Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 17th/18th November Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]

We're trying a new colour coding this week, to differentiate BOUTS from RECRUITMENTS and OPEN SCRIMs, and BOOTCAMPs.



Newly rebranded Auld Reekie Roller Derby host an international bout this weekend to launch their new image!
  • Wed, Edinburgh: A new (as yet unnamed) Junior Roller Derby league practices and recruits at The Boardwalk, every Wednesday [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Dumbarton: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host Quad Meet sessions [6-10pm, Unit23 Skatepark][EVENT]
  • Fri, Edinburgh: United Sk8s host the (second?) Junior Derby training series in Edinburgh, starting with skating lessons and building up to derby [EVENT]
  • Fri, Glasgow: Glasgow Men's Roller Derby's ongoing new skater intake continues every Friday, for the foreseeable future! [EVENT]
  • Aberdeen: Granite City Roller Derby are in the Christmas spirit with the return of their Christmas Craft Fayre and Market, helping you stock up with interesting gifts! [EVENT]
  • Edinburgh: Auld Reekie Roller Derby host a quadruple header of International derby to launch their new name and brand! [EVENT]
    • ASTROs (Edinburgh C) versus Vienna Beasts (Vienna B) [FTS]
    • All Stars (Edinburgh A) versus Helsinki Queen Bs (Helsinki B) [FTS]
    • Queen Bs versus Roller Derby Lille [FTS]
    • All Stars versus Roller Derby Lille [FTS]
  • Glasgow: Resistance Roller Derby, Glasgow's Junior Roller Derby club for queer and trans young people continue their training sessions open to new skaters and existing. [EVENT Flyer]
  • Livingston: New Town Roller Girls host a their awards night to celebrate their 7th birthday! [EVENT]
  • Sun, Aberdeen: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host a Sunday Skate followed by a park skate outside [Transition Extreme Sports] [EVENT]
  • Sat?, Dumbarton: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host all-ages coaching for Ramps and Bowls skating [10am-midday, Unit23 Skatepark?]
  • Tues, Aberdeen: Chicks in Bowls Scotland host a regular Quad Meet (Transition Extreme) [EVENT]
  • Tues, Edinburgh: Auld Reekie Roller Derby host the last of their four Taster Days for those interested in seeing what derby is about. This session covers Basic Derby Skills, with jumps, turns and spins! [EVENT]
  • Tues, Inverness: Inverness City Roller Derby host their Newbie Skater intake, for anyone who wants to see what Roller Derby is all about. [EVENT]

United Kingdom

The UK as a whole is quite quiet - with the majority of the action in Newcastle, with both a home teams event (in the middle of the week), and the 2018 Men's European Cup on the weekend!
  • Wed, Eastbourne, England: Eastbourne Roller Derby host another of their monthly open free scrims. Open to All genders and ages (lineups alternate Juniors/WFTDA-gender/MRDA-gender). [EVENT]
  • Wed, Newcastle, England: Newcastle Roller Girls host their Home Team Tournament for the end of this season [EVENT]
    • Teams: War Lasses, Blue Star Bruisers, Toon Raiders
  • Thurs, Nottingham, England: Nottingham Hellfire Harlots rolling open recruitment continues, open to potential new skaters under WFTDA gender policy [EVENT]
  • Fri, Leeds, England: Leeds Roller Derby are hosting an "animal-friendly race night" at the Wanderer Junk Food, to raise funds for their B team's travel [EVENT]
  • Sat-Sun, Newcastle, England: Tyne & Fear Roller Derby host the 2018 Men's European Cup (about which we wrote a bit here). [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Teams:
      • Southern Discomfort (London M)
      • Tyne and Fear Roller Derby (Newcastle M)
      • Mannken Beasts (Brussels M)
      • Barrow Infernos (Barrow-in-furness M)
      • Gothenburg Salty Seamen
      • Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder
      • New Wheeled Order (Manchester M)
      • MadRiders Men's Roller Derby (Madrid M)
      • Helsinki Coast Quads Roller Derby
      • Glasgow Men's Roller Derby
  • Sun, Hull, England: Deathrow Hull host a double header event [EVENT]
    • Deathrow Hull versus Cheshire Hellcats Roller Derby [FTS]
    • Rookie scrim (mixed, open-subs, 0-5 game experience)
  • Sun, Oadby, England: Leicestershire Dolly Rockit Rollers host their November Open To All genders scrim, mixed level (mins-passed). [EVENT]
  • Sun, Oldham, England: Rainy City Roller Derby host another of their Pre-minimum Skills Bootcamps, helping you perfect those basic derby skills so you can start playing derby [EVENT]
  • Sun, Plymouth, England: Plymouth City Roller Derby look like having a closed bout against Dorset (according to FTS) [FTS] [CLOSED]
  • Tues, Wallasey, England: Wirral Roller Derby are hosting a rolling recruitment/intake every Tuesday for the next few weeks. Open To All genders, and to interested officials as well as skaters. [EVENT]


