Monthly Diary Special: Deadly Divas in June: Juggs Knock'her

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We know how much everyone looks forward to the Monthly Diaries (or at least, I like to believe you do!), and felt bad about short changing our loyal viewers with only one entry last month. So, this month we have an extra bonus diary to make up for it, from Glasgow/Renfrewshire's newest league: Deadly Divas Roller Girls, here's Juggs Knock'er.

Juggs lining up to jam at the Diva's practice session. Juggs lining up to jam at the Diva's practice session.


What first attracted you to Roller Derby? A few mates mentioned it about a year ago and thought nothing of it at the time.Then I saw that Deadly Divas Roller Derby were starting up and decided to give it a bash! Always been a bit of a tomboy and loved skating as a kid so thought why not! I haven't looked back since and made some amazing friends as well as discovering a lot about myself.

Who are your derby heroes? That's a hard one! Bonnie D Stroir from the San Diego Derby dolls has to be mentioned as I watched her loads on youtube and still do! Also have to mention my derby wife AJ la Kaos here as she has been there encouraging me and the others from day one and she shows a great fighting spirit.

Derby names are an important aspect of the sport, especially when you're starting out. How did you choose your name, and how does it reflect your personality on track? Initially I chose the name Ms Clara-Hell, as Clarabelle has been a nickname that has stuck with me for years with friends and family alike. However the more and more practices and other skating events I attended it became apparent that Juggs was more appropriate! Take from that what you will! As it is a bit of a more risque name, I feel that sums me up pretty well on track as I take a lot of risks... an attitude I have had for a long time.

What was your biggest initial difficulty? I'd have to say the whole thing. I ice skated as a child and teenager and thought I would pick it up easily. The first training session was tough, I realised how unfit I was and how appaulling my skating skills were, I could not be upright for more than a couple of minutes and spent most of it on my arse! But I did go away that day having learned how to get up after a fall, falling safely and discovering that I am no quitter!

Lots of roller girls find it hard not to spread the word about their new sport. How have you been spreading the word? Basically every chance I have had I'm speaking about derby practice and skating! People are always asking me what derby entails and I love telling them!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt/ done this month? Training towards these new minimum skills. A lot of hard work to do, and a lot of frustration that comes with it! Also been doing some coaching with the fresh meat which has helped me learn a lot, and made me reflect on my own basic skills.

What were the most difficult and the best things? The most difficult has been dealing with my own skating skills and crossovers especially! The best things have to be skating with other people and getting psyched up about derby! I;ve been fortunate enough to be welcomed to the New Town Roller Girls practices where I've learned many skills and made some amazing friends. To be honest, although my derby career is still in the early stages, I've loved every moment.

What's new with the Deadly Divas this month? We have been working on the new mins, recruiting, and working on strategy.... watch this space!

Monthly Diary of a League: Fierce Valley in June: Must-Dash

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Starting a slightly expanded array of Monthly Diaries this month, Fierce Valley Roller Girls bring you: Must-Dash!

Must-Dash with Mustache! Must-Dash with Mustache!

What first attracted you to Roller Derby?

What first attracted me to derby was my sister the infamous Danger Mouth, I went along with her at the beginningish when ARRG was in it's early stages but alas I just was not completely ready for the world of derby then... so I put it on the back burner... silly Dash.

Who are your derby heroes?

Danger Mouth is my main hero, her hits are intense: I remember stupidly requesting one from her at a training practice and I went quite some distance and pretty sure I was smacked off the wall a little... ahhh good times.

Derby names are an important aspect of the sport, especially when you're starting out. How did you choose your name, and how does it reflect your personality on track?

My name came about for my love of moustaches: all those gentlemen with their fine facial accessories, their lip quivering no more in the cold air of an evening stroll.

So how does my name transpire on track, I am a true gent and always try and open the opposing  walls for my ladies... and I have become a bit better at dashing as a Jammer.

What was your biggest initial difficulty?

I would have to say cross overs, they were a real beach... and my 25 in 5; I forget just how unfit I was before I committed myself more fully to derby, joining FVRG has helped me grow as a skater and a person so much. I just couldn't wish for a more supportive driven derby family, not to mention funtasticical.

Lots of roller girls find it hard not to spread the word about their new sport. How have you been spreading the word?

I constantly tell people at my cafe about the wonderful world of derby: "Here's your bacon roll ma'am, you have strong looking legs... ever considered donning some wheels??"

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt/ done this month?

I jammed for the first time in a bout situation which was pretty great, and won the award for best blocker. Needless to say I was on a bit of a high after our intraleague Transformers themed bout.

