Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 11th/12th August Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]

(Note: we're especially likely to be missing items this week, as Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal has resulted in them turning off large parts of the services we use to automatically collate events for this article. We don't think we've missed too much, but...)

We're trying a new colour coding this week, to differentiate BOUTS from RECRUITMENTS and OPEN SCRIMs, and BOOTCAMPs.



The action in building up in Scotland this weekend, with an 8 team Sevens tournament in Dundee, and bootcamp in Edinburgh.
  • Fri, Aberdeen: Granite City Roller Derby invite you to a night at the Races as a fundraiser. [EVENT]
  • Dundee: The Dundee International Sports Centre hosts Krustfest, an Open-To-All Charity Sevens tournament raising funds for CLAN Cancer Support [EVENT]
  • Sun, Edinburgh: Auld Reekie Roller Girls' Summer Skate Skills series of mini-bootcamp training sessions starts with a session covering: Whips+Pushes, Skating in Pairs, Laterals and Laps [EVENT]

United Kingdom

It seems fairly quiet this weekend in the UK as a whole, with only a single bout fixture we know about.
  • Bradford, England: Rule56 hosts another of their Bite-sized Bootcamps - this one on Working In Walls. Open to All Genders, and Juniors friendly. [EVENT]
  • Harrogate, England: Spa Town Roller Derby host a double-header event, including men's derby. [EVENT]
    • Spa Town Roller Derby (Harrogate A) versus North Wales Roller Derby B ( ) [FTS]
    • Chaos Engine (Manchester MB) versus The World (open subs team)
    • [There's a Hull's Angels v Manchester bout in FTS, but we don't know where it goes...]
  • Sun, Middlesbrough, England: Teesside Skate Invaders are hosting a Sunday Open-To-All "Skatey Fun Time" - actually an open training session followed by open scrim [EVENT]
  • Sun. Sheffield, England: The Inhuman League host another of their Open To All, mixed ability Scrimmages. Also includes training session beforehand by Nuke and Uddz. [EVENT]
  • Wed, Sunderland, England: Sunderland Roller Derby League's weekly taster sessions for potential recruits continue. [EVENT]


Europe as a whole is also pretty quiet, except for the large number of recruitment events.
  • Wed+Sun, Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne, France: The Rabbit Skulls of Avignon's open training/recruitment continues! [EVENT]
  • Thurs+Mon, Nice, France: Nice Roller Derby's open recruitment series continues [EVENT]
  • Munich, Germany: Munich Rolling Rebels host a double header, including national teams action! [EVENT]
    • Municorns (Munich B) versus Breaking Bears (Berlin C) [FTS]
    • Team Germany versus Team Italy
  • Munster, Germany: Zombie Rollergirlz Münster are opening their doors to new recruits, with their open training/try derby day this month [EVENT]
  • Sun, Helsinki, Finland: Applications to join Helsinki Coast Quads Roller Derby (Helsinki's men's derby team) in any capacity close on Sunday. [EVENT Flyer]
  • Sun, Rostock, Germany: the Rebel Grrrlz of Rostock are holding this week's open training/tryout sessions for recruitment in a different venue to last week. [EVENT Flyer]
  • Sun, The Hague, Netherlands: Turn Left Roller Derby Shop's Miss Marcie is in The Hague, and it looks like Parliament of Pain are entertaining her! [EVENT]
  • Tue, Paris, France: Panam Squad's recruitment Tuesdays continue, for interested skaters of all genders. [EVENT]