France's Championnat Nationale 2 fixtures return this week - but there's several more big events in the country in addition to those! In Germany, Berlin are hosting a big bootcamp, and Roller Derby Kiel hosts the other international Men's Derby tournament this weekend! Also, a shout-out to Roller Derby Östersund's Snowrollers, hosting their first game ever!
  • Wed, Ostrava, Czech Republic: Trojhali Ostrava Roller Derby continue their open training / recruitment [EVENT]
  • Wed, Rimini, Italy: The Stray Beez host a free "fresh meat" night for all interested potential new members. Register ahead of time via email [EVENT]
  • Wed, Gdańsk, Poland: 3City Piranhas host another fixture in their rolling training sessions for new skaters [EVENT]
  • Wed, Wrocław (Breslau), Poland: Breslau Rebels Roller Derby + Breslau Avengers Roller Derby host their regular open training / recruitment [EVENT]
  • Wed, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Roller Derby Ljubljana host the second of two Wednesday open trainings for anyone interested in trying the sport. Training in English. [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Lyon, France: Lyon United Roller Derby preface their hosting of the Championnat de France with another of their outreach events, where they screen a derby bout for the public to watch. (This time, it's the finals of 2018 MRDA Champs.) [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Toulouse, France: the Quad Guards of Roller Derby Toulouse host a recruitment for the team (focussed on MRDA-gender skaters). This is the first of three recruitments for Quad Guards before the end of the year. [EVENT]
  • Thurs, Bremen, Germany: Bremen Meatgrinders host a relaxed chance to meet the team off-skates at the Kuß Rosa bar [EVENT]
  • Fri, Tallinn, Estonia: Tallinn Roller Girls continue their regular open practice / recruitments for anyone who wants to join the sport [EVENT]
  • Fri+Mon, Tartu, Estonia: Tartu Roller Derby also hold their regular open training and recruitment days on Fridays (sometimes sharing with Tallinn) [EVENT]
  • Fri, Kaiserslautern, Germany: The Roller Girls of the Apocalypse host an information evening for everyone interested in learning more about derby [EVENT]
  • Prague, Czech Republic: Prague City Roller Derby host an international bout! [EVENT]
    • Prague City Roller Derby versus Belfast Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Roller Derby play a double header with their neighbouring countries [EVENT]
    • Copenhagen Roller Derby versus Brussels Derby Pixies [FTS]
    • Copenhagen Roller Derby B versus Crime City Rollers C (Malmö C) [FTS]
  • Lorient, France: Roller Derby Lorient hosts a double header event! [EVENT]
    • Morues (Lorient) versus Cherboobs (Cherbourg) [FTS]
    • Poisc'Aïe (Lorient O) versus UB (mixed team)
  • Sat+Sun, Lyon, France: Lyon United Roller Derby (the recent fusion of Lyon Association Roller Derby and Lyon Roller Girls) host the next Championnat de France Nationale 2 fixture for the 2018/9 season! [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Saône Valley Roller Girlz (Chalon/Macon) versus Biches Deluxe (Thonon/Annecy)
    • GoreGones (Lyon B) versus Cannibal Marmots Bééé (Grenoble B)
    • Sisters in arms (Gap) versus Criminal Nurses (Aubenas)
    • Cannibal Marmots Bééé versus Biches Deluxe
    • GoreGones versus Criminal Nurses
  • Ozouer-le-Voulgis, France: The Bloody Angels of Roller Derby Melun host a karting event to celebrate the end of the year. [EVENT]
  • Sat+Sun, Paris, France: Lutece Destroyeuses host the second set of fixtures this weekend for the Championnat de France Nationale 2 [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • La Barbaque (La Boucherie de Paris B) versus Panthers Miaou (Saint-Gratien B)
    • Les Missfeet (Le Mans) versus Les P'tites Frappes (Lutece B | Paris)
    • Les Pétroleuses (Caen) versus Veuves Noires (Rouen)
