Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 25th/26th August Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]

(Note: we're especially likely to be missing items this week, as Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal has resulted in them turning off large parts of the services we use to automatically collate events for this article. We don't think we've missed too much, but...)

We're trying a new colour coding this week, to differentiate BOUTS from RECRUITMENTS and OPEN SCRIMs, and BOOTCAMPs.



This weekend may be a little less busy for bouts - with only the single one in Dundee - but it's still packed with action in Scotland, with 2 bootcamps, and open scrims and recruitments!
  • Thurs, Dumbarton: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host Quad Meet sessions [6-10pm, Unit23 Skatepark][EVENT]
  • Dundee: Dundee Roller Derby host a single-header event [EVENT]
    • Bonnie Colliders (Dundee B) versus Mean City Roller Derby (Glasgow) [FTS]
  • Edinburgh: Lothian Derby Dolls and Fear & Lothian present an Open To All genders bootcamp, with min-skills skaters, referees and NSOs sections [EVENT]
  • Sun, Aberdeen: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host a Sunday Skate followed by a park skate outside [Transition Extreme Sports] [EVENT]
  • Sun, Dumbarton: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host all-ages coaching for Ramps and Bowls skating [10am-midday, Unit23 Skatepark?]
  • Sun, Edinburgh: Auld Reekie Roller Girls' Summer Skate Skills series returns for another session, this one covering: Backwards skating, transitioning (180 and 360˚), edgework and balance, weaving (through cones), and laps. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Livingston: New Town Roller Girls host an open scrimmage against New Town, under WFTDA gender policy. (Referees and NSOs also welcome) [EVENT] Cancelled.
  • Mon, Perth: Fair City Rollers host their new skater intake for the year, including a chance to try out the sport in advance. [EVENT]
  • Tues, Aberdeen: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host a regular Quad Meet (Transition Extreme) [EVENT]

United Kingdom

Everyone seems to be taking a break post the action last weekend, with those wanting to play derby all down in Halifax for Last Action Heroes!
  • Fri, London, England: London Rockin' Rollers present an 80s/90s themed Lipsync Battle event (apply in advance if you want to actually battle) [EVENT]
  • Leeds, England: Double Threat Skates is once again Up North, with their pop-up shop hosted by Leeds Roller Derby [EVENT]
  • Sun, Halifax, England: The annual action movie themed mashup tournament returns, with Last Action Heroes IV: Pivotal Clash bringing 4 Heroic (Katniss Everdeen, Sarah Connor, Brienne of Tarth and Inigo Montoya) and 4 Villainous (Voldemort, Hans Gruber, Maleficent and Jareth [King of the Goblins]) teams together to determine the victor! [EVENT]
  • Sun, Cardiff, Wales: Tiger Bay Brawlers support Pride with their annual open Pride Scrim (open to WFTDA-gender-policy) [EVENT]
  • Wed, Sunderland, England: Sunderland Roller Derby League host another of their open Taster Sessions for potential recruits [EVENT]


