Glasgow Roller Girls-Halloween Double Header Bout Reports

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Glasgow Roller Girls held their annual Halloween bout recently,this one was a double header with the first bout between GRG's Maiden Grrders and Malmo Crime City Rollers

Photo by Aoanla

You can read the report of this hard fought bout here as well as pictures and video,all the work of Aoanla.

The second bout of the day was between GRG's Irn Bruisers and the Rainy City Roller Girls.

Photo by Aoanla Once again you can read the bout report and view pictures and video by Aoanla

All bout reports,photographs and video are the work of Aoanla,from his blog,Ante Ortus A Novus Lumen Ars.

Glasgow Roller Girls-80's Fundraiser Night

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Glasgow Roller Girls proudly present an 80's themed fundraiser night at the Garnethill Multicultural Centre on Saturday the 19th of November. Bring your own beer,big hair,Ray-Ban Wayfarer's,Bermuda Bags and puffy sleeves are optional!

Team USA-Roller Derby World Cup 2011

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Team USA logo designed by Dani Kaulakis used with permission

Team USA like Team Canada are without doubt one of the main contenders to win the World Cup.They have a stellar line up,masses of experience and are Derby heroes to many skaters all over the world.

Team Roster.. Urrk'n Jerk'n,Amanda Jamitinya,Psycho Babble,DeRanged and Frida Beater(Co Captain)-Rocky Mountain Roller Girls Donna Matrix,Fisti Cuffs,Suzy Hotrod(Co Captain),Bonnie Thunders and Sexy Slaydie-Gotham Girls Roller Derby Atomatrix,Sassy and Tannibal Lector-Oly Rollers Smarty Pants-(Asst Captain)Texas Roller Girls Medusa and Juke Boxx-Minnesota Roller Girls Snot Rocket Science-Steel City Derby Demons Soulfearic Acid and White Flight-Rose City Rollers Varla Vendetta-Windy City Rollers Teflon Donna and Shenita Stretcher-Philly Roller Girls Little A-Tampa Bay Derby Darlin's Tracy "Disco" Akers and Heather Juska-Denver Roller Dolls Joy Collision(Captain)-Charm City Roller Girls V Diva-Dutchland Derby Rollers Claire D.Way-Boston Derby Dames

Head Coach-Buster Cheatin'-Gotham Girls Roller Derby Asst Coach-Bonnie D.Stroir-San Diego Deby Dolls Manager-"Endless" Justin Campoy-Gotham Girls Roller Derby Manager-Vivien LeighEmOut-A'Salt Creek Roller Girls/Missile Mountain Roller Derby

Team USA will play no warm up bouts other than a 14 on 14,Stars V Stripes expo bout in Toronto the night before the World Cup starts.They only have two team practices scheduled,but such is the calibre of their skaters they probably don't need much time to gel as a team. The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that there is no final, set in stone game roster.Instead Team USA have a team roster of 28 players with 6 alternates from which to chose a final team,but quite frankly,you could pick twenty skaters at random from that line up and still have a world class squad.The only real problem for USA team selection is that many of their skaters will be taking part in the 2011 WFTDA Championships.Any injuries picked up during the Championships could rule out skaters for the World Cup which is only two weeks later.

Bout report: FCR Fear Maidens vs FVRG Parma Violents 30/10/11

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Post-match celebrations for the Fear Maidens and Parma Violents

Fair City Rollers bout team, the Fear Maidens, travelled to Grangemouth to take on Fierce Valley Roller Girls' Parma Violents in Candy Jam.

It was the first ever bout for the Fierce Valley league, which will turn one later this month. And with family and friends watching - the bout was closed to the public - they showed how far they have come in a short time.

Both sides got into the Hallowe'en spirit for the skate out, with costumes, masks and facepaints. The Parma Violents even used Michael Jackson's Thriller as their skate out song.

It was soon down to action, with the two teams lining up for the first jam. Captain for the Maidens, Ninja Knickers took on jammer duties.

And right from the start, both sides fought hard to win the game.

The Fear Maidens were dealt a blow early on, when long-serving member Van Damn was sidelined after going down in the second jam of the bout. A trip to the hospital after the bout - she stayed to the end to cheer for her teammates - revealed she suffered a chipped bone in her ankle.

However, the Maidens didn't let that stop them, and they fought hard, staying ahead for the whole 60 minutes.

At halftime the score was 97 - 24 in favour of the visitors.

The Parma Violents never let their heads drop, even when the gap between points was more than 70. They continued to hit hard, making the most of power jams to rack up more points. It was only towards the end that the effects of the hard hits from the Fear Maidens started to show.

Just a few minutes from the final whistle, the FM found themselves another player down when Tenacious Dee was ejected from the bout for taking out an opposing player in what was described afterwards as a "Superman move". But by that point, the Perth team had the result in the bag.

If that's what the Parma Violents are like in their first bout, a year from now they could be pretty much unstoppable! Definitely a team to keep an eye on.

And the Fear Maidens continue to go from strength to strength. In under four weeks they will go head to head with Dundee Rollers Girls' Silvery Tayzers at Pivots of the Caribbean.

Final score - Fear Maidens 170, Parma Violents 55.

Best Jammers - Teenie Bash (FM), Zombette (PV)

Best Blockers - Terrifying Tink (FM), Calamity Jen (PV)

MVPs - Jill Antonic (FM), Fun Ghoul (PV)

Photo used with the kind permission of

Dundee Roller Girls Vs Fair City Rollers

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Perth's Fair City Rollers travel to Dundee in November for one of the most exciting rematches this year. Almost a year to the date since these two teams last met,  massive crowd gathered at the Bell's Sports Centre in Perth for one of Tayside's most hotly anticipated games. Both teams brought their 'A Game' that day, but the Dundee Roller Girls (previously Dundee Destroyers) got their first win and came out on top to beat the Fear Maidens with an impressive score of  161 - 80.