I have learnt that I can stand on one skated leg whilst making goat noises quite successfully as can my fellow pals deal with me doing this and also keep balance... I was embracing the spirit of the mountain goat to make my balance better.

What were the most difficult and the best things?

The most difficult thing was probably hearing that Maz-manian devil was leaving us :(. Then the best was hearing that she's totally had a change of heart and is coming back! SCORE!! Me and Brawny made a video for her and everything, she even got a leaving party out of us all, she turned our world upside down face... I suppose I can forgive her for lying to us... in time.

What's new for the Fierce Valley this month?

We will be beasting the training sessions and scrimming to ready prepare us for July try outs for the FVRG and Jakey Co-ed bout on the 10th of August. We will also be crafting a hefty amount to bring along to the Pop up shop at Callander house which is happening on the 13th of July so it's worth nipping along to see our wares :)

An Interview with... Raven from Into The Nitemare

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In every community, there are some individuals who, through dint of energy, enthusiasm or engagement, quickly become linchpins of activity. In Scottish Roller Derby, arguably the newest such persons are Raven and her husband Titan, co-owners of the Into The Nitemare skate store.

In addition to running the store, Raven has also been very much involved with Bairn City Rollers (who she skates for), but has also made inroads into tournament planning and even a little team creation of her own. I caught up with her at the Into The Nitemare base to talk about her discovery of roller derby, the newly revealed Team Nitemare, and other facets of her involvement in Roller Derby.


It's a Friday evening, and I've just found the home of Falkirk's local Skate Store in a quiet residential area, thanks to the Queens of the Sin Bin tshirt gracing a torso dummy in the window. For now, Into The Nitemare runs its business from home, all of the stock carefully located out of the way of the two kittens who prowl the living room in that slightly uncoordinated way that immature cats do.

I'm interviewing Raven on a Friday because the very next day, she and Titan are off south to attend a bout in England along with their stall. The wide travel for the business has become an increasingly common part of their lives, and has both fed into and from their list of contacts in UK Roller Derby.

"We founded a book shop around 3 years ago, mainly because I love books; and because I discovered I hated working for other people. Heard of [Fierce Valley Roller Girls], went to a fresh meat taster, but couldn't commit. Stayed involved in derby, started doing a range of clothes. Discovered Queens of the Sin bin, through FB, and started doing their clothes... and then Dundee Roller Girls asked us if we wanted to have a stall at one of their fundraisers... and the travel didn't stop."

And of course, the lure of actually skating was never far away. With the business doing well, Raven was also in contact with Wee Zoomer (who had also tried out derby at Fierce Valley) and her husband Megabloker, who had just started with the Jakey Bites. "[Megabloker] really wanted a full, male, league to develop all the skills that the girls do [not just a constructed team like the Jakeys]. He asked if we could provide some sponsorship to start them off." And one thing led to another, and Scotland's first co-ed league, Bairn City Rollers, was formed. Things started moving rapidly after that, with Raven herself putting on skates again: "I started skating in May last year; 5 days after my derby anniversary, I bouted [in Cherry Pop]. It was AMAZING."

This drive seems to be shared by the whole of Bairn City (although Into The Nitemare also handle Bairn City's bout arrangements), as they have left the traps after their first bout at something of a sprint. One or more of the leagues' three teams (men's Skelpies, women's Central Belters, co-ed Belter Skelpers) is bouting every month for the next year, excepting December, an ambitious schedule even for a very established league, which Raven admits.

"We have pushed it hard and fast. But it's been good. Really Good. We're a very close knit community; there's some politics, but you get that everywhere. But we're a like a giant family - we socialise CONSTANTLY. Not arranged functions or events, we have an extended social support network. Some things that have happened recently, I wouldn't have gotten through without them. It's going to be a hard year, but I'm very excited."

As perhaps with many roller derby players, enthusiasm for the sport pervades most of Raven's responses to questions, whether asked about meeting Vienna Rollergirls (who were put up by Bairn City's You Sayin' Bolt for their visit to play Auld Reekie); "lovely lovely girls", or her feelings about fellow Scottish derby store 5th Blocker Skates; "[owner Marshall] Lawless is awesome; she's just generally awesome, proper derby crush, I love the way she jams. We'd not want to step on her toes.", or Granite City Roller Girls; "Clinically Wasted, she's brilliant: legs everywhere."

