Weekend Highlights: 29 June 2019

This weekend's highlights are back to our two update format.

The rules are, as usual: highlights limited to 1 event per country, with an "extra" event allowed for a different kind of fixture (so, 1 tournament and 1 bootcamp), or if they involve Scottish leagues (since we are the Scottish Roller Derby Blog). Other notability might also allow the extra event - great posters, notable teams, etc. (League birthdays may count as "special" enough, at our discretion ;) )

We've broken our rule slightly for Germany this weekend, as it's important not to miss the Mine Monsters' birthday game, but also it's a good weekend for the German Bundesliga in Erfurt. And as usual there's so much stuff in France, we're giving them two entries for two two-day events...

There's also two firsts this weekend; the first ever Tasmanian Tournament kicks off in Australia, and the first ever Norwegian National Tournament (and Championship) is this weekend in Sadnes!

In a bid to make this list as useful as possible, we've avoided links to Facebook except where noted. (Links to Teams are to non-Facebook resources - Instagram, or actual team pages - we'd strongly recommend that Teams get themselves an actual webpage [we can help host one if you need help]).

Locations are roughly organised East-West (with things before the weekend out sequence at the start).

Map of all events (coded by type)

Sat: Tahuanui, New Zealand


Nelson Bays Roller Derby host a double header of New Zealand derby for their A and B teams!

  • Shipwreckers (Nelson Bay B) versus Timaru Derby Dames
  • Sirens of Smash (Nelson Bay A) versus Bonnie Brawlers (Dunedin Derby Z)

Event starts: 1630 Satuday (doors open)

Venue: Skate Nelson, Back Beach Road, Tahunanui, New Zealand

Sat: Wauchope, NSW, Australia


Port Macquarie Roller Derby League host a blocking bootcamp coached by Sydney Roller Derby League's PureNRG. As with most bootcamps, this will culminate in a scrimmage for attendees to practice what they've learnt.

Event starts: 1200 Saturday

Venue: Wauchope Indoor Stadium, Cameron St, Wauchope, NSW, Australia

Sat: Devonport, TAS, AUZ


Van Diemen Rollers host the first ever fixture in the new Tasmania Roller Derby Tournament for 2019! This new initiative is a 3 fixture tournament between the three leagues of the island, resulting in a champion by the middle of October.

  • Crooked Butchers (Van Diemen) versus Swiss Army Wives (Van Diemen)
  • Devil State Derby League (Launceton) versus Crooked Butchers (Van Diemen)

FTS is currently not tracking these, as Van Diemen's two "home teams" aren't tracked.

Event starts: 1630 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Devonport Basketball Stadium, Forbes Road, Devonport, TAS, Australia

Fri: Durban, South Africa


Durban Roller Derby follow in Cape Town's experimental footsteps, and host a scrimmage using Rolla Skate Club's Short Track Roller Derby rules, as part of the Durban Pride events!

  • Team Rainbow Ravens versus Team Glitter Crash-Hers

Event starts: 1900 Friday (doors open)

Venue: APN Portuguese Club, 5 Wright Place, Durban, South Africa

Wed-Fri: Mustvee, Estonia


Tartu Roller Derby and Eesti Roller Derby Liit host a three-day bootcamp on the shores of Lake Peipus, on the Estonian/Russian border. As we've previously advertised, this bootcamp will cover a host of different things, including officiating tracks, skating, Short Track Roller Derby and Roller Derby Sevens!

Event starts: 1700 Wednesday

Venue: Mustvee spordihoone, Narva 24, Mustvee, Estonia

Sat: Graz, Austria


Dust City Rollers host a return bout against Slovenia's finest from Roller Derby Ljubljana - they've never defeated the Slovenians, but maybe at home they can break this trend!

  • Dust City Rollers (Graz) versus Roller Derby Ljubljana

Event starts: 1500 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: SPORTUNION Steiermark, Gaußgasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria

Sat: Prague, Czech Republic


Hard Breaking Dolls , Prague's second Roller Derby league, host an exciting international game against Belgium's Blackland!