    • Les P'tites Frappes versus Panthers Miaou
    • Les Missfeet versus Veuves Noires
  • Berlin, Germany: Bear City Roller Derby host a Beginner and Intermediate level bootcamp, run as two parallel sessions (with sessions for pre-min-skills skaters), and coached by most of the A team for Bear City. Ends in a scrimmage, with options for pre-mins skaters to participate by NSOing or guided spectation. [EVENT]
  • Darmstadt, Germany: The Riot Rollers host another Newbie Day, Open To All genders, and those interested in skating and/or officiating. [EVENT]
  • Sat+Sun, Kiel, Germany: Roller Derby Kiel hosts November Pain - the other Men's Derby European event this weekend! [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Gents in Pink (England M) versus Chaos Engine (Manchester MB)
    • Polish Men's Roller Derby versus DHR Roller Derby (Kiel/Germany M)
    • Intermission: Roller Derby Yoga
    • Chaos Engine versus K.A.O.S. (Sweden)
    • DHR versus Gents in Pink
    • K.A.O.S. versus PMRD
    • Chaos Engine versus DHR
    • K.A.O.S. versus Gents in Pink
    • PMRD versus Chaos Engine
    • DHR versus K.A.O.S.
    • Gents in Pink versus PMRD
  • Turin, Italy: The Bloody Wheels of Roller Derby Torino host a National Teams bout [EVENT]
    • Team Italy Roller Derby versus Team Switzerland Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Schiedam, Netherlands: Rotterdam Roller Derby host a single header rematch [EVENT]
    • Rotterdam Killer Bees (Rotterdam B) versus ThunderDoms (Utrecht B) [FTS]
  • Bergen, Norway: Wet City Rollers host a mock-sanctioned bout as part of their WFTDA Apprenticeship process [EVENT]
    • Wet City Rollers (Bergen) versus Tiger City Beasts (Oslo B) [FTS]
    • Mixed training scrim post.
  • A Coruńa, Spain: Roller Derby Coruña Irmandiñas host what we think is a viewing of a high-level Roller Derby bout, as part of the ongoing outreach in A Coruña this year [EVENT Flyer]]
  • Madrid, Spain: Black Thunders Madrid host a single header [EVENT]
    • Black Thunders Madrid versus Rayo Dockers (Valencia) [FTS]
  • Sun, Antwerp, Belgium: Antwerp Roller Derby host a Roller Derby Belgium National Tournament fixture [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Pack of Destruction (Antwerp B) versus Les Parpains (Namur B)
  • Sun, Calais, France: Roller Derby Calaisis host a triple header featuring all aspects of their league: women's, men's and junior derby [EVENT]
    • Zombeers (Calais M) versus RATM (Arras M) [FTS]
    • Black Tagada (Calais A) versus GO-GO Gent [FTS]
    • Dead Dragibus (Calais J) versus Guillo'Teens [FTS?]
  • Sun, Chambéry, France: The Chamber'hyenes host a relaxed min-skills bootcamp, with low pressure and an optional mini-scrim at the end. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Saintes, France: The Holy Terrors host a single header event [EVENT]
    • Holy Terrors (Saintes) versus Filles de Neptune (Nantes B) [FTS]
  • Sun, Kaiserslautern, Germany: The Roller Girls of the Apocalypse host a "fresh meat bootcamp", which presumably feeds from their info evening on Friday (mouthguard-only needed in advance) [EVENT]
  • Sun, Gdańsk, Poland: Chrome Sirens Roller Derby host their weekly open training sessions for all potentially interested new skaters. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Lisbon, Portugal: Lisboa Roller Derby League hosts a Bootcamp coached by Falcon Punch (Montreal Roller Derby / Team Canada) [EVENT]
  • Sun, Malmö, Sweden: Fresh from WFTDA Champs, Crime City Rollers host an international game for their B team skaters [EVENT]
    • Crime City B (Malmö B) versus Brussels Derby Pixies [FTS]
  • Sun, Östersund, Sweden: The Snowrollers of Roller Derby Östersund host the first ever public roller derby bout in the city! [EVENT]
    • Mixed public scrim (teams from: Snowrollers, Sundsvall Demolition Rollers, Skell Hell Rollers, Ume Radical Rollers and Luleå Roller Derby)




