Upcoming Bouts - Special Jan 2017 Edition

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As promised last week, we have a special final edition of the SRD "Upcoming Bouts" posts for this year.

There's really not much happening for the rest of the year, although Chicks in Bowls Scotland are hosting the Skatemanay skate night on the 30th December, as even most of Europe is in recess for the Winter holidays... but things will be getting up and going very quickly in January, with a host of exciting events already up and advertised. So, this edition will be quickly summarising some of the first things happening in 2017... including some things which aren't bouts.

We've probably missed things here, so do let us know of anything we should add to this list!


  • Starting off your January in Scotland, there's the (sold out) WinTourope Scotland, where you can do Derby and Ramps with Scald Eagle and Lady Trample [SRD WinTourope Page]
  • The only publicly announced bouts in January are... Glasgow Roller Derby's Magnificent Sevens tournament, of modified Derby Sevens bouts, on the 21st Jan [HOST]
  • There's also, of course, the Power of Scotland Tryouts on 14th [HOST] , 29th [HOST] for those who want the chance to represent their country in Barcelona 2018.
  • Late addition: New Town Roller Girls' first scrim of the year is just in on the 29th of January [HOST], open to skaters from other (women's) leagues.
  • Late addition: Team Scotland are running a derby Bootcamp also on the 29th, way up north in Inverness! [HOST]
  • Late addition (announced today, and we added to FTS): Auld Reekie Roller Girls Rookies (the ASTROs) are hosting fellow C team, Newcastle Roller Girls' North Cs in the first bout for either league this year, on the 28th. [FTS][HOST]


  • Over in Oldham, Rainy City Roller Derby are opening the year with a fusillade of bootcamps and events: A Footwork bootcamp on the 15 Jan [EVENT], a New skater intake + intermediate scrim on the 21 Jan [EVENT] with pre-mins bootcamp on the following day, 22 Jan [EVENT], and a second, overflow, Footwork bootcamp on the 29th [EVENT]!
  • If you can't make Rainy City's bootcamps, you could also go to the Skater, Referee, NSO Bootcamp in Wiltshire, on the 21 Jan [EVENT] - featuring Team Scotland Head Coach (and TDTM Award Winner and Nominee) Rosie Peacock, international referee Funk and international NSO (and TDTM Awards Nominee) Yoshi.
  • On to the first bouts of the year, Rebellion Roller Derby are hosting the Halifax Bruising Banditas on the 29th [no event page yet] [FTS]
  • Manchester Roller Derby are hosting Nottingham Roller Derby on the 29th [no event yet] [FTS]
  • Wolverhampton are hosting Furness Firecrackers on the 29th [no event yet] [FTS]
  • Bristol Roller Derby are hosting Liverpool Roller Birds on the 29th [no event yet] [FTS]
  • Late addition: on the 21st, Suffolk Roller Derby are hosting a double-header (announced after initial publication), with Suffolk Women v Leicester [FTS], and Men v the Thugly Ducklings (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder B) [FTS]. [HOST]
  • Late addition - Liverpool Roller Birds are actually playing their first home game a week before their away bout above, as B Team Yellow Shovemarine host Manchester B, The Furies on the 21st [HOST][FTS]
  • Late addition: According to Flat Track Stats Leicestershire's Dolly Rockit Rollers are hosting Nottingham's Hellfire Harlots on the 22nd, but we can't see an event page. [FTS]


