Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 2nd/3rd December Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts).  (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]


This weekend, the Scottish national team is away, but there's derby in Glasgow and Edinburgh:

  • Dalkeith: Lothian Derby Dolls host a double-header [EVENT]
    • Lothian Derby Dolls (Midlothian) versus Durham City Rolling Angels [FTS]
    • Fear and Lothian (Midlothian M) versus North East Beast (Scottish mixed team)
  • Glasgow: Mean City Roller Derby and Glasgow Roller Derby combine forces to host their Home Teams Finals [EVENT]
    • Mean Young Team versus City Fleeto (Mean City home teams)
    • Death Stars versus T Wrecks (Glasgow home teams final)


With December beginning, there's still derby happening, but many bouts are Christmas themed...:

  • Friday, Milton Keynes, England: The Concrete Cows hold their regular open-to-all mixed scrim [EVENT]
  • Friday, Oldham, England: Rainy City Roller Derby host their weekly series of new skater nights [EVENT]
  • Gillingham, England: the Apex Predators host Eastbourne's Bourne Bombshells for a bout [FTS][EVENT]
  • Gloucester, England: Severn Roller Torrent host a Christmas-themed scrim, alternating between "coed" (open to all), and "womens" (we assume WFTDA-standard policy) jams throughout the bout [EVENT]
  • Houghton Regis (Bedfordshire), England: Bedfordshire Roller Derby host a double header of bouts [EVENT]
    • Elves versus Reindeer (rookie bout)
    • Bedfordshire Roller Derby + Vendetta Vixens (Northampton) versus Oxford Roller Derby B
  • Oldham, England: the Knights of Oldham host their "December Double Header" [EVENT]
    • Knights of Oldham versus Chaos Engine (Manchester M, B) [FTS]
    • Air Raid Sirens (North Cheshire) versus Furies (Manchester F, B) [FTS]
  • Portsmouth, England: Portsmouth Roller Wenches host a double header [EVENT]
    • Portsmouth Roller Wenches A versus Bath City Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Portsmouth Roller Wenches B versus Southampton City Rollers [FTS]
  • (sat+sun) Cwmbran, Wales: Team Wales Roller Derby host the biggest UK-based National Teams event before the Roller Derby World Cup: Road to Manchester [EVENT] featuring 45minute round-robin for:
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Ireland
    • Norway
    • Scotland
    • Wales
  • Sunday, Blackpool, England: Blackpool Roller Derby host their Christmas Red versus Green Open "Coed" (Open to all) Scrim [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Manchester, England: Manchester Roller Derby host an open, mixed-level, "coed" (that is, open to all) scrim [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Rochester, England: Southern Coed Roller Derby (+ their m/f teams Weald Warriors and Apex Predators) host their regular Introduction to Roller Derby event [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Windsor, England: Flat Track Stats lists a bout between Royal Windsor B versus Dorset, but we have so far been unable to verify this. [FTS]


In Europe, the German, French and Austrian national tournaments continue, with the first ever Austrian Grand Final on Saturday!

  • Vienna, Austria: Vienna Roller Derby hosts the first ever Finals of the Austrian Championship, featuring all four Austrian teams together in one event for the first time. [EVENT]
    • Steelcity Rollers (Linz) versus Dust City Rollers (Graz) [FTS]
    • Vienna Roller Derby versus Fearless Bruisers (Innsbruck) [FTS]
  • Clermont-Ferrand, France: the Auver'niaks are one of many groups, sporting and otherwise, at the Bougnat Street Festival to demonstrate their sport. [EVENT]
  • (sat+sun) Mérignac, France: the All Blocks host the first set of French Nationale Division 1 bouts for this season, [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • DCCLM (Montpellier) versus Cannibal Marmots (Grenoble)
    • All Blocks (Mérignac) versus Bloody Skulls (Marseille)
    • Harpies Braqueuses (Pibrac) versus Blocka Nostra (Toulouse B)
    • DCCLM versus All Blocks
    • Cannibal Marmots versus Bloody Skulls
    • All Blocks versus Blocka Nostra
    • DCCLM versus Harpies Braqueuses
    • Bloody Skulls versus Blocka Nostra
  • Paris, France: La Boucherie de Paris host a double header event [EVENT]
    • La Carcasse (Boucherie C) versus Must'Hard (Dijon B) [FTS]
    • La Barbaque (Boucherie B) versus Burning Mussels (Le Havre) [FTS]
  • Mainz, Germany: the Maniac Monsters host the "Fight before Christmas" double header [EVENT]
    • Wreckoning (RollerGirls of the Apocalypse B) versus Brussels Derby Pixies B [FTS]
    • Night Terrors (RollerGirls of the Apocalypse A) versus Maniac Monster Mainz [FTS]
  • Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany: Sucker Punch Roller Girls host their fresh meat recruitment session... [EVENT]
  • Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany: ...followed by Sucker Punch Roller Girls hosting Potsdam's Prussian Fat Cats for a scrimmage [FTS?][EVENT]
  • Murcia, Spain: Rock 'n Roller Derby Murcia host Rayo B-lockers (Valencia B) [FTS][EVENT]
  • Sunday, Prague, Czech Republic: Prague City Roller Derby host the third edition of their traditional Christmas bout: Santa versus Grinch. The two teams face off to decide the fate of the festive period in an open-to-all scrimmage event. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Dunkerque, France: Roller Derby Dunkerque hosts a double header event [EVENT]
    • Sirènes Hurlantes (Dunkerque F) versus Gueuses de Pigalles (Paris) [FTS]
    • Sons of the Beatch (Dunkerque M) versus Croques-morts (Rouen M) [FTS]
  • Sunday, Saint-Gratien, France: Roller Derby Panthers host a double header [EVENT]
    • Panthers Miaou (B) versus Namur B [FTS]
    • Panthers Graou (A) versus Unnamed Bitches (exhibition) [FTS?]
  • Sunday, Dresden, Germany: Roller Derby Dresden hosts a double header [EVENT]
    • (Bundesliga Division 1) : Dresden Pioneers versus Bear City Roller Derby (Berlin) [FTS tournament]
    • "Coed" (Open to all) Scrimmage
  • Sunday, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam Roller Derby host their "Meet the Meat" event, a party to show off their newest skaters [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Nijmegen, Netherlands: Roller Derby Twente host a double header [EVENT]
    • Roller Derby Twente (Enschede) versus Freaky Mons'ter Ladies (Mons) [FTS]
    • Roadkill Rollers (Nijmegen) versus Black Sheep Honey Rollers (Middelburg) [FTS]
  • Sunday, Lausanne, Switzerland: the Rolling Furies host Chambéry's Chamber-Hyenes [FTS][EVENT]
  • Monday, Örebro, Sweden: Örebro Roller Derby host their next recruitment session - for prospective skaters, referees and NSOs [EVENT]