This enthusiasm has also seen its way into sponsorship of a number of teams across the UK, and even into Europe (Trondheim Roller Derby Norway are proud sponsorees). Perhaps a little more controversially, it's also seen individually sponsored skaters invited to join a co-ed exhibition team, Team Nitemare."[Team Nitemare] kind of came about by accident. We'd been toying with how cool a 'Team Nitemare' would be, but we toyed with it and dropped it and toyed with it. And then Bob [Battle of Britain] came about. We were approached by Rollin Thunder of SDR, one of whom's fellow skaters is sponsored. So we made a list and asked various skaters we like, and thankfully they all said yes. […] They're not all really well known names, but they're talent we think should be pushed to the fore."

The obvious slippery slope argument of "corporate ownership" immediately rears its head as soon as private individuals start constructing their own teams, but Raven is adamant that Team Nitemare is somewhere between a bit of fun and a promotional tool for co-ed derby.

"It's mainly…" she says, tailing off for a moment with surprise that someone might think she'd be making a team for self-aggrandising reasons, "…the whole point behind it is, well women's derby is big and still growing at a massive rate. Men's derby is catching up fairly rapidly. Co-ed is fairly new… and we just think that it needs an extra push. It's mainly going to be exhibition stuff, 2 or 3 games at year, just to show how girls and boys can work together.

We're not going to ask to be on the rankings. And our players all play for other established leagues - we'd never expect them to come play for us over them! That would defeat the whole thing! It's all meant to be a bit of fun."

Since the interview, another sponsored Co-ed team, Team Daring, has been announced. It will be interesting to see how this aspect of derby evolves in the coming year…

Fun comes up a lot for Raven in other contexts as well. It's clear that while she loves roller derby, and takes the sport seriously, she's also quite committed to the need for the sport to be entertaining. This becomes clear when we get on to discussing some of the hot topics of roller derby, and after dealing with the issue of new mins, where she shows a serious side:

"You can't stay still. Every thing you do; every time you watch a video, go to a bout, go to a social skate, go to training, it's all about learning. Everything's a learning curve, a learning process. So, yeah, it's going ot be hard for some people, but at the same time, it's that progression, it's going to push people. I think it's a good thing, I do think it's a good thing. I think it's going to take a lot of people… I mean, I read some of the bits of it and I thought what, oh no! But when it comes around again, I think it'll be okay."

and a commitment to safety

"And I like the fact that Derby is the only sport in the world where you have to take a written test! I think that's amazing, there's no other sport in the world that does it. But that's one of the selling points for people. You get asked, 'oh, well is it just punching people?' and you can say, well, no you have to set a full set of minimum skills tests, and a full written test about the rules. You can't just 'go up and lamp someone'!"

but then almost immediately switches tack segueing into the topic of derby names and 'proper sport':

"… the rules test, the new minimums, the new blog on should derby names be your real name, I mean 'people won't take you seriously if you don't skate under your real name'(!)

Some of the greatest sports people… and performers like Madonna; Lady Gaga, she doesn't go by her real name!"

The awareness of the overlap between competition and performance (which is a part of most team sports) is also clearly deep in Raven's psyche, as we talk about what's special about roller derby, compared to other sports. "It attracts people who don't feel to be comfortable in "mainstream" situations. Slightly alternative, a bit different, a bit geeky. it attracts the less confident, because you get to put ...on a set of skates, and the derby uniforms - I've never been excited about wearing a skirt before in my life before that Saturday.

It's totally out of character - I'm a baggy jeans, doc martens and a big baggy jumper kind of girl. So for me to wear short shorts and a dress, and face paint; not only is it out of character, it also gives me that confidence to say "let's go and do this!" So is it a costume, or armour? "For me… costume, definitely."

Finally, I get on to the other big event in Into The Nitemare's future: their UK tournament at the end of the year. We don't have quite as much time to discuss the details of selection as either of us would have liked, but as with Team Nitemare, Raven's Battle of Britain features teams that she, well, gets on with. "Obviously we sponsor Rainy City, the Reapers... Shoetown, oh, how could I forget my Shoetown girls, are also sponsored... but we have the Central Belters because I skate with them, and we asked the Lothian Derby Dolls because we thought they'd be at the right level to play the Belters and Belfast to challenge Rainy City. We've had a huge amount of help from the Scottish Roller Derby [community] in arranging things."

Organisation is understandably still under development, but as always Raven seems committed to making the tournament entertaining. A tournament is a process for finding the best team, in theory, but if there are no upsets, the brackets can be predictable. "It's going to be 3 teams per group," she says, speaking about her current concern, "But just putting them in the right way to stop the result being predictable. The obvious final would be Rainy v Belfast… but we don't want that, we want something a bit different."

