Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 25/26th November Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts).  (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]


This weekend, the most exciting Scottish events are at home:

  • Aberdeen: Granite City Brawlers host s double header of international derby, with a National teams first [EVENT]
    • Granite City Brawlers versus Team Poland Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Power of Scotland versus Team Poland Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Edinburgh: Auld Reekie Roller Girls host ARRGmageddon 2017, the second edition of their C-team level tournament, and their last event at their usual venue of Meadowbank Sports Centre (due to building work) [FTS tournament][EVENT] featuring
    • Auld Reekie All Star Rookies (Edinburgh C)
    • Durham Roller Derby
    • New Town Roller Girls (Livingston)
    • York Minxters
  • Elgin: Helgin Roller Derby host a Quiz Night fundraiser [EVENT]
  • Inverness: Inverness City Roller Derby host the 6th of their free try-derby Get Your Skates On events [EVENT]


Whilst some people talk about an off-season, UK derby is still playing a lot of games, with several small-tournament scale events, including a Team England triple header:

  • Friday, Oldham, England: Rainy City Roller Derby host another New Skater Night for recruitment [EVENT]
  • Friday, Swindon, England: Wiltshire Roller Derby host a slightly confusingly specified "Women's Men's and Coed" mixed open scrim - the idea being that alternating jams will run as "women's", "men's" and "coed". It's not clear to us if they mean "WFTDA-standard", "MRDA-standard" and "Open to All", but we're sure they'll clarify if you ask them. [EVENT]
  • Brighton, England: Brighton Rockers host a double header [EVENT]
    • Brighton Rockers (A) versus Norfolk Broads (Norwich A) [FTS]
    • Brighton Rollerbillies (B) versus Dorset Roller Girls B [FTS]
  • Manchester, England: Manchester Roller Derby host a triple header [EVENT]
    • Open to All Debut Game
    • Chaos Engine (Manchester Men B) versus Oxford Mens [FTS]
    • Furies (Manchester B) versus Cheshire Hellcats Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Peterborough, England: England Roller Derby and England Men's Roller Derby co-host a National Teams Event triple [EVENT]
    • England Men's Roller Derby versus Equipe de France Masculine [FTS]
    • England Junior Roller Derby exhibition bout
    • England Roller Derby versus Equipe de France Feminine [FTS?]
  • London, England: London Rockin' Rollers are hosting an intraleague tournament quadruple header [EVENT]
  • Newport, Wales: Riot City Ravens host a (somewhat early?) Christmas Scrim, open to all comers [EVENT]
  • Wrexham, Wales: North Wales Roller Derby host an exciting double header [EVENT]
    • North Wales Roller Derby Women A versus Kent Roller Girls [FTS]
    • North Wales Roller Derby Men versus Kent Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Sunday, Blackpool, England: Blackpool Roller Derby celebrate their 5th Birthday with a "Co-Ed Open Scrim" (which we assume is actually "open to all"), with a Heroes v Villains theme [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Oldham, England: Rainy City Roller Derby host a Pre-min skills bootcamp run by Hevi Metal, Hel Razor and others [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Oxford, England: Oxford Men's Wheels of Gory play Rebel Uprising (Bedfordshire Men B) [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sunday, Cardiff, Wales: Tiger Bay Brawlers host a "co-ed" (presumably Open-to-All) Christmas Scrimmage [EVENT]


In Europe, there's less in the way of national tournaments (although the Austrian Championship continues), but instead a huge number of massive tournament scale events, including quintuple and septuple headers!