The Australian season continues, with a huge number of home teams games, in particular.  New Zealand is similarly busy... but perhaps the most exciting thing is a rare game hosted by Bangkok Roller Derby!
  • Fri, Tokyo, Japan: Kamikaze Badass Roller Derby Tokyo have regular training on Fridays, which new skaters are always welcome to [EVENT Flyer]
  • Canberra, ACT, Australia: Canberra Roller Derby League host the Grand Final of their Home teams season, a triple header [EVENT]
    • Canberra Roller Derby Juniors home teams
    • Surly Griffins versus Black n Blue Belles ("3rd place")
    • Brindabelters versus Red Bellied Black Hearts ("1st place")
  • Ipswich, QLD, Australia: Th Guild of Roller Derby host the final in their home teams series this year! [EVENT]
    • Dragons versus Vikings (home teams final)
  • Scoresby, VIC, Australia: East Vic Roller Derby host a "Family Feud" fundraiser quiz night [EVENT]
  • Perth, WA, Australia: Western Australia Roller Derby are amongst the groups with expo games as part of Perth Pride Sports Festival! [EVENT]
  • Stirling, WA, Australia: Perth Roller Derby host the Grand Final of their home teams season for this year [EVENT]
    • Bloody Sundaes versus Mistresses of Mayhem (home teams)
  • Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland Roller Derby league take on one of their own National teams! [EVENT]
    • Auckland Bolts (Auckland A) versus New Zealand Men's Roller Derby [FTS]
  • Upper Hutt, New Zealand: Rimutaka Roller Derby host their last bout of the year; also the last bout for their current retiring head ref, Rack Attack! [EVENT]
    • Rimutaka Roller Derby ( ) versus Richter City Convicts (Wellington) [FTS]
  • Tauranga, New Zealand: Moana Roller Derby host a double header of A/B games [EVENT]
    • Salty Rollers (Moana A) versus Raggedy Angst (Hellminton A | Hamilton) [FTS]
    • Paua Rangers (Moana B) versus Hell's Belles (Hellminton B) [FTS]
  • Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok Roller Derby host a home teams game! [EVENT]
    • Moonsoon Mayhem (home teams)
  • Sun, Katoomba, NSA, Australia: Blue Mountains Roller Derby League host their final home teams game of the year, a double header with juniors [EVENT]
    • Blue Mountains Junior Roller Derby home teams bout
    • Brawling Banshees versus Gross Valley Dolls
  • Sun, Gladstone, QLD, Australia: Gladstone PCYC Roller Derby host an open, Open To All genders Black v White open scrim [EVENT]
  • Sun, Carrum Downs, VIC, Australia: South Sea Roller Derby host another of their Open Development Scrimmages, with multiple levels [EVENT]
    • Red + Amber training session
    • Red (no contact) scrimmage
    • Amber (low contact) scrimmage
    • Full contact scrimmage
  • Sun, Keysborough, VIC, Australia: Kingston City Rollers host the last KCR Mixer event of the year, their open to all scrim with multiple skill levels [EVENT]
    • Non-contact scrimmage
    • Pre-bouting / low contact scrimmage
    • Full contact scrimmage
  • Sun, Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Chicks in Bowls Melbourne host a Beginner's Ramps Workshop [EVENT]
  • Sun, Christchurch, New Zealand: Otautahi Roller Derby League host an Open To All genders open scrim (explicitly open to skaters, referees, NSOs, volunteers + announcers) [EVENT]
  • Mon, Perth, WA, Australia: Perth Roller Derby host the sixth and final date in their 6 week training programme for new recruits (you can sign up to individual sessions too) [EVENT]
  • Wed, Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok Roller Derby have their regular training evening, which is always open to new skaters [EVENT Flyer]