Whether she gets her wish or not, Raven will certainly make sure that the event is run in the derby spirit of hard work and a sense of humour, and perhaps that's the most important thing.

Team Nitemare:

Battle of Britain:

Into the Nitemare Derby Store:

GCRG's Fresh Meat - June 2013

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Granite City Roller Girls will be holding their next quarterly Fresh Meat session at the Aberdeen Lads Club (Dill Road) from 10:00 - 12:00 on Saturday 15th June 2013.

Come along and get bitten by the Roller Derby Bug that's sweeping the nation!


All we ask is that you are over 18, have a bit of gumption, a splash of spirit, a dose of commitment and a sense of humour.

We have skates and protective equipment all waiting for you to try on before the Derby Bug bites you and you rush off to buy yourself some pretty new gear :)

Joining GCRG is a brilliant way to get fit and meet new people!

Yes this is a women's sport but GCRG are on the look out for referees, so any guys who would like to get involved in the sport should pop along too!

See You on the Track!!


Sat, 15/06/2013 - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Aberdeen Lads Club

Dill Road

Aberdeen AB24 2XL

See map: Google Maps

Bairn City Rollers presents "Scrape Fear"

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June 30th will be a date to remember for Bairn City Rollers, with the male Skelpies and the female Central Belters bouting togther in the same venue on the same day in a landmark double header!

Come along to The Peak in Stirling to catch the Skelpies take on Tyne & Fear B-team in what promises to be a thrilling - and bruising - encounter. If you're the sort of person that can handle two shots of action in your derby coffee then following that the Central Belters will make their home debut against the ladies from North Wales Roller Derby.

The previous two B.C.R. bout days have already provided some unforgettable moments, this will be one not to miss!


The action begins at 15:30, tickets are already moving so make sure you grab some while you can. We'll see you at The Peak!

Join the Facebook event to keep up to date with the latest information. Purchase tickets for Scrape Fear here.

Double Header: GCRG Presents Cherry Poppers and Co-ed

Granite City Roller Girls are proud to announce an exciting day of Roller Derby to take place at the home of our sisters - Dundee Roller Girls

We will be supplying you derby fans with two exciting bouts!

Granite City’s co-ed team ‘Of Fights and Men’ skate together for the first time against the much respected and fantastic ‘Jakey Tayzers’. So come along and watch the mixed teams of men and women battle it out on track!

That’s not all...

We are so excited to also announce that the first bout of the day will be an all female ‘Cherry Popper’ to get you warmed up! Two teams made up from 7 different Scottish leagues, with some skaters making their debut. Ladies from Nasty Nessies Roller Girls, Dundee Roller Girls, Bairn City Rollers, Fierce Valley Roller Girls, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Glasgow Roller Derby and of course Granite City. Watch, support and take note -

You will be witnessing some of Scotland’s best new talent on track.

Double Header 130713

So get this date in to your diaries, it's not to be missed.

Tickets on Sale soon! Online Advance: £5, Door: £6 Under 14s Free with paying adult Doors open: 11.30am. First bout 12pm.

Cakes, Merchandise and Local Vendors will also be there.

Join our Facebook Event

Disc Dundee International Sports Centre, Mains Loan - Dundee Details


Date(s) - 13/07/2013 11:30 am - 5:00 pm




Time Running Out for Bootcamps and Auctions!

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Two exciting things happening today, which you might just be in time to catch if you were previously unaware of them...

Firstly: London Rollergirls' London Brawling are holding a Bootcamp in Edinburgh, hosted by Auld Reekie Roller Girls. The tickets went onsale at midday today, and the Intermediate session has entirely sold out already. However, if you're New WFTDA Mins passed, you can still book onto the Advanced session, where there are a small number of places free. is the link for the event.



Secondly, in order to give people enough time to bid, Glasgow Roller Derby have extended the deadline on their fundraising Auction for ECDX by a whole week. It looks like the counters for time available haven't been fixed at the time of writing, but I am informed that there is really a week left, not less than 4 hours!

This could be your chance to get tickets to the Sealife Centre, rock CDs, gardening work, or even a custom doll made in your image, for a bargain price, and also help one of our two history-making Scottish leagues get to Philadelphia in late June!

National Mens Roller Derby is here................

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Everyone remembers the excitement of the last roller derby world cup, when a group of our best female skaters made the trip to Canada to take on the rest of the world. Well now its the boys turn. With an all male Roller Derby World Cup in the pipeline for 2014 its time to get the wheels in motion, and that is exactly what they are doing.

Already sporting the team title 'The Power Of Scotland' the team are now looking to start recruiting. Not only skaters but NSO's, a Team Manager and Coaches.