  • Hard Breaking Dolls (Prague) versus Blackland Rockin' K-Rollers (Charleroi)

Event starts: 1300 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Relax Třebešín, Hala VŠE , Na Třebešíně 1/3215, Prague, Czech Republic

Friday: Udine, Italy


The Banshees of Roller Derby Udine, are hosted as part of Sportiamo 2019, with a Roller Derby showcase to promote the sport. (Sportiamo is a multi-day Udine-based sporting event, featuring all the sports in the region - especially football and volleyball.) (The Banshees also have an open day on the Sunday to allow anyone excited by this showcase to join up.)

  • public Roller Derby exhibition scrimmage

Event starts: 2030 Friday

Venue: Via Carnia 12, Pavia di Udine UD, Italia

Sat: Erfurt, Germany


Roller Derby Erfurt host a triple-header of Roller Derby action, including not one, but two Bundesliga bouts!

  • Breaking Bears (Berlin C) versus Splatter Fairies (Marburg)
  • rocKArollers (Karlsruhe) versus Riot Rocketz (Leipzig) [Bundesliga D2]
  • Graveyard Queens (Köln/Cologne) versus Gargörlz (Erfurt) [Bundesliga D2]

Event starts: 1030 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, Erfurt, Germany

Sat-Sun: Oberhausen, Germany


The Mine Monsters of Oberhausen are celebrating their 4th birthday with a "co-ed" (by which they mean Open To All genders) bout against Nijmegens's Roadkill Rollers. We're also promised "a few surprises" along with this bout, so it's probably worth turning up just for that...

  • Mine Monsters OTA (Oberhausen) versus Roadkill Rollers OTA (Nijmegen)

Event starts: 1300 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Pflugbeilarena, Oberhausen, Germany

Fri-Sun: Sadnes, Norway


Oil City Rollers host the first ever Norwegian National Championship in history, as part of the NM-veka, a Norway sports wide broadcasting collaboration between the Norwegian national broadcaster (NRK), the Norwegian Olympic and Paralymic Committee and the Norwegian Confederation of Sports. The full schedule is not available at present, and we are promised a livestream of the event.

  • Teams:
    • Oslo Roller Derby
    • Nidaros Roller Derby (Trondheim)
    • Oil City Rollers (Stavanger)
    • Wet City Rollers (Bergen)

Event starts: 0900 Friday

Venue: Giskehallen, Jønningsheiveien 47, Sandnes, Norway (Fri-Sat) : Vågen idrettshall, Holbergs gate 23, Sandnes, Norway (Sun)

Sat: Antwerp, Belgium


Antwerp Roller Derby host the 2019 edition of their regular Summer Sur5al tournament. This will be a 14-team Open-To-All genders tournament, run as a round robin (for 91 games in total!). Teams are currently being announced, and, as expected given Antwerp's location, represent most of nearby countries!

  • 13-team round robin Sur5al

Event starts: 1030 Saturday

Venue: Sporthal De Rode Loop, 2 Rodeloop Straat, Merksem, Antwerpen, Belgium

Sat-Sun: Caen, France


Roller Derby Caen host the first ever "Bikin'it" Summer Tournament, featuring teams from nearby in France! This is a two-day event, for a 3 team round robin, and rookies bonus game, on the Saturday, and a picnic on the Sunday!

  • Saturday schedule
    • Caen rookies versus Rennes rookies
    • Pétroleuses (Caen B) versus Mortal Condate (Rennes B)
    • Mortal Condate versus Cherboobs (ASH)
    • Cherboobs versus Pétroleuses

Rookie bout not listed on FTS as it's not rateable

Event starts: 0945 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Halle Des Granges Rshc. 15 Rue du Carel, Caen, France

Sat-Sun: Toulouse, France


Roller Derby Toulouse host a two day event: on Saturday, a quadruple header featuring almost all of RDT's teams and a roller disco; on Sunday a whole Sur5al tournament!

