Weekend Highlights: 22 September 2019

As usual when a Saturday is busy, we float the Sunday events over to a separate addendum. Sunday seems to be the preferred day for things in Latin America, with two events in Bogotá (including a collaboration exercise between 4 of the local leagues), one in Mexico, and the previously mentioned Patagonian bootcamp in run by Vendaval in Argentina.

The UK, meanwhile is full of bootcamps and mini-bootcamps for all those not at British Champs over the weekend...

The rules are, as usual: highlights limited to 1 event per country, with an "extra" event allowed for a different kind of fixture (so, 1 tournament and 1 bootcamp), or if they involve Scottish leagues (since we are the Scottish Roller Derby Blog). Other notability might also allow the extra event - great posters, notable teams, etc. (League birthdays may count as "special" enough, at our discretion ;) )

We've bent the rules a bit this time, because it's important to highlight derby in regions which need more attention, and because it's quiet enough that we have the space.

In a bid to make this list as useful as possible, we've avoided links to Facebook except where noted. (Links to Teams are to non-Facebook resources - Instagram, or actual team pages - we'd strongly recommend that Teams get themselves an actual webpage [we can help host one if you need help]).

Locations are roughly organised East-West (with things before the weekend out sequence at the start).

Map of all events (coded by type)

Sun: Ipswich, QLD, Australia


The Guild of Roller Derby host an open scrimmage for all interested skaters who don't want the Australian season to end just yet.

Event starts: 1100 Sunday

Venue: SkateAway Bundamba, 21 Agnes St, Ipswich, QLD, Australia

Sun: Preston, VIC, Australia


Victorian Roller Derby League D aren't letting their A team being away stop them playing, as they take on Geelong Roller Derby League in a single-header event.

  • VRDL Demons (Preston D) versus Bloody Marys (Geelong A)

Event starts: 1130 Sunday

Venue: 3 Stott St, Preston, VIC, Australia

Sun: Durham, UK


Durham City Rolling Angels host an open guest coaching session / mini-bootcamp run by Rainy City Roller Derby's Lily Gaskell and Fairy Quake. This session is open to all genders, and includes a "fun scrimmage" to close out.

Event starts: 1000 Sunday

Venue: Spectrum Leisure and Community, Hunwick Lane, Crook, Durham, United Kingdom

Sun: Oldham, UK


Meanwhile, the rest of Rainy City Roller Derby host a Pre-minimum skills bootcamp, aimed at helping you prepare for the WFTDA minimum skills assessment. Post-mins skaters also welcome if they want to brush up on their fundamentals.

Event starts: 1100 Sunday (registration 1030)

Venue: The Thunderdome, 51-53 King St, Oldham, UK

Sun: Madrid, Spain


The MadRiders , Madrid's MRDA team, host a mixed (in the sense of Open To All genders), open (in the sense of "everyone welcome") scrimmage. Schedule depends on the numbers signing up...

Event starts: 0900 Sunday

Venue: Avenida de los Rosales 135, Madrid, Spain

Sun: Bogotá, Colombia


Combativas Revoltosas , Central Derby DC, Kings Roller Derby and Vanguardia Roller Derby co-host a friendly "integration afternoon", which seems to be something like an open friendly scrimmage and time for coordination and collaboration between Bogotá's leagues.

Event starts: 1400 Sunday

Venue: Pista Polo Club, Calle 86-A #27, Bogotá, Colombia

Sun: Bogotá, Colombia


Rock N Roller Queens host the second edition of their "Burgerpalooza" fundraising events, which, as the name should have tipped you off on, are hamburger-themed/catered meeting events with raffles, games, and other entertainments. All attendees get a meat or veggie burger, drink and chips.

Event starts: 1300 Sunday

Venue: (secret location), Bogotá, Colombia

Sun: Comodoro Riviadavia, Chubut, Argentina


Vendaval Roller Derby host their first anniversary event: a bootcamp and collaborative event for the patagonian roller derby community, including an introduction to Short Track Roller Derby. More details in our article here.

Event starts: 0900 Sunday

Venue: Club In. Luis A. Huergo, Av. del Libertador 450, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina

Sun: Querétaro, Mexico


Rock City Roller Derby host a double-header of Mexican Roller Derby, with both of their teams taking on teams from Mexico City. The more interesting bout, perhaps, is the second, as we rarely see WFTDA-gender teams playing against MRDA-gender opponents.

  • Nymerias (Querétaro) versus Quadtlicues (CDMX | Mexico City)
  • Mexico City All-Stars WFTDA (MCRD | Mexico City) versus Crows (Querétaro M)

Event starts: 1100 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Av. de las Ciencias Sin Número Campus Juriquilla, Querétaro, Mexico