Latin America

As always, we're more likely to miss events in Latin America than anywhere else - we'll continue asking leagues to tell us when things are happening...

This weekend, as well as the next Un Sol Para Lx Oficials in Buenos Aires... there's the even more exciting culmination of the Mexican National Championships in Mexico City!

  • Wed+Mon, Xalapa, Mexico: We believe that Ráfagas Roller Derby run their intro to skating sessions on these days (intro to Roller Derby is on Wed+Fri) [EVENT Flyer]
  • Wed, Fri, Mon, Montevideo, Uruguay: Tempestad Roller Derby continue their rolling recruitment [EVENT Flyer]
  • Thurs, Santiago, Chile: Unión Subversiva Roller Derby's open recruitment closes today (apply by email: see this flyer [EVENT Flyer])
  • Thurs+Mon, Ensenada, Mexico: Nereidas Ensenada Roller Derby have open recruitment at their training sessions [EVENT Flyer]
  • Thurs+Sun?, Montevideo, Uruguay: Pájaros Pintados Roller Derby train, and are open to new skaters [EVENT Flyer]
  • Fri, Mon, Tues, Santiago, Chile: Terror S-Quad Roller Derby running rolling recruitment at their weekly training sessions... [EVENT]
  • Sat+Sun, Buenos Aires, Argentina: for the last time this year, Un Sol para Lxs Oficials returns (the adhoc tournament event supporting Argentina's Roller Derby officials) [FTS tournament?][EVENT]
    • Teams:
      • Alianza Rebelde Roller Derby (La Plata)
      • Lxs Pibxs (2x4 B, with a gender-neutral name)
      • "Surtido B" (mixed from Cordoba, Jujuy, Rosario)
      • "Space Jam" (mixed from the teams of the Northern zone of Buenos Aires)
  • Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: Piratas del Beagle host a fundraising Party to support tournaments in Patagonia! [EVENT Flyer]
  • Sat+Sun, Mexico City, Mexico: EMEXRD host the Championship for the National Division 1 of the Mexican National tournament 2018. (We've previously written about the tournament here.) This is a combined championship for both Men's and Women's tiers, and will decide both, as usual, in association with the Asociación Mexicana de Roller Derby.  [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    •  Women's tier:
      • Mexico City Roller Derby versus Discordias
      • Minervas Roller Derby Guadalajara versus Baja Roller Derby (Baja California)
      • Quimeras versus winner Game 1
      • All-Star Juarez versus winner Game 2
      • (and elimination into finals)
    • Men's tier:
      • x versus Crows
      • Disorder RD versus Berserkers
      • Mayhem versus Bastardos
      • Minotauros versus Deserticons
  • Sun, San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina: Mortal Kollas Roller Derby host a bootcamp on "Optimising Derby", run by Bridgetown Menace's Optimus Quad, and 2x4's (now Rat City's) Estrella. [EVENT]
  • Sun, Campo Grande, Brazil: Meat Machine Roller Derby are back, and hosting open training for anyone who wants to join on Sundays! [EVENT Flyer]



Africa and Middle East

In Africa and the Middle East, the most exciting event has to be this year's National Derby Fest, South Africa's National Tournament!
  • Thurs, Pretoria, South Africa: P-Town Roller Derby's weekly funskate open-skating events continue, with the chance to meet+sign up with the team [EVENT]
  • Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town Rollergirls host the third National Derby Fest, South Africa's National tournament! (We wrote a bit about this here.) [FTS tournament][EVENT]
    • Mixed Teams Bout 1
    • Mixed Teams Bout 2
    • Golden City Rollers (Johannesburg) versus Cape Town Roller Derby (Championship)
  • Sat+Mon, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Roller Derby hold their usual practice sessions (which we think are open to interested new skaters, on prior request) [EVENT]
  • Sun+Tues, Abu Dhabi, Emirate of Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Roller Derby's recruitment season starts, with their practices open to new skaters who want to try the sport [EVENT Flyer]