  • Saturday:
    • Rainbow Furies (Toulouse C) versus Spring Blocks (Mérignac B)
    • Barons Cathares (Toulouse MB) versus LugdunHom (Lyon M)
    • Blocka Nostra (Toulouse B) versus Faux Soyeuses (Lyon A)
    • Nothing Toulouse (Toulouse A) versus Montignac & Friends
  • Sunday:
    • Sur5al tournament (all day)

Nothing Toulouse bout not in FTS as the opponents can't be rated

Event starts: 1130 Saturday (first bout)

Venue: Gymnase du Château de l'Hers, Chemin de Limayrac, Toulouse, France

Sat: Grangemouth, Scotland


Bairn City Rollers host the final fixtures of the British Championships Tier 2 North (MRDA-side). As we reported earlier , these two bouts are important for the teams in them, although they cannot change the promotion from this division.

  • Bairn City OTA (Falkirk/Stirling O) versus Inhuman League (Sheffield M)
  • Teesside Skate Invaders (Teeside M) versus Knights of Oldham (Oldham M)

Event starts: 1315 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Grangemouth Sports Complex, Abbots Road, Grangemouth, Scotland

Sat: Greystones, Ireland


Dublin Roller Derby host an exciting international Irish double header, as Scranton/Wilkes Barre's B team travel all the way over the Atlantic for some derby. This is also Dublin Pride weekend, and we believe that Dublin Roller Derby are planning to be part of the Parade as well.

  • Dublin B versus Low Rolling Deuces (Wilkes Barre B)
  • East Coast Cyclones (Wicklow) versus Low Rolling Deuces

Event starts: 1200 Saturday (doors open)

Venue: Shoreline Leisure Greystones, Mill Road, Greystones, Ireland

Sat: San Jose, Costa Rica


Dark Side Roller Derby host an open Introductory Workshop on Roller Derby, for the public and anyone interested in the sport.

Event starts: 1300 Saturday

Venue: Polideportivo Aranjuez, San Jose, Costa Rica

Sat: Curitiba, Brazil


Blue Jay Rollers host a Festa Junina (Brazilian traditional "midsummer" festival, except in midwinter) for all interested. The thing that interests us most is what we think is "target shooting" being advertised...

Event starts: 1600 Saturday

Venue: Alberto Bolliger, 120-Juvevê, Curitiba, Brazil

Sat: Neuquén, Argentina


Hienas de la Calle host a triple header event, as they host teams from Fiske Menuco and locally, as well as a Open To All black v white scrimmage.

  • Hienas de la Calle A (Neuquén) versus Mandragoras (Fiske Menuco/General Roca)
  • Hienas de la Calle B versus Malditas X (Neuquén)
  • OTA Gender Scrimmage

Event starts: 1600 Saturday

Venue: Gimnasio N° 1, Mengelle 2000, Cipolletti, Argentina

Sat: Queretaro, Mexico


Rock City Roller Derby host, with their usual exceptionally late notice, a triple header of Mexican derby. This is all Queretaro versus CDMX, with all three games pitting the two cities against each other at different levels.

  • Nymerias (Queretaro) versus Burdel Zombie (CDMX B?)
  • Crows (Queretaro M) versus Quimeras (CDMX)
  • Ravens (Queretaro B) versus Tekilleras (CDMX B)

Event starts: 1200 Saturday (first game)

Venue: UAQ Campus Juriquilla, Av. de las Ciencias Sin Número Campus Juriquilla Juriquilla, Queretaro, Mexico

Additionally, these events in North America are of interest due to the attendance of other teams:

Sat: Temecula, CA, USA


Wine Town Rollers host Baja California's Baja Roller Derby. Wine Town like having their bouts in the morning, which is a bit different to the situation in Europe, so this game starts at 0930, California time!

Event starts: 0930 Saturday

Venue: Margarita Community Park, 29119 Margarita Rd, Temecula, CA, USA