  • Friday, Potsdam, Germany: Prussian Fat Cats host a female Hip-Hop event [EVENT]
  • Friday, Dublin, Ireland: the Boomtown Rollers host a Game of Thrones themed Pub Quiz Fundraiser [EVENT]
  • Linz, Austria: Steelcity Rollers host the next Austrian Championships bout, playing Graz' Dust City Rollers [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • Liège, Belgium: the Holy Wheels Menace host a triple header of derby! [EVENT]
    • Holy Wheels Menace B (Liège) versus Blackland Rockin' K-Rollers (Charleroi) [FTS]
    • Vî-Kings (Liège Men) versus RATM (Arras Men) [FTS]
    • Holy Wheels Menace A (Liège) versus Beastie Derby Girls (Reims) [FTS]
  • Bordeaux, France: Bordeaux B, La Compagnie Cruelle host Clermont-Ferrand's Auver'Niaks [FTS][EVENT]
  • Metz, France: Roller Derby Metz Club All-Stars play the Glorious Bâtardes of Lille [FTS][EVENT]
  • Paris, France: Les Gueuses de Pigalle host a double header [EVENT]
    • Gueuses de Pigalle B versus Namur Roller Girls C [FTS]
    • Gueuses de Pigalle A versus Les Pétroleuses (Caen) [FTS]
  • (sat+sun) Strasbourg, France: Hell's Ass Derby Girls and Les Menneles host Blocky Sevens - a two-day septuple header event! [EVENT]
    • Les Menneles (Strasbourg Men) versus South German Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Banane Squad (Paris Men B) versus South German Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Les Menneles versus Banane Squad [FTS]
    • Hell's Ass Derby Girls (Strasbourg) versus Les Encastreuses (Paris Lutece) [FTS]
    • Les Encastreuses versus Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz [FTS]
    • Les Encourneuses (Strasbourg B) versus P'tites Frappes (Paris Lutece B) [FTS?]
    • Hell's Ass Derby Girls versus Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz [FTS]
  • Berlin, Germany: Bear City v Gothenburg's Dock City ? [FTS]
  • Kiel, Germany: Roller Derby Kiel host a "Rookie Day" [EVENT]
  • Mannheim, Germany: the Delta Quads host a quadruple (!) header, a round-robin, plus a B-team game [EVENT]
    • Delta Quads Test Pilots (Mannheim "experimental" team) versus L-EF-DD-overs (Leipzig, Erfurt, Dresden) [this is an Open-to-all bout]
    • Delta Quads F(l)ight Crew (Mannheim A) versus Mansfield Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Kouvola Roller Derby versus Mansfield Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Delta Quads F(l)ight Crew versus Kouvola Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Münster, Germany: the Zombie Rollergirlz host Bremen's Meatgrinders [FTS][EVENT]
  • Bray, Ireland: Cork City Firebirds host the East Coast Cyclones of Greystones [FTS][EVENT]
  • (sat+sun) Rome, Italy: Roller Derby Roma's She-Wolves host a two-day tournament event [EVENT]
    • She Wolves (Rome A) versus Seasters ("Adriatic region") [FTS]
    • Anguanas B-Side (Vicenza B) versus Poison Kittens (Palermo) [FTS]
    • "Coed" / Open to All Scrimmage
    • [3rd and 1st place bouts on the Sunday]
  • The Hague, Netherlands: The Parliament of Pain host a double-header v Rotterdam! [EVENT]
    • The Jokers (Hague B) versus Killer Bees (Rotterdam B) [FTS]
    • Queens of PoP (Hague A) versus Death Row Honesy (Rotterdam A) [FTS]
  • Oslo, Norway: Oslo Roller Derby host a quadruple (!) header [EVENT]
    • Tiger City Beasts (Oslo B) versus Wet City Rollers (Bergen) [FTS]
    • Oslo Roller Derby versus Gothenburg Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Gothenburg Roller Derby versus Stockholm BSTRD (Stockholm B) [FTS]
    • Oslo Roller Derby versus Stockholm BSTRD [FTS]
  • Warsaw, Poland: Warsaw Hellcats Roller Girls host a triple header round robin event ! [EVENT]
    • Warsaw Hellcats versus ThunderDoms (Utrecht B) [FTS]
    • ThunderDoms versus Reaper's Crew (Epinal) [FTS]
    • Reaper's Crew versus Warsaw Hellcats [FTS]
  • Lisbon, Portugal: Lisboa Roller Derby League play Hamburg's (St Pauli) Harbor Girls B [FTS] [EVENT]
  • Zaragoza, Spain: the Sicarias del Cierzo host Bérgamo's Crimson Vipers [FTS][EVENT]
  • Malmö, Sweden: Crime City Rollers host a double header event [EVENT]
    • Crime City C (Cittens) versus Dock City Plan B (Gothenburg B) [FTS]
    • Crime City B (Big Cats) versus Queen Bees (Helsinki B) [FTS]
  • Luzern, Switzerland: the Hellveticats play 's Freiburg's Blockforest Roller Girls [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sunday, Antwerp, Belgium: One Love Roller Dolls host a double header against Namur [EVENT]
    • Antwerp A versus Namur A [FTS]
    • Antwerp B versus Namur B [FTS]
  • Sunday, Nancy, France: Wheel Spirit host Lausanne's Rolling Furies [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sunday, Orcet, France: Orcet Roller Derby Men play Mon Cherrry (Lyon) [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sunday, Gothenburg, Sweden: Gothenburg Roller Derby host a Fresh Meat / Try Derby event [EVENT]
  • Monday, Regensburg, Germany: Roller Derby Regensburg host a fresh meat recruitment day! [EVENT]


