Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup:7th/8th July Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]

(Note: we're especially likely to be missing items this week, as Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal has resulted in them turning off large parts of the services we use to automatically collate events for this article. We don't think we've missed too much, but...)

We're trying a new colour coding this week, to differentiate BOUTS from RECRUITMENTS and OPEN SCRIMs, and BOOTCAMPs.



The big event in Scotland this weekend is the return of Auld Reekie's School of ARRG Knocks bootcamp series.
  • Edinburgh: Auld Reekie Roller Girls/Derby host their School of ARRG Knocks "New Beginnings" bootcamp, a just-post-mins bootcamp event run by multiple Auld Reekie + Team Scotland skaters, including Sharlotte Patterson and Bangers![EVENT]
  • Inverness: Inverness City Roller Derby host their next quiz night, this one with a RuPaul's Drag Race theme [EVENT]

United Kingdom

British Champs continues to provide a good chunk of the bouts this weekend, but there's a lot of other roller derby events, including double headers, bootcamps (including Junior derby bootcamps), and recruitments.
  • Thurs, Middlesbrough, England: Middlesbrough Roller Derby start their series of open training sessions for July. Open to mins-passed skaters, WFTDA-gender-policy. [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Stoke-on-Trent, England: Stoke City Rollers host their next intake for new skaters (no event) [Sign up webpage]
  • Fri, Leeds, England: The Works Skatepark hosts a non-derby-specific Skate Maintenance Skills workshop! [EVENT]
  • Fri, London, England: Bermondsey Open Skate host another open skating session - open to all levels (even pre-mins) [EVENT]
  • Cambridge, England: Cambridge Rollerbillies host Battle of the Bands, a "pre-mins games day" aimed at building on derby skills (without playing Roller Derby itself). This event is Open To All genders. [EVENT]
  • Hereford, England: Hereford Poison Berries Junior Roller Derby, and The Core Skate Hereford, host a fundraising Roller Disco, raising funds for Team GB Junior Roller Derby at the JRDA World Cup. [EVENT]
  • Lincoln, England: Lincolnshire Bombinos, Lincolnshire Bombers' Junior team, host a special JRDA Level 2/3 bootcamp with Toots, Team GB Junior Roller Derby head coach. (This is also a fundraiser for Team GB Juniors) [EVENT]
  • Liverpool, England: Liverpool Roller Birds host the next fixtures in the British Champs Tier 1 [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Central City Roller Derby (Birmingham) versus Glasgow Roller Derby
    • Central City Roller Derby versus Liverpool Roller Birds
  • Mansfield, England: Mansfield Roller Derby host a double header of roller derby [EVENT]
    • "MRDA-aligned" Mixed Scrim
    • Mansfield Roller Derby versus Wolverhampton Honour Rollers [FTS]
  • Middlesbrough, England: Teeside Skate Invaders host an Open To All open training and scrim event [EVENT]
  • Milton Keynes, England: Rebellion Roller Derby host a self-described "Get Your Creep On" fundraising evening [EVENT]
  • Neath Port Talbot, England: Bridgend Roller Derby host the final fixtures in the British Championships Tier 4 South. (Plymouth have an unassailable place at the top of the table, but these bouts will decide the very competitive lower part). [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Plymouth City Roller Derby versus Oxford Wheels of Gory
    • Eastbourne Roller Derby versus Bridgend Roller Derby
  • Spennymoor, England: Durham Roller Derby are at the Spennymoor Town Gala with a stall, merch and chance for interested people to sign up! [EVENT]
  • Sun, Hawkwell, England: The Seaside Sirens Roller Girls are holding a recruitment day for skaters, officials, and anyone else who wants to join their league! [EVENT]
  • Sun, Hemel Hempstead, England: Hell's Belles Roller Derby host the British Champs Tier 3 South [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Hell's Belles Roller Derby (Hertfordshire) versus Dorset Roller Girls
    • Killa Hurtz Roller Derby (Chelmsford) versus Wiltshire Roller Derby
  • Sun, Herne Bay, England: Kent Roller Girls host a "free open day" for anyone interested in trying out the sport - and seeing it played in a demonstration scrimmage too [EVENT]
  • Sun, Oxford, England: Oxford Wheels of Gory host a Roller Dance workshop run by Leeds' Jerry Attric as some useful cross-skills-training for Derby. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Sheffield, England: Sheffield Steel Rollergirls host their new intake of skaters! [EVENT]
  • Sun, York, England: York Minxters host the British Champs Tier 4 East's final fixtures. With Suffolk unassailable at the top of the table, these bouts will determine places 2 through 5. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Vendetta Vixens (Northampton) versus Deathrow Hull
    • York Minxters versus Grim Reavers (Grimsby)
  • Sun, Penarth, Wales: South Wales Silures host another of their open-to-all scrimmages, for all mins-passed skaters [EVENT]
  • Mon, Coventry, England: Coventry Roller Derby host their monthly Open-To-All scrimmage for all mins-passed skaters [EVENT]