Europe as a whole is also pretty quiet, except for the large number of recruitment events - including in Estonia, where derby is growing, steadily. There's a bunch of other outreach events, and a massive bootcamp hosted in Erfurt, Germany, with something for literally every part of the derby community barring photographers! The only on-track public action we know about is in Germany + Sweden, however...
  • Thurs, Vienna, Austria: Vienna Roller Derby hosts their August recruitment day, open to all potential skaters, officials or other members of the league. Open to WFTDA-gender-policy (women, non-binary + gender-expansive) for skaters. [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Tartu, Estonia: Tartu Roller Derby host an open recruitment training session (also open for their newer Junior Derby team!) [EVENT]
    • Side note: there's also roller derby in Tallinn now, but we can't find a social media page for them...
  • Thurs+Tues, Marseille, France: Marseille Roller Derby Club's 4 "return for the new season" sessions continue. [EVENT]
  • Thurs-Sat, Narbonne, France: Head Hunters Roller Derby, and La Planche Narbonnaise, co-host an outreach event for anyone who likes doing things on wheels (skateboard or roller skates), over 3 "intense" evenings. [EVENT]
  • Thurs+Mon, Nice, France: Nice Roller Derby's ongoing recruitment and intro to derby evenings continue. [EVENT]
  • Thurs+Tues, Pibrac, France: Les Harpies Braqueuses host the final pair of workshops for those interested in trying out roller derby - as a skater or an official [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Hannover, Germany: Demolition Derby Dolls host their Rookie Day, open to all genders, and for people interested in skating, refereeing, NSOing or... [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Poznań, Poland: Bad Rangers Roller Derby will contributing skaters to the Zico Racing Night Skate event through the city! [EVENT]
  • Fri-Sun, Le Havre, France: Roller Derby Le Havre are at the FISE Xperience Sports event, with a booth and demonstrations. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Utrecht, Netherlands: The Hague's  Parliament of Pain (amongst presumably others) are attending Utrecht Skate Parade [EVENT]
  • Fri, A Coruña, Spain: Roller Derby Coruña Irmandiñas host the first of two "preseason" sessions on Fridays, for anyone interested to find out more. [EVENT]
  • Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki Roller Derby host an Open Skate, which is also a chance to sign up for their beginners' course (starting Sept) [EVENT]
  • Bordeaux, France: Roller Derby Bordeaux Club host their final Summer Session introduction to Roller Derby [EVENT]
  • Sat+Wed, Lille, France: Lille Roller Girls host their ongoing series of Recruitment / try derby sessions [EVENT]
  • Sat-Sun, Erfurt, Germany: Roller Derby Erfurt hosts a "Coed" (Open To All genders) bootcamp, with sessions for Skaters [coached by Munich Rolling Rebels' Bee A. Baracus and Frightengail], Referees [Roller Derby Dresden's ReFlex, Bembel Town Rollergirls' Hesskalation], NSOs [Frankfurt Roller Derby's Joe Care], Announcers [Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads' Val Kyria] and Bench Staff [Bembel Town Rollergirls' Real Axt]! [EVENT]
  • Ruhrpott, Germany: Ruhrpott Roller Girls host a single header [EVENT]
    • Ruhrpott Roller Girls B versus Holy Wheels Bad'Asses (Liége B) [FTS]
  • Cork, Ireland: Cork City Firebirds host a "Bring back the 90s" themed Table Quiz fundraiser [EVENT]
  • Galway, Ireland: Galway City Roller Derby host an open day for potential new recruits [EVENT]
  • Limerick, Ireland: Limerick Roller Derby host a "Superheroes versus Supervillains" Table Quiz fundraiser [EVENT]
  • Kraków, Poland: Smokin' Wheels Krakow Roller Derby host a joint training session with Vratislavia's MadChix, allowing participants to gain from the latters' experience! [EVENT]
  • Norrköping, Sweden: Norrköping Roller Derby start off the next season with a double header [EVENT]
    • Norrköping A versus The Royal Army (Royal Sweden / Stockholm A) [FTS]
    • Norrköping C versus The Royal Brigade (Royal Sweden / Stockholm C) [FTS]
  • Neuchâtel, Switzerland: The Devotchkas of Neuchâtel will have a stall and be demonstrating derby at Neuchâtel Sports Festival! [EVENT Flyer]
  • Sun+Wed, Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne, France: The Rabbit Skulls of Avignon host the last few dates of the recruitment series [EVENT]
  • Sun, Orléans, France: Orléans Roller Derby host the last of the their Summer Practice sessions [EVENT]
  • Sun, Hannover, Germany: Demolition Derby Dolls continue their busy week with an Open-To-All genders public scrimmage event [EVENT]
    • Demolition Derby Dolls (Hannover) + Friends versus Roller Derby Twente
  • Mon (+Thurs), Aix-en-Provence, France: Les Amazons of Pays d'Aix host two open days for potential recruits [EVENT]
  • Mon, Caen, France: Roller Derby Caen host the last of their three "intro to roller derby" sessions for potential new skaters. Sign up by form first! [EVENT]
  • Mon, Arnhem, Netherlands: Arnhem Fallen Angels host an Open Training session for potential new recruits [EVENT]
  • Mon-Wed, Las Palmas, Spain/Canary Islands: Las Palmas Roller Derby host a three-day "preseason" of open days for potential recruits [EVENT Flyer] (Sorry, the Canary Islands don't fit on our map!)
  • Tues, Caen, France: Caen Mixed Roller Derby host the first of two "initiation" sessions for interested potential recruits to get a taste of the sport. Open To All genders. [EVENT]
  • Wed, Hannover, Germany: Demolition Derby Dolls host a special recruitment/open day for potential Officials; meet DDD's officials and learn about their roles, and how they got involved! [EVENT]
  • Wed, A Coruña, Spain: Ahead of WFTDA Playoffs next weekend, Chicks in Bowls and As Brigantias Roller Derby host a Shred Session Meetup, to organise post-Playoffs Shredding... [EVENT]
  • Wed, Zaragoza, Spain: The Sicarias del Cierzo continue their Wednesroller open skate practice sessions [EVENT]