Meanwhile, in Europe, things are getting started pretty quickly in the new year...
  • In fact, Saint-Gratien's Roller Derby Panthers are really fast off the mark, with a double header on the 8th Jan [HOST], featuring  Panthers Graou v Holy Wheels Menace (Liege) [FTS] and Panthers Miaou v Badass Ladies (Villejuif) [FTS] !
  • On the 14th of January, Paris Rollergirls are hosting [HOST] the next leg of the French Nationale, with Orléans, Paris C,Sainte Geneviève, Rouen,Montreuil and Lutece all playing. [FTS tournament page]
  • On the 14th, also, Aarhus Derby Danes are hosting Aalborg [no event page yet] [FTS] in Denmark
  • There's also evidence of a Zombeers Calais [Calais Men's]  hosting Lille's Les Moustaches on the 15th of Jan [no event yet?] [FTS]
  • The Roller Derby Panthers are also hosting French Nationale bouts, with bouts over the 21-22 Jan, including Lille's Switchblade, Calais' The Black Tagada, Creil's Knock'n'Roll Cannibals, les Gueuses de Pigalle, and the Glorious Batardes of Lille alongside the hosts' B. [HOST] [FTS Tournament page]
  • Back on the 21st only, Boucherie de Paris' Quads de Paris host Kent Roller Girls [no event yet?] [FTS]
  • Moving on to the 28th, Dublin Roller Derby will be hosting Namur Roller Derby in a double header [Dublin B, Dublin C] [HOST]
  • In the Netherlands, Hague's Parliament of Pain host Amsterdam on the 28th [HOST] [FTS]
  • The Sweden Nationals, Elite series, also begin again on the weekend of 28-29th, with Crime City, Norrköping, Luleå and Gothenburg all facing off. [FTS tournament page]
  • Club Roller Derby 38's Cannibal Marmots B are taking on Macon's Bananas Clit on the 28th [FTS]...
  • ... and Cannibal Marmots A are in a triple against  Tournai and Bordeaux on the same day 28th Jan [no event page?] [FTS 1,2,3]
  • And the WinTouropes sweep across Europe too, with Belgium [15th, Namur], Poland [21st, Worst Warsaw] and Netherlands [28th, RockCity Rollers] hosting Scald Eagle and Lady Trample.[SRD WinTourope Page]
  • Finally, of course, the 8th European Roller derby Organisational Conference, EROC, will be happening on 26th to 29th January, in Berlin, with many useful topics discussed (including National Teams, announcing, coaching practice, and raising your team's ranking).[EROC PAGE]
  • Late addition: the next games in the Pohjola Cup (North Finland's own tournament) are on the 14th Jan [HOST] [FTS] featuring  Jyväskylä Roller Derby, (Russia's) White Night Furies, Seinäjoki Roller Derby,  Roll-On Derby and Riverdale Rollers [we've written about the Pohjola Cup here]
  • Late addition and not a bout, but of course EROC, the European Roller derby Organisational Conference is running on its usual schedule of the 26th to 29th of January, hosted as always by Berlin Roller Derby. [HOST]
  • Late addition: On the 22nd Roller Derby Rennes are hosting a double-header, with the hosts A against Paris Roller Girls' Quedalles [FTS] and Rennes B versus Roller Derby Angoulême [FTS] [HOST]
  • Late addition: Also announced fully after this post, we should add the Slip It tournament on the 28th, hosted by Roller Derby Caen, and featuring Amsterdam, Brighton Rockers, Kallio Rolling Rainbow B, Madrid, Nottingham Hellfire Harlots as well as the hosts. [HOST][FTS Tournament]
  • Late addition: And there's yet another French Nationale fixture on the 28th, as Division 2 bouts are hosted by La Rochelle, [HOST][FTS Tournament], and feature Mérignac, Castres, Tarbes, Pibrac, Toulouse as well as the hosts. In addition, there's more bouts happening in a different venue on the Sunday.
  • Late addition: AMSports Dijon are hosting a double header on the 14th [HOST], featuring the hosts Les Flèches Revêches v Les Auverniaks of Clermont-Ferrand [FTS] and Mačon's Men Les Banditos Machos versus Orcet Men [FTS]
  • Late addition (as there's no schedule yet, and hence no FTS entry still): Battle of the Beasts returns for its third iteration, on January 21st and 22nd, pitting the cream of European Men's Roller Derby against each other in Valkenswaard, Netherlands [HOST]. Competing are: Manchester's Chaos Engine, Liège/Namur's Viking Basterds, Kiel's Der Haßliche Rest, Brussels' Manneken Beasts, The Knights of Oldham, Birmingham's Beta Test Brummies, Mons-ter Munch Derby Dudes, Newcastle's Inglorious Basterds, Barcelona Men's Roller Derby, Grimsby's Brothers Grim, Netherlands expo team The Carebears, Paris' Panam Squad B, Madrid's MadRiders and Lille's Moustaches.


  • Over in the Pacific, we're not aware of many events that are public. However, Victorian Roller Derby League are making up for everyone else, with events almost every week: an Open Skate [for non-contact] on 9 Jan [HOST], a Junior Derby bootcamp on the 22th Jan [HOST], and a Basic Skills Bootcamp, with VRDL Tryouts on the 29th Jan [HOST]
  • Late addition: Devil Dog Derby Dames' first intraleague of the season in Okinawa is on the 21st January. [HOST]

Middle East and North Africa

  • Late addition [only announced on the 2nd of Jan] for Abu Dhabi Roller Derby versus the CaiRollers (hosted by the CaiRollers in Egypt) on the 20th. More info when there's any available. [FTS]

Latin America

  • Late addition [announced in first week of Jan] for 2x4 Roller Derby hosting a double header with their Team C against the Rotten Vicious Dolls (Dirty Fucking Dolls B) [FTS] and A team against Hiedras Venenosas [FTS] on the 22nd. [HOST]
  • Late addition: NERD (No Excuses Roller Derby) are holding a "scrimmage" double header on the 15th - featuring Coed / Open to All mixed Black v White bout and a NERD versus The World bout. [HOST]


While it's outside our stated range, we're also going to point out that there's also exciting things happening in February - Lorrae Evans and Loren Mutch are touring Gothenburg, Edinburgh and Sheffield ; on the 11th, one of the first International national teams bouts of the year is hosted by Team Scotland [HOST], and there are still things yet to be announced!