Whilst there's still a lot of derby happening in France, its Germany which has the most events this weekend, including two Bundesliga fixtures - and Sweden and Finland both host the finals of their 2018 National Championship seasons.
  • all week, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Roller Derby Ljubljana are running their Summer Of Skate event, encouraging and promoting all skating things they're tagged with (with #rdljsummerofskate ) for the summer. [EVENT Flyer]
  • Thurs + Sun + Tues, Lille, France: Roller Derby Lille host more fixtures in their open training series, for interested skaters to try derby and potentially sign up. [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Paris, France: La Boucherie de Paris' beginners sessions in roller derby also continue. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki Coast Quads, the men's league in Helsinki, are celebrating their 1st birthday with an open training session, and a get together party [EVENT]
  • Fri +Mon, Rimini, Italy: The Stray Bees are holding open training, for anyone who wants to come and try roller derby too, "on the beach" for the summer. [EVENT]
  • Fri, Udine, Italy: the Banshees - Roller Derby Bassa Friulana hold their 4th birthday party with a really big meal out, to which all supporters are invited (if they announce in advance). [EVENT]
  • Fri-Sat, Arnhem, Netherlands: Arnhem Fallen Angels are attending the Roller Disco  events as part of the World Championships in Inline Skating and WC freestyle ![EVENT]
  • Vantaa, Finland: Kallio Rolling Rainbow host the finals of the 2018 Suomi Cup [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Oulu Roller Derby versus Kallio Rolling Rainbow B
    • Tampere Roller Derby versus Helsinki Roller Derby B
    • Helsinki Ice Skating Academy Demo
    • Final (winners of first two games)
  • Sat-Sun, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France: Lutèce Destroyeuses host the fourth Summer Games event, a two-day derby experience [EVENT]
    • Sat:
      • Rotterdam Killer Bees (Rotterdam B) versus La Rochelle [FTS]
      • P'tites Frappes (Lutèce B) versus Rotterdam Killer Bees [FTS]
      • Rookies/Canailles (Lutèce C) versus Les Faucheuses (Rouen B) [FTS]
      • P'tites Frappes versus La Rochelle [FTS]
    • Sun:
      • Recruitment session for new skaters! [EVENT]
      • Lutèce A versus UB (exhibition open subs team)
  • Sat+Tues, Paris, France: Panam Squad are hosting Open Training / Recruitment all summer for interested skaters. Open to MRDA-gender-policy conforming skaters, as Panam Squad are an MRDA league. Kit loan available with 2 days notice. [EVENT]
  • Sat-Sun, Bamberg, Germany: Smoky Beerings Roller Derby, in collaboration with Chicks in Bowls Bamberg, host "Derby Meets Ramp", a two day cross-discipline event [EVENT]
    • Sat: roller derby bootcamp, Open To All genders and levels of experience (including pre-mins).
    • Sun: group skatepark event on the ramps [EVENT]
  • Bremen, Germany: Meatgrinders Bremen are hosting their "Sommerfest" [EVENT]
    • 2 scrimmages
    • Rollerdisco
    • Live music
  • Hamberg, Germany: The Millerntor Gallery hosts an exciting workshop by Vienna Fearleaders, covering both the physical and philosophical aspects of being Vienna Roller Derby's premier fearleading performers [EVENT]
  • Karlsruhe, Germany: Roller Derby Karlsruhe host a Bundesliga Div 2 bout [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • RocKArollers (Karlsruhe) versus Zombie Rollergirlz (Münster) [Bundesliga Div 2]
  • Stuttgart, Germany: Stuttgart Valley Roller Derby host a Bundesliga Division 1 bout [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Stuttgart Valley Roller Derby versus Munich Dynamite [Bundesliga Div 1]
  • Cork, Ireland: Cork City Firebirds host the next of the Optimus Grime Brutecamp bootcamp events. Open to skaters with 3+ bout experience [EVENT]
  • Bologna, Italy: The Bone-Crushing Hyenas are hosting a "simulation"/demonstration of Roller Derby with the Bone Choppers of Firenze. This is hosted as part of Mondiali Antirazzisti "World Antiracism Cup". [EVENT]
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands: Turn Left Roller Derby Shop, and Chicks in Bowls Netherlands, host a pizza and skatepark evening! [EVENT]
  • Madrid, Spain: Roller Derby Madrid is hosting a double header for Pride [EVENT]
    • Plumas versus Látigos (Feathers versus Whips) mashup exhib bout/scrimmage
    • Roller Derby Madrid A versus Vagine Regime [FTS?]
  • Sat-Sun, Helsingborg, Sweden: The Helltown Hellcats host the finals of the Swedish Nationals 2018, although the only reference seems to be a flyer, with no Facebook event in evidence... [FTS Tournament][EVENT Flyer]
    • Crime City Rollers (Malmö) versus Luleå Roller Derby
    • Norrköping Roller Derby versus Stockholm B
    • 3rd Place + Finals bouts
  • Sun + Wed, Avignon, France: The Rabbit Skulls host their summer open training sessions - open for interested new skaters. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Lille, France: Roller Derby Lille host a combined skaters and referees bootcamp, coached by Thor Tank and Charrin, of Barbiers de Sévices for skaters; and Moustache Gracias (Barbiers de Sévices) and Roger (Roller Derby Lille) for referees. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Sigean, France: Head Hunters Roller Derby Narbonne host a double header of roller derby (oddly, the event on Facebook is not owned by their team page) [EVENT]
    • Head Hunters (Narbonne A) versus Pibrac A [FTS]
    • Narbonne mixed-gender team versus Avignon/Montpellier mixed-gender team
  • Sun, Cologne, Germany: Roller Derby Cologne is representing at the Christopher Street Day (the Central European name for Pride) parade [EVENT]
  • Wed, Rouen, France: Les Veuves Noires and Les Croque-Morts host their second intake session for new skaters [EVENT]