Australia and New Zealand are still busily bouting, with action across the Pacific. This weekend's huge tournament is Australia (and the World's) largest Mixed Gender Roller Derby Tournament, the United Roller Derby Playoffs.
  • Fri, Runaway Bay, QLD, Australia: East Coast Derby Dolls host an Open To All genders Black and White Scrim [EVENT]
  • Fri, Bairnsdale, VIC, Australia: The Bairnsdale sessions for Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby's intro to Roller Derby programme for female juniors (13 to 17) continues. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Preston, VIC, Australia: Victorian Roller Derby League host their regular Friday Open Skate for all skaters. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Tokyo, Japan: Kamikaze Badass Roller Derby Tokyo have regular training on Fridays, which new skaters are always welcome to [EVENT Flyer]
  • Canberra, ACT, Australia: Canberra Roller Derby League are hosting a watch party to support their VCBs across in Omaha for the first ever North America West WFTDA Continental Cup (see below). [EVENT]
  • Bateau Bay, NSW, Australia: Bruisers Roller Derby, Junior Roller Derby in Bateau Bay host a "Big Birthday Bout" to celebrate several team members' birthdays at once [EVENT]
    • Level 3 Junior Roller Derby Bout
    • Level 4 Junior Roller Derby Bout
    • Adult "Potluck" scrimmage
  • Runcorn, QLD, Australia: Sun State Roller Derby host their first ever "Derby Hounds Day Out", a dog-friendly day out event with games, competitions and plenty of food. [EVENT]
  • Urangan, QLD, Australia: The Red Hot Chilli Rollers (Hervey Bay Juniors) host a family skate day [EVENT]
  • North Hobart, TAS, Australia: Convict City Roller Derby League host the start of a 4 week course on Roller Dance, led by Carly Cakes. [EVENT]
  • Sat-Sun, Ascot Vale, VIC, Australia: Kingston City Rollers host the United Roller Derby Playoffs, 2018, Australia's huge mixed-gender roller derby tournament. [FTS tournament?][EVENT]
    • Division 2 teams:
      • Brisbane City Rollers
      • "CRASH - INCREDIBLE Ultimates"
      • Diamond Valley Roller Derby Club + Otway Derby Dolls
      • Gentlemen Rollers of Darwin
      • Gladstone PCYC Roller Derby
      • Kingston City Rollers
      • Light City Derby
      • United Roller Derby "Pot Luck" team
      • Perth Men's Derby
      • United Tasmania Roller Derby B
      • Victoria Men's Roller Derby B
      • WestSide Derby Wreckerz
    • Division 1 teams:
      • Brisbane City Rollers A
      • Light City Derby A
      • Trans and Gender Diverse - Gender Ending Story
      • United Tasmania Roller Derby A
      • Varsity Derby League
      • Victoria Men's Roller Derby A
  • Napier, New Zealand: Bay City Rollers host a a triple header event [EVENT]
    • Iron Maidens (Bay City / Napier A) versus Swamp City Roller Derby A (Palmerston North) [FTS]
    • Twisted Sisters (Bay City / Napier B) versus River City Rollers (Whanganui) [FTS]
    • Twisted Sisters versus Swamp City Hon. Mareikura (Palmerston North ?) [FTS]
  • Sun, Dee Why, NSW, Australia: Northern Beaches Roller Girls host a game for the very first time, and it's a double-header of friendly/scrim bouts! [EVENT]
    • Sirens (Northern Beaches A) versus Homicidolls (Murder City Roller Girls / X B)
    • Mixed intermediate-level "mini-scrim"
  • Sun, Sydney, NSW, Australia: South Side Derby Dolls host the 5th game in their Home Teams season today [EVENT]
    • Ewok'n'Rollers versus Resistance Rollers (home teams)
  • Sun, California Gully, VIC, Australia: Dragon City Roller Derby host the second round of their home teams season for this year [EVENT]
    • Slamurais versus Rolling Dead (home teams)
  • Sun, Albany, WA, Australia: Albany Roller Derby League continue their Sunday Skate Sessions open skating events [EVENT]
  • Sun, Waipapa, New Zealand: Peowhairangi Roller Derby League host a free taster session of their intro-to-skating course [EVENT]
  • Tues, Sale, VIC, Australia: Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby host the next Sale-hosted edition of their summer roller derby course for juniors (female, 13-17) [EVENT]
  • Tues, Okinawa, Japan: Devil Dog Derby Dames are hosting a blood drive with the Armed Services Blood Bank Centre at Kadena Air Base. [EVENT]
  • Wed, Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok Roller Derby have their regular training evening, which is always open to new skaters [EVENT Flyer]


