowd were louder than the Newcastle supporters! With fans holding up hand-made posters for their favourite players, and shouting encouragement to their team throughout, the whole experience was incredible!

Well that's enough of the soppy stuff, so now on to the action!

Tyne and Fear vs. The Jakey Bites

Tyne and Fear:

  • #82 Captain: Man shaped Dog
  • #26 Alternate: Chemic-Al
  • #4J Reanimated.GIF
  • #5 Da Little Waster
  • #22 Rubba Duk
  • #v1 Dark Matter
  • #14pt Markoleptic
  • #8 Porky
  • #511 Gay Fawkes
  • #1701 Jams T. Kirk
  • #80 Adsinthe
  • #2x4 Man From Del Munky
  • #13 Pablo Diablo
  • #64 Sixty Quad Bit
The Jakey Bites:
  • #IQ0 Captain: Genuine Miller Draft
  • #8 Alternate: Skol-Krushr
  • #Red5 X-Kaliber
  • #19 Judder Jam
  • #6 Bruise Dog
  • #N7 Crash Effect
  • #4 Brutally Frank
  • #9 Diamond Fight
  • #57 Absolute Bar Steward
  • #18 Tequila Jammer
  • #11 Fool Throttle
  • #39 Duff McKegger
  • #2 Danny Desperado

Period 1

The first jam went off to a flying start, with Captain Genuine Miller Daft from The Jakey Bites lining up with Tyne and Fear's Da Little Waster. Tyne and Fear chose to play the tactical, and now popular, Jammer-Line start to set both jammers off quickly and get the action underway - a move that would be repeated throughout.

In the opening minutes of the game, one of Tyne and Fear's most dangerous weapons was quickly revealed: Dark Matter. In the second Jam, he flew around the track clocking up a 30-point jam, but not without being challenged by The Jakey's Skol-Krushr first. An ill-timed block from the Pivot-cum-Jammer, after a star pass from Tequila Jammer, saw Krushr taking a trip to the Sin Bin for a back block major penalty.

Dark Matter takes on The Jakey Bites

Not to be disheartened, The Jakey's very quickly appeared to let go of their first bout nerves, with some excellent defensive walls displayed by Diamond Fight, Fool Throttle and Crash Effect. Duff McKeggar and Absolute Bar Steward took on the offensive role, and were breaking down the Tyne and Fear walls to help their Jammer through the pack to score some points.

After being on the receiving end of powerful hits from Reanimated.GIF, Porky and Rubba Duk, The Jakey's got a chance to retaliate in Jam 5. Bruise Dog returned to the track from the sin bin, shortly followed by the opposing Jammer, Man Shaped Dog, being sent off for a major penalty. With strong offensive action from X-Kaliber, Bruise Dog took full advantage of the Power Jam and clocked up The Jakey's first points of the game.

Jam 5: Tyne and Fear 80 - The Jakey Bites 10

The Jams that followed showed just why Tyne and Fear are holding on to their winning streak. Despite impressive 3 and 4-walls from The Jakey's Blockers, and aggressive jamming from Duff McKeggar, The Jakey's struggled to keep the opposing Jammer back to protect the points difference. Whenever a Jakey wall was looking to be particularly effective, the Tyne and Fear Blockers quickly changed their strategy to break the walls and clear a path through for their own teammate.

Much to the delight of Scottish announcer, Helliverance, quite a lot of major penalties were committed by both sides, often resulting in power jams. When this happened, the "sausage" tactic was played well by the advantaged team, and it was in this very situation that The Jakey's earned their first Lead Jammer status. Genuine Miller Daft started Jam 12 on a lonely Jammer line, but with help from Danny Desperado making holes in the pack, Miller made his way through opposing Blockers Porky and Man Shaped Dog, picking up more points for his team. After a team time-out followed by an official time-out, the visitor's scores were adjusted to award them 2 extra points.

Jam 12: Tyne and Fear 176- The Jakey Bites 21

Skol-Krushr from The Jakey Bites was unfortunately finding himself on the receiving end of some pretty big hits, and despite a nervous moment when he removed himself from the track with an injury, he returned unfazed as Pivot in Jam 14. Krushr's quick-thinking was put to the test when The Jakey's Jammer was sent to the sin bin, but was released early when Tyne and Fear's Jammer, Da Little Waster, was also issued a major penalty. Back on track, Genuine Miller Daft saw his chance and grabbed it with both hands, earning his team 3 more points.