There's quite a bit of derby in the Pacific this weekend, with Skate Victoria's Junior Roller Derby "Nationals", and a "Lightning Format" tournament which sounds terrifying down in Carrum Downs on Sunday.
  • Thurs, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia: Tweed Valley Rollers host their new skater intake for anyone wanting to join the team [EVENT]
  • Canberra, ACT, Australia: Canberra Roller Derby League host a Lets Get Trivial fundraiser to support the potential WFTDA-playoffs hopes of their travel team. [EVENT]
  • Newcastle, NSW, Australia: Newcastle Roller Derby League host another game in their home teams series [EVENT]
    • Bogey Rollers versus Harbour Hellcats
  • Darwin, NT, Australia: Darwin Roller Girls host a fundraising Roller Disco, with a masquerade theme [EVENT]
  • Ipswich, QLD, Australia: The Guild of Roller Derby host their next home teams game [EVENT]
    • Vikings versus Dragons
  • Mansfield, QLD, Australia: World Skate (the rebranding of FIRS) starts its training sessions, presumably aimed at the FIRS World Skating events. [EVENT]
  • Sat-Sun, Bendigo, VIC, Australia: Skate Victoria host the Skate Victoria Junior Roller Derby Nationals, a 3 division junior derby tournament [EVENT] teams competing:
    • Victorian Roller Derby SmAll Stars
    • Cradle Coast Junior Rollers (Tasmania)
    • Hobart Junior Roller Derby
    • SEMR
  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Victorian Men's Roller Derby host a closed bout against The Scartel (Brisbane M) [EVENT note]
  • Levin, New Zealand: Whenua Fatales Roller Derby host a double header event [EVENT]
    • Whenua Fatales (Levin) versus Northland Nightmares Hell Wives (Whangarei) [FTS]
    • Quiet Riot (exhibition team) versus Night Furyz (exhibition team)
  • Mount Maunganui, New Zealand: Moana Roller Derby host their Annual Quiz Night Fundraiser, this year with a Great Gatsby theme [EVENT]
  • Whanganui, New Zealand: River City Rollers host a double header event, with no actual Facebook event, just a flyer [EVENT flyer]
    • Juniors game
    • River City Rollers (Whanganui) versus Bay City Rollers (Hawke's Bay) [FTS]
  • Sun, Carrum Downs, VIC, Australia: South Sea Roller Derby host a "Rainbow Lightning" format tournament. (8 skaters per team, 8 teams, single "10 minute continuous jam" per bout!) Three round Swiss system tournament, which is v exciting too!  This event raises funds for headspace Frankston, a local service supporting LGBTQA+ youth. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Keysborough, VIC, Australia: Kingston City Rollers host their Learn Try Join evening for people wanting to find out more about their local roller derby league. Open To All genders. [EVENT]

