ECDX Schedule

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The wait is over and The East Coast Derby Extravaganza is finally here.Viewing parties have been organised and i dare say a few beers may well have been purchased.

Firstly,you can watch it via and secondly,please remember that the times shown below are UK/GMT and are subject to change.Another point to think about is that these times are the actual bout start times,not when the teams take to the track to warm up.

Friday 28th June On Friday there are only four bouts. On rink 2.. 11PM - Philly Independence Dolls vs. Gotham Girls Wall Street Traitors (WFTDA Regulation) 00:45AM - Jersey Junior Derby vs. 4H Barnyard Bruisers & Red Bank Riot Girls Mixed Team 1:30AM - Texas Rollergirls vs. Gotham Girls Roller Derby (WFTDA Sanctioned)

and on rink 3.. 12:00PM - New York Shock Exchange vs. Mass Maelstrom (MRDA)

So there is really only one difficult choice to make on Friday,do you switch feeds to watch the MRDA bout and miss part of Gotham V Philly and part of the Junior Derby bout?

Saturday 29th June Moving onto Saturday.From this point on in the event,it's worth remembering that nothing from rink 1 will be streamed,which removes some difficult viewing choices but leaves quite a few more. The action kicks off for the day at 3:30pm with Dutchland V Roc City and of particular interest to readers of this blog will be the bouts featuring the Scottish contingent.Sadly though,this is one of those difficult viewing decisions. at 7:30pm on rink 2-Glasgow Vs Columbia at 8:00pm on rink 3-Auld Reekie Vs Dominion Later,there is some amazing stuff on,Gotham Vs Atlanta,Montreal Vs Charm City and Philly Vs Texas amongst many more.

Sunday 30th June Sunday has the Scottish bouts on the same track,in fact,Glasgow kick the day off and are followed by ARRG. at 3:30pm on rink 2-Glasgow Vs Long Island at 5:30pm on rink 2-Auld Reekie Vs Ithaca Like the Saturday,there are some stellar bouts later in the day,Philly Vs Windy City,Atlanta Vs Charm City and the last bout of the event,Team USA Vs Team Canada.