Talking Derby To Us: Podcasts come to Scotland

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There's a lot of ways that Roller Derby has been discussed and promoted online and off, from League Websites, through blogs like us, and bigger entities like Derby News Network, the derby magazines (the UK's own Lead Jammer and Inside Line amongst them), and YouTube/Vimeo/etc videos.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are a somewhat rarer breed, much to the sadness of everyone who wants to listen to people talk about Derby on their daily commute.

No, really, Talk to Them. They're Listening.

The folk up in Aberdeen are well aware of this, however, and have their most talkative member, sMACklemore, (otherwise known with his announcing hat on for Granite City Roller Girls) on the case. He'll be hosting the new derby fortnightly podcast "Talk Derby To Me" starting this very month, with an array of guests from around derby, thanks to the magic of the internet.

Episode 1 is due for release around the 11th of February, and will feature:

GCRG Vice Captain (and Team Scotland Training Team member) Rock'n Riot,

GCRG Ref (and Scottish Roller Derby Blog contributor) Buffy Boiler,

Also GCRG Ref (and holder of longest name in derby) Tessington World of Adventures,

along with a "mystery guest" from a location "within the UK".

Contact with the team is currently via their Facebook page here: where they'd welcome anecdotes about your derby Fresh Meat days.

Edit: The podcast discussed in this article is now available at and at, the latter of which also allows mp3 downloads.