Latin America

We think we've found all the roller derby in Latin America, this weekend, but there's always a higher chance of us missing things here. Please let us know if we have! This weekend is dominated by 2x4 Roller Derby's 6th Torneo Violentango, but there's also events in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico!
  • all week, Veracruz, Mexico: Roller Derby Veracruz are part of the Roller Skate Summer Camp two-week event, including Roller Derby on the 5th (Thursday). [EVENT Flyer]
  • Fri, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina: Independencia Roller Derby host an open subscription black v white scrimmage, to promote the sport. This is a monthly event. [EVENT]
  • Sat-Mon, Buenos Aires, Argentina: 2x4 Roller Derby host the 6th Torneo Violentango, for this edition, a B- and C- division tournament with teams across Argentina and Uruguay. We've written up a quick intro here for those interested. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • B tier:
      • Las Pibas (2x4/Buenos Aires B)
      • Alianza Rebelde (La Plata)
      • Mandrágoras ROller Derby (General Roca)
      • Wonderclan (Buenos Aires Norte)
      • MDQueens (Mar del Plata)
      • Desalmadas Roller Derby (Piñero, Buenos Aires)
    • C tier:
      • Team C (2x4/Buenos Aires C)
      • Fawkes Roller Derby (Merlo, Buenos Aires)
      • Morón Roller Derby (Morón, Buenos Aires)
      • Sarcásticats Roller Derby (Mendoza)
      • Atomic Bombs Roller Derby (Lanús, Buenos Aires)
      • Centellas Rayo Naranja (San Miguel de Tucumán)
      • Hienas de Calle (Neuquén)
      • Párjaros Pintados (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • São Paulo, Brazil: Gray City Rebels host the return of their open scrimmage event for all skaters across Brazil [EVENT]
  • Bogotá, Colombia: Bogotá Bone Breakers host a Mock Sanctioned game (of which the only record is a flyer on their opponent's page...) [EVENT Flyer]
    • Bogotá Bone Breakers versus Toxic Lima Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Sun, Santiago, Chile: Metropolitan Roller Derby are hosting another recruitment/info evening, with an actual event to come [Initial Post]
  • Sun, Santiago, Chile: Metropolitan Roller Derby hosted a "friendly" game as part of this event [EVENT]
  • Sun, Bogotá, Colombia: whilst they're over in Colombia, Toxic Lima Roller Derby also play on Sunday. [EVENT Flyer]
    • Central Derby D.C. (Bogotá) versus Toxic Lima Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Sun, Pachuca, Mexico: The Derby Witches are hosting a bout [EVENT]
    • Derby Witches (Pachuca) versus Valkirias Roller Derby (Mexico City)
  • Tues, Buenos Aires, Argentina: following Torneo Violentango 6, 2x4 Roller Derby host a bootcamp coached by their A team, Team OSOM [EVENT]


Africa and Middle East

The only derby in this region we have on record is P-Town's ongoing open Funskates!
  • Pretoria, South Africa: P-Town Roller Derby League host another of their open Funskate events, which are also a chance to meet the team and join up. [EVENT]