Latin America

We think we've found all the roller derby in Latin America, this weekend, but there's always a higher chance of us missing things here. The action this weekend is centred in Mexico, as the second of the two Division 1 Playoffs hits Juárez!
  • Sat+Sun, Bariloche, Argentina: Huiñas Roller Derby seem to be doing some kind of pizza delivery fundraiser? [EVENT Flyer]
  • Sat-Sun, Juárez, Mexico: Medias Rotas Roller Derby host the second of the two Division 1 Playoffs for this year's Asociación Mexicana de Roller Derby National Tournament. We've written a bit more about this here. [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    •  Medias Rotas (Juárez) versus Baja Roller Derby (Baja California)
    • Discordias (EMEXRD A / Mexico City) versus Fugaz Roller Derby (Toluca + Mexico City)
    • MCRD (Mexico City) versus winner game 1.
    • División del Norte (Chihuahua) versus winner game 2.
    • Elimination bracket continues.
  • Morelia, Mexico: Las Amour Roller Derby play their first? public bout [EVENT]
    • Las Amour Roller Derby (Morelia) versus Felinas Roller Derby (León) [FTS]
  • Querétaro, Mexico: Querétaro Roller Derby host a recruitment day with a chance to try roller derby for potential recruits. [EVENT][EVENT]
  • Sun, Necochea, Argentina: Calacas Acidas Roller Derby host a double header event [EVENT]
    • Calacas Acidas (Necochea) + Royal C (MDQueens C / Mar del Plata) versus Brujas Roller Girls (Bahía Blanca)
    •  Mixed (open subscription) bout.
  • Wed, Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Atlántico Sur Roller Derby host a training session (always open to new skaters) [EVENT Flyer]



Africa and Middle East


As well as the ongoing Pretoria-based FunSkates in this region this weekend, Johannesburg hosts its own intake day for South Africa. In the Middle East, Dubai are continuing their practice sessions over Eid.... and in Tel Aviv, there's an exciting open public scrim!

  • Thurs, Pretoria, South Africa: P-Town Roller Derby's weekly funskate open-skating events continue, with the chance to meet+sign up with the team [EVENT]
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: Tel Aviv Derby Girls (Roller Derby Israel) are hosting a public scrimmage, featuring international guest skaters [EVENT]
    • Tel Aviv Black v White Scrimmage
  • Sat+Mon, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Roller Derby hold their usual practice sessions (which we think are open to interested new skaters, on prior request) during Eid [EVENT]
  • Sat?, Johannesburg, South Africa: Closed "Graduation Bout" for Golden City Rollers.
  • Sun, Johannesburg, South Africa: Golden City Rollers host an intake day for all interested skaters, officials or other members of their team [EVENT Flyer]


  • Fri-Sun,  Omaha, Nebraska, USA: Of interest to us because of the attendance of Canberra Roller Derby League's Vice City Rollers: Omaha Rollergirls host the first ever North America West WFTDA Continental Cup, WFTDA's new system for encouraging tournament play for non-Playoffs-ranked teams, across the world. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Canberra's VCRs have a bye into the second elimination round, and will play the winner of Jet City (Snohomish County) or No Coast (Lincoln, NE), Friday at 8PM (CDT) [Sat 2AM BST]
  • Sun, Omaha, Nebraska, USA: As part of the Continental Cup, there will be another WFTDA World Summit Satellite Event, giving everyone (WFTDA-members or not) a chance of talk to WFTDA leadership about the community. [EVENT]