Both teams have undergone some radical changes from players to team names but one thing is for sure, both teams have grown so much since their first meeting, that this game is set to be the rematch of the year!

Dundee Roller Girls

A Cabaret Night Fundraiser

Be thrilled, dazzled and wowed as Fierce Valley Roller Girls entertain you with a fabulous Cabaret Night, compered by a top comedian from the Edinburgh comedy circuit.

Tickets are available online at the bargain price of £7, with a limited number available on the door for £8.

Cabaret Night poster, designed by Claire Fotheringham

So what's it all in aid of?

Proceeds from the Cabaret Night will help the league raise vital funds to cover training costs; raise their public profile to attract new skaters; and help their team, Parma Violents, compete in bouts all over the country.

This is an extra special fundraiser where FVRG will also donate a slice of the profits to help our Scottish referees - Ella Bella Bang Bang and Cherry Fury - get to the Blood & Thunder World Cup in Toronto.

To keep up with the latest Cabaret Night news or to be tempted by the fabulous raffle prizes on offer, take a look at the Facebook Event page.

Glasgow Roller Girls-Home Team Final-12/11/11

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Glasgow Roller Girls present the grand final of their Home Team bouts on Saturday the 12th of November.The action kicks off at 1pm at The Arc,Cowcaddens Road,Glasgow.Entry is £6 and under 14's go free.Get there for the doors opening at 12:30 as this will be a busy one. The Death Stars are defending their championship crown from the Bad Omens,so it's going to be an exciting bout.

Image courtesy of Glasgow Roller Girls

Dundee Roller Girls Open Day

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Dundee Roller Girls are having a taster session in the form of an Open Day available to the public. This free, public event is at the Dundee International Sports Centre (DISC), Mains Loan, Dundee between 1 pm and 4 pm and everyone is welcome.

Dundee Roller Girls You can experience the speed and action of the sport in demo bouts, have a go in a taster training session and watch the Silvery Tayzers in match action on video. There will be derby players from around Scotland on hand to introduce you to the fun, explain the rules and show you the equipment you will need to get started. Stalls selling derby related items and a bake sale complete the programme.

Dundee Roller Girls are an all female team and you need to be at least 18 years of age to join.

Dolly Rockit Rollers Vs Granite City Roller Girls-5/11/11

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Granite City Roller Girls head down south for a Bonfire Night bout against Leicester's finest,the Dolly Rockit Rollers. Despite only being formed as recently as January 2010,DRR have come a very long way in such a short space of time,playing bouts against the likes of the Birmingham Blitz Dames,Wakey Wheeled Cats and Romsey Town Rollerbillies.They also have the distinction of having not one,but two skaters called up to national teams involved in the 2011 World Cup...Rogue Runner for Team England and Holly Sheet for Team Ireland This bout should be interesting as it's a rematch.DDR played GCRG around the same time of year back in 2010,that bout ended in a win for DRR,by a pretty narrow margin of 26 points,both teams have grown in experience since then and GCRG will be hungry for a win. The bout takes place at the Parklands Leisure Centre,Leicester,5th of November,doors open at 1pm,first bout at 1:30pm.In addition to the main event of DRR versus GCRG,there will also be a warm up bout with teams made up from several leagues,skaters from Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, Hellfire Harlots, Middlesborough Milk Rollers, Evolution Rollergirls, Romsey Town Rollergirls, Granite City Rollergirls and Dolly Rockit Rollers will all be taking part.

Monthly Diary of a League: Nasty Nessies in October: Irn-Bruzer

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In the first of a monthly series covering the progress of Scotland's newest league, Nasty Nessies Roller Girls, we have their committee's choice for interviewee, chair Irn-Bruzer. Nasty Nessies are based in Inverness, and have a strong team-based administration. They advertise that they have members of all shapes and sizes, but every one of them is full of determination... Nasty Nessies Chair Irn-Bruzer
How did you first encounter roller derby? What was it about you that attracted you to it?
I have always enjoyed skating (I used to be an inliner, ssshhhh) then of course I watched Whip-it and was hooked! A friend mentioned it may be coming to Inverness and I made sure I was joining up! I love the speed and contact part as it’s a great way to let off steam and stress. I love being part of something alternative and the great team spirit.

What was the biggest initial difficulty you faced when just starting out?

The only difficulty I found was to afford the kit to start, but now I have it, it’s full steam ahead!!

How have you gotten the word out about your new league?

My friends and family think I’m mad, but to be honest, that’s no surprise to them! We have been talking to everyone we meet and shouting from the rooftops about the team and the sport in general. We have posters up around town and had great feedback, also I am a devil on Facebook, I add everyone and send them messages promoting us.

What's the most important thing you've learnt this month?

Probably the most important thing has been to make sure we all work as a team and communicate thoroughly. Deal with any issues that arise and listen to my derby sisters. I'm part of a strong team, not the leader!

And the most difficult and the best?

The most difficult thing has to be bloody T-stops, I still can't do them properly; I prefer hocky stops or plows. The best thing? Amazing myself by doing speed trials: my lap time is 10.2 seconds a lap! Also, I love jumping over my derby-wife!

Finally, who's up for next month?

It can't be anyone else but my derby-wife. . . . .Black Death!!

In a regular part of this feature, we'll also be catching up with what NNRG have been up to since the last update. In the past month, as well as starting this series on the blog, Nasty Nessies have continued to progress towards passing their mins, had the essential headshot photos taken, met more of the UK roller derby establishment when Rollin' News' Mr X visited, and gotten an article in the local press. In a month's time, we'll return and see what they've gotten up to since.
Probably conquering Europe at this rate!