In Australia and New Zealand, it's relatively quiet, except for the New Zealand National tournament (the Top 10) finals, in Tauranga:

  • Friday, Newcastle, NSW, Australia: Newcastle Junior Roller Derby host an exciting Junior Derby bootcamp run by Quadzilla! [EVENT]
  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host a party to welcome the Hydra to Australia for the first time! [EVENT]
  • Tauranga, New Zealand: the New Zealand Top 10 is hosted here, [FTS Tournament][EVENT] featuring
    • Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington)
    • Auckland Roller Derby
    • Swamp City Roller Derby (Palmerston North)
    • Bay City Rollers (Napier)
    • Whakatane
    • Sulphur City Steam Rollers (Rotorua)
  • Tauranga, New Zealand: Aotearoa Roller Derby, and Team New Zealand Men's Roller Derby play off against each other [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia: Devil State Derby League host another of their open scrims [EVENT]
  • Sunday,  Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host a double-header junior derby event [EVENT]
    • Level 2 Junior bout
    • Level 3 Junior bout

Latin America

In Latin America, almost all the nations with derby have something on, even if it's a party, and there's a national teams event for Seleccion Argentinas, masculino and feminino!

  • Friday, Santiago, Chile: Terror S-Quad Roller Derby will play an open subscription team as part of their training for HARD [EVENT]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 2x4 Roller Derby are hosting a double header [EVENT]
    • Team C (2x4) versus Silver City Rollers (Buenos Aires - Chat Noir, Dinastía, Parias) [FTS?]
    • Team Osom (2x4 A) versus Las PiBas (2x4 B) [FTS]
  • Blumenau, Brasil: The Iron Ladies Roller Derby host their 4th recruitment day of the season [EVENT]
  • Metepec, Mexico: Atómicas Roller Derby host another home teams bout [EVENT]
  • Mexico City, Mexico: Mexico City Roller Derby host a 2 day bootcamp by none other than Rose City Rollers' Loren Mutch! [EVENT]
  • Lima, Peru: Toxic Lima Roller Derby host Intoxicate 2 - a party to celebrate the league's birthday [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Selección Argentina Roller Derby, and Selección Argentina de Roller Derby Masculino are playing a "demo" bout [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Jujuy, Argentina: Mortal Kollas Roller Derby holds a Heroes versus Villains fundraising bout [EVENT]

Africa and Middle East

There's no action in Africa or the Middle East we know of this weekend.