EROC 2012: Last chance to register for European Derby in Berlin!

Posted: by aoanla [Source]
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European Roller Derby is a rising force, and it's as important to be a part of it as it is to get membership of WFTDA, in my opinion. The big European Derby meetup is the yearly European Rollerderby Organlsational Conference, which is hosted by Bear City Roller Derby in Berlin this year. The schedule will be split over the 27-29th Janurary, 2012.

There are separate registration for skaters and referees, and there will be masterclasses and other events for both officials and players.

This is an ideal chance for Scottish leagues to keep up with the European Derby scene, and it is perhaps especially useful for new leagues.

Plus, you get to see Berlin!

Registration closes on the 20th of November, so get in quick while you still can!