nonUS/Canada Derby: 17-18 December edition

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Every week in December, we've been noting that, despite the approach of the Festive Period, there's still lots of bouts happening across the world. It looks like, with this update, we've finally reached the end of the year's schedule - even the most avid skaters seem to have been unable to convince anyone to schedule events on Christmas Eve!

So, for this final upcoming bouts update of the year, we still have some very exciting events. As always, information is mostly taken from Flat Track Stats, and predictions are from a mixture of FTS and our own SRD Rank system (especially when FTS is unable to provide a prediction).

As far as we can tell, there's nothing scheduled in Latin America; do let us know if we're missing anything!


  • No bouts in Scotland, but Glasgow Men's Roller Derby [who we wrote about here] are holding their "Pure Huge Chrimbo Scrimbo" event this weekend, with unlimited space for skater signup and drop in. That's Sunday afternoon at Blackburn, West Lothian.


  • The only bout in the UK listed in FTS is Mansfield Roller Derby's double header, with the hosts playing Sheffield Steel B (the Crucibelles) [FTS], followed by a Game of Thrones themed scrim (open to applicants). (FTS believes the Crucibelles have this one, whilst SRD Rank disagrees and favours the home team)


In Europe, there's a surprising amount going on...
  • Starting as far south as you get, Tenerife Roller Derby is hosting their international triple-header/tournament against Dundee Roller Girls and Malmö's Crime City B. We've interviewed the teams: here, here (and we have an upcoming interview with the hosts...).  [FTS links: 1, 2, 3] (FlatTrackStats predicts a Malmö win, and certainly Crime City B are a strong competitor.)
  • In Paris, Les Gueuses de Pigalle are hosting a double header, with the B team facing fellow-Parisiens Boucherie de Paris C [FTS], and the A team playing Avignon's Rabbit Skulls [FTS] (FTS favours the hosts in both games)
  • In Calais, there's a triple-header, which is also a triple-genre, as Calais' Junior team, Dead Dragibus, take on Roller Kinderby Lille [FTS?], women's team the Black Tagada face Lille's Baronnes Von Schlass [FTS] and men's team the Zombeers play Lille's Barbiers de Sévices [FTS].   (FTS favours Lille over Calais, for the women's game - it cannot rank the Men. SRD Rank can, and favours the hosts in the men's game, whilst agreeing with FTS for the women )
  • In Grenoble, the Cannibal Marmots are hosting a double header, with their B team facing Marseille B [FTS], followed by an exhibition bout (this event also includes a bootcamp). (We can't predict this one - FTS has no rating for the Marmots, and SRD Rank has no rating for Marseille's B team)
  • In Strasbourg, Hell's Ass Derby Girls are participating as part of a roller-sports oriented event (organised by StrasCross, the region's roller sports board), taking on Luxembourg in the Roller Derby portion of the day [FTS], alongside Dijon's men's team, La Raclée who will play Rock'Est [FTS]. (FTS can't rate the Men, but favours Hell's Ass for the women; SRD Rank can't rank Rock'Est (we ignore exhibition teams))
  • Over in Belgium, Namur Roller Girls are hosting a double-header, as their C team plays Rouen B [FTS], and Namur's men's league, the Vîkings  take on Track'Ass of Tours-Le Mans-Bourges [FTS]. (FTS and SRD Rank favour Rouen for the women; FTS can't rank the Men, but SRD Rank favours the hosts)
  • And also in Belgium, Brussels' Manneken Beasts are hosting a triple header of men's derby on Sunday, with Toulouse' Quad Guards and Paris' Panam Squad attending. [FTS links 1,2,3] (FTS can rank MRDA teams, so it favours the Quad Guards out of the three; SRD Rank agrees.)
  • In Karlsruhe, Germany, the RocKArollers are hosting Nancy (France's) Wheel Spirit for their final bout of the year. [FTS] (FTS and SRD Rank favour the hosts.)
  • In Vigo, Spain, Roller Derby Vigo are hosting Coimbra's Rocket Dolls for their Christmas Bout. [FTS] (SRD Rank considers the teams evenly matched, so we favour Vigo as hosts; FTS significantly favours the visitors.)
  • Up north in Uppsala, the Jackdaw City BURDS are hosting Sundsvall [FTS]. (FTS favours the visitors; SRD Rank thinks this is pretty close, very weakly favoring Sundsvall )
  • Not on FTS, as it's a Coed Scrim, Prague City Rollers are hosting a "Team Santa v Team Grinch" event in the Czech Republic.
  • On Sunday, Vicenza Roller Derby's Anguanas are hosting a triple header in Italy to round off the season, with Bergamo's Crimson Vipers and Barcelona Roller Derby also competing. [FTS links: 1, 2, 3]  (SRD Rank and FTS favour Barcelona.)


  • On Sunday, Yokosuka Sushi Rollers are hosting a festive event with scrim and "Sushi Rollers versus the World"

Late Additions

  • Nottingham Roller Derby are hosting an officials (Referees and NSOs) bootcamp and scrim on Saturday.
  • Helsinki Roller Derby have a closed scrim for their new skaters, against a combined team from Tampere and Pori Rolling Brigade, prefacing their end of year Gala.