With a strong power jam in their favour, The Jakey Bites fielded Fool Throttle as Jammer in Jam 15. Teammates Judder Jam and Absolute Bar Steward were determined to make the most of this advantage, and were giving it all they had to make holes in the pack to help Fool Throttle gain Lead Jammer. This was an extremely intense jam as the Tyne and Fear Jammer briefly returned to track, but was then almost instantly sent back to the bin. The whole time, Fool Throttle seemed to have gotten a good measure of the pack, and was making light work of Tyne and Fear's defensive walls. When the opposing Jammer again returned to track, Fool Throttle ended the jam just in time, to the chorus of the whole Jakey following shouting, "Call it off"!

Jam 15: Tyne and Fear 218 - The Jakey Bites 39

Fool Throttle powers through the pack

With two Jams remaining before half-time, a tactical call-off by Lead Jammer Sixty Quad Bit with two of his Blockers in the bin, stopped The Jakey's in their tracks after only scoring 1 point. In the final Jam of the first period, TAF's Jammer, Adsinthe, increased the points difference, but kept an eye on the opposing Jammer the whole time and called off the jam - but not before Skol-Krushr collected an extra point.

Half time score: Tyne and Fear 237 - The Jakey Bites 41

Period 2

Although starting Period 1 apprehensive, The Jakey Bites gathered more confidence as the bout progressed, put their strategies into play, and gave out as good as they got! This attitude carried into Period 2, with X-Kaliber claiming the coveted Lead Jammer status in the first returning jam while Brutally Frank kept TAF's Jammer, Man Shaped Dog. The excitement was short-lived as X-Kaliber was sent to the bin, but Frank, Danny Desperado, Bruise Dog and pivot Genuine Miller Daft created a solid 4-wall in the power jam in an attempt to control the points difference. Just as X-Kaliber returned to track, the jam was called off with The Jakey's scoring just 3 points to TAF's 30.

Duff McKeggar takes on Man Shaped Dog

Jammers Skol-Krushr and Da Little Waster started off strong in Jam 19, with Tequila Jammer, Judder Jam and Diamond Fight forming a strong defensive wall to hold the TAF Jammer on his first pass. Tyne and Fear quickly found themselves with the advantage of a power jam as Krushr was sent off for an elbows major, followed by blocker Absolute Bar Steward for an illegal clockwise block. TAF's pack advantage was quickly lost as Da Little Waster was sent off for a back block major but then was whistled again for insubordination after failing to leave the track quick enough. With a 2-minute penalty now issued, Referee, The Enforcer, really lived up to his name!

Jam 19: Tyne and Fear 287- The Jakey Bites 44

Genuine Miller Daft started off on the jam line alone in jam 20, and managed to pick up 4 points for The Jakey's despite the offensive 'hammer and nail' technique displayed by TAF's Pablo Diablo, Markoleptic and Rubba Duk. A switch of jammers in the penalty box saw Da Little Waster score 21 points then calling off the jam just as Miller Daft returned to track.

The next few jams were played very quickly and were loaded with points for Tyne and Fear who broke the 400-point barrier! Although The Jakey's showed real determination and team work, they were understandably struggling to close this huge points difference. By this point in the game it was obvious that both teams were having a great time out on track - regardless of the score - and were commending each other with hugs and high fives between  jams.

Jam 29: Tyne and Fear 401- The Jakey Bites 48

Jam 30 saw the power jam advantage go in the favour of Tyne and Fear again when The Jakey's X-Kaliber was binned after (a bit too) aggressively jamming his way through the pack. Although TAF Jammer Man Shaped Dog skated fast through his initial pass, it wasn't clean and he was 'Not Lead Jammer'. While The Jakey's tried hard to hold him behind their wall at the front of the pack, X-Kaliber snuck onto the track unnoticed, picked up 3 points, was declared Lead Jammer, then ended the Jam.

With only a few more jams remaining, both teams were literally throwing themselves into the competition! Da Little Waster for Tyne and Fear impressed the crowd again with his speed and light footwork, resulting in an impressive grand slam. Not to be outdone, Vice Captain Chemic-Al scored a whopping 34-point jam, with this kilt blowing in the breeze the whole time!

Jam 32: Tyne and Fear 488- The Jakey Bites 51

Chemic-Al showing off his kilt!

Dark Matter helped his team break the 500-point barrier in Jam 37 after scoring another 20 points. He seemed to skate right through the walls that The Jakey's were putting up! In the dying minutes of the game, Jakey's X-Kaliber and Skol-Krushr worked well to take the speed from the TAF jammers, with Krushr even taking out Markoleptic in the final jam. Even with the considerable points difference, The Jakey's put up a fight right until the end.

 Full time score: Tyne and Fear 536 - The Jakey Bites 54

The Awards

For Tyne and Fear:

  • Best Jammer: Dark Matter
  • Best Blocker: Porky
  • Most Valuable Player: Chemic-Al

And for the Jakey Bites:

  • Best Jammer: Duff McKeggar
  • Best Blocker: Brutally Frank
  • Most Valuable Player: Genuine Miller Daft