In Australia and New Zealand, it's relatively quiet, although New Zealand hosts both a National Teams bout, and the first ever outdoors bout in the country's history:

  • Friday, Tokyo, Japan: Kamikaze Badass Roller Derby, as always, host their practices open to new skaters on Friday, at the Tokyo Dome [EVENT].
  • Cessnock, NSW, Australia:  Maitland Roller Derby host an 18+ "Wheelie Naughty" Xmas home teams bout, with Bad Santas taking on Angel Slayers, with various adults-only entertainment including a burlesque show... [EVENT]
  • Toowoomba, QLD, Australia: Toowoomba City Rollers host a double header bout, with junior derby and open-to-all bouts: [EVENT]
    • Range Rascals (Toowoomba Juniors) versus Hornets (Gladstone PCYC Juniors)
    • Quad Squad (Toowoomba OTA) versus Haul Stars (Gladstone PCYC OTA)
  • Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand Men's Roller Derby host the third yearly Adam versus Eve event, as they once again face Vagine Regime Aotearoa on track [FTS?][EVENT]
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand: Swamp City Roller Derby host a charity bout (for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ) with a first - the first ever completely outdoor Roller Derby bout in New Zealand! For this event, the Itty Bitty Titties will be playing the Over Shoulder Boulders... [EVENT]
  • Wellington, New Zealand: Richter City Roller Derby celebrate 10 years of roller derby in Wellington with a double header on the day of their Home Teams Final. [EVENT]
    • Comic Slams play Brutal Pageant (home teams final)
    • Smash Malice (remaining home team) play West Coast Bombers (Whanganui)
  • Sunday, West Footscray, Victoria, Australia: West Side Derby Dollz host the first of three events in the Summer Slam "Amber Scrimmage" series. [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Okinawa, Japan: Devil Dog Derby Dames host their beginners training sessions [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok Roller Derby always host new skaters in their sunday training session [Facebook page]

Latin America

In Latin America, almost all the nations with derby have something on, including bootcamps and tournaments!

  • Friday, Mexico City, Mexico: the Aniquiladoras of Liga Roller Derby Ciudad de México host a party to celebrate their 4th birthday [EVENT]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: WonderClan Roller Derby host Sailor City Rollers for a double header [EVENT]
    • Sea Monsters (Sailor City C) versus CosmicClan (Wonderclan B) [FTS]
    • Tsunami Bombs (Sailor City B) versus WonderClan A [FTS]
  • Pachuca, Mexico: the Medusas host a cuadrangular tournament, with [FTS Tournament][EVENT] featuring
    • Medusas (Pachuca)
    • All Blacks (Mexico City)
    • Derby Witches (Pachuca)
    • Humuhumunukunukuapua Roller Derby (Mexico City)
  • Tampico-Madero, Mexico: Jaibronas Roller Derby host a bootcamp for mins-passed skaters, with instructors from Furiosas Roller Derby and Team Bastado Roller Derby [EVENT]
  • Tucumán, Argentina: Rayo Naranja Roller Derby host a bootcamp run by Buenos Aires' 2x4 Roller Derby [EVENT]
  • Viña del Mar, Chile: Tacones Banditos host El Culazo 2, the return of the international Latin American event, now featuring some WFTDA Sanctioned bouts, [EVENT] [FTS Tournament]
    • Metropolitan Roller Derby (Santiago, Chile)
    • Sailor City Rollers (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    • Sarcasticats (Mendoza, Argentina)
    • Tacones Banditos
  • Bogota, Colombia: Rock 'n Roller Queens host their "Quads Awards" end of year party [EVENT]

Africa and Middle East

There's no action in Africa or the Middle East we know of this weekend.


  • Sacramento, USA: Team Philippines Roller Derby play two scrimmages in two days, against Sacramento local teams, and Misery Loves Company [EVENT]