Australia and New Zealand, by contrast, are keeping their autumn/winter season busy, with a large number of bouts across both countries.
  • Thurs, Trentham, New Zealand: Rimutaka Roller Derby host the signup day for their 8 week "intro to roller derby" course. Loan equipment available, open to all 16+ people. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Ipswich, QLD, Australia: the Guild of Roller Derby and SkateAway Bundamba co-host an intraleague bout [EVENT]
    • Dragons versus Vikings
  • Fri, Preston, VIC, Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host another Social Skate session in their weekly series of open skating events. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Wanganui, New Zealand: River City Rollers host a quiz night fundraiser [EVENT]
  • Auckland, New Zealand: Pirate City Rollers host an exciting double-header including a graduation game, and heading with New Zealand Top 10 game [FTS Tournament] [EVENT]
    • All Scars (Pirate City/Auckland A) versus Motley Crew (Sulphur City/Rotorua A) [Top 10 game]
    • Pirate City Graduands versus Sulphur City and friends Graduands
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia: the Coastal Assassins host their final home game of the season [EVENT]
    • Assassins (Coastal Assassins/Sunshine Coast A) versus Northern Brisbane Rollers [FTS]
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia: Sydney Roller Derby League host a double header of GLOW-themed intraleague derby. [EVENT]
    • Marrickville Sweatro versus Erko Bezerko
    • The Sydney Lockout versus The Inner City Bin Chickens
  • Sun, Penrith, NSW, Australia: Western Sydney Rollers host the second round of their home teams season [EVENT]
    • Rock Versus Disco
    • Home teams bout
  • Sun, Bairnsdale, VIC, Australia: Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby host the meet-and-greet for their Bairnsdale-located sessions for QuadFit. (We missed their Sale-located intake last week, for which we apologise). [EVENT]
  • Sun, Carrum Downs, VIC, Australia: South Sea Roller Derby host a "Derby and Chill" mixed level open scrimmage event and bout [EVENT]
    • Home teams bout
    • Low contact scrimmage
    • No Contact cscrimmage
  • Sun, Keysborough, VIC, Australia: Kingston City Rollers host another of their regular Mixer sessions - open scrimmage events with three levels of scrim [EVENT]
    • Non contact scrim
    • "Prebouting" scrim
    • Full contact Scrim
  • Sun, Melbourne, VIC, Australia: East Vic Roller Derby host their intake to both their Roller Derby freshmeat course, and their non-derby Quadfit course! [EVENT]
  • Sun, New Plymouth, New Zealand: Taranaki Roller Corps hold their recruitment day for new skaters who want to join the league [EVENT]
  • Tue, Thebarton, SA, Australia: Adelaide Roller Derby's "Fresh Meat Info Night" is open to interested potential skaters, referees, NSOs and commentators! [EVENT]

Latin America

We think we've found all the roller derby in Latin America, this weekend, but there's always a higher chance of us missing things here. Our principal action here is in Mexico, as this seasons' National Tournament begins with the first playoffs.
  • Fri, Santiago, Chile: Unión Subversiva Roller Derby are recruiting for new skaters - the signup closes on Friday, for training starting in September. [EVENT Flyer]
  • Monterrey, Mexico: Monterrey Roller Derby host the first of the Mexican Torneo Nactional Playoffs for 2018, in association with Asociación Mexicana de Roller Derby. We've written more about this National Tournament here. [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Medusaca (Pachuca A) versus Monterrey
    • Minervas (Guadalajara) versus Querétaro
    • [Quimeras (CDMX) and All-Star Juarez byes into second round of elimination bracket]
  • Sun, Berzategui, Argentina: Kamikazes Roller Derby host a double header event! [EVENT]
    • Alianza Rebelde versus Desalmadas [FTS]
    • Kamikazes versus The World / El Mundi
  • Sun, La Plata, Argentina: Silver City Roller Derby are holding a (first birthday) party, with a double header of bouts to celebrate. [EVENT]
    • Silver City (La Plata) versus Sea Monsters (Sailor City Rollers/Buenos Aires C) [FTS]
    • Morón Roller Derby versus Fawkes Roller Derby (Merlo) [FTS]
  • Sun, Neuquén, Argentina: The Hienas de la Calle are holding recruitment tryouts - signup by email ahead of time. [EVENT Flyer]
  • Wed, Monterrey, Mexico: After hosting the first AMRD Playoffs of the year, Monterrey Roller Derby host their recruitment for all genders of skaters [EVENT]


Africa and Middle East

We only know about the ongoing Pretoria-based FunSkates in this region this weekend.
  • Thurs, Pretoria, South Africa: P-Town Roller Derby's weekly funskate open-skating events continue, with the chance to meet+sign up with the team [EVENT]