The first training session is planned for the 1st of June and anyone who would like to be a part of the team, whether on skates or off is urged to make it along to the session at the Grangemouth Sports Complex, They're even going to treat you to an after party! All of the details are posted below as well as links you can follow if you would like to apply to skate, coach or manage.

This is sure to be a huge event so get the date in your calendar and come show the boys some support!

The first training session for potential team members will be on:

01/06/2013 13.30-18.00

Grangemouth Sports Complex (Hall 2),

Session cost: £10

1. ALL skaters and support staff who wish to attend the session should fill out the registration form located here:

2. We will require a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager. If this interests you then please fill out the separate application form here:

3. We will require NSOs, Referees, First Aiders and general support staff at all stages of the training event and further try-out dates. If you are interested in helping then please fill out the general registration form in section 1.

4. Everyone attending the event in an official or skating capacity should try to arrive 30 minutes before the practice time to ensure you are registered correctly and to kit up.

5. If skating, please bring your own supply of water/drinks. There are vending machines and a café at the venue. All skaters should bring a black and white numbered t-shirt.

6. All skaters should be at mins passed level and over 18.

After the first session there will be an after party at Stenhousemuir Cricket Club (Time:TBD), cost for entry: £3 per person:

If you have any questions then please contact


Monthly Diary of a League: Fierce Valley in May: Brawny Tyler

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Just in time for Eurovision on Saturday, this month's diary from Fierce Valley Roller Girls is by UK-entry-namesake, Brawny Tyler!

Brawny jamming v Preston , in FVRG's second public bout. (Photo: Claire "ChaosFaerie" Brunton/zenspirations photography) Brawny jamming v Preston , in FVRG's second public bout. (Photo: Claire "ChaosFaerie" Brunton/zenspirations photography)

What first attracted you to Roller Derby?

My sister Meadhbh started with Belfast Roller Derby in August 2011 and wouldn't stop talking about it. I went to see her bout in an intra league game in November, despite being totally baffled by the rules, I loved it. She told me about Fierce Valley and with a bit of encouragement I got in contact and I haven't looked back.

Who are your derby heroes?

Have to say my sister, eh :) Sylvia Wrath. She really is though, I'm so proud of how far she's come with roller derby, now being Captain of the Banshees. I got the chance to scrim with her but I'm not sure I'd want to play against her!

Derby names are an important aspect of the sport, especially when you're starting out. How did you choose your name, and how does it reflect your personality on track?

It was a nightmare choosing a name, I struggled to find something I thought was good enough. Some things I thought were hilarious, flopped when I told other people... Brawny Tyler just popped into my head one day; I do love a good power ballad, particularly Total Eclipse of the Heart. I'm a little ashamed of her most recent song for Eurovision though, she's letting the side down.

What was your biggest initial difficulty?

Fear, particularly of falling and hurting myself. As my confidence grew though, the fear subsided, or at least the drive to get better started to override the fear. That and a pair of padded shorts.

Lots of roller girls find it hard not to spread the word about their new sport. How have you been spreading the word?

Because derby has taken over my life I always feel the need to tell people about it. Recently the trainer taking my gym induction, I talked her in to contacting FVRG about Fresh Meat.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt/ done this month?

Embracing and being more positive about the new WFTDA mins. At first it was a bit daunting but at least it's forced me to focus on certain skills like transitions. After picking up some good tips at the GRD bootcamp I'm sure I'll get it...eventually!

What were the most difficult and the best things?

I'm finding it hard getting used to being split up as we prepare for the intra-league, it feels strange to be pitting myself against people who have been team mates. It is all in good spirit though and I'm really looking forward to it. Ask me next week though and I'll probably say climbing Ben Nevis!

What's new for the Fierce Valley this month?

 Our Intraleague bout, Revenge Of The Fallen, is very soon. Deceptiquads Vs Autoblocks; watch out for shiney leggings. It's really exciting because we have enough skaters for two teams, it's great to see FVRG growing!

A Slew of Glasgow Roller Derby ECDX Fundraising Events.

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It looks like Glasgow Roller Derby have been a bit busy building up fundraising events for ECDX, only to release them in a fusillade of money-making goodness today.

Firstly, and very soon indeed,


Harsh Tug @ The Flying Duck

The night of the 24th of May sees The Notorious B.A.G. provide a night of hip-hop, gangsta rap, and other musical genres which this correspondant is too old to properly appreciate, hosted at The Flying Duck.

All proceeds go to the ECDX fund.



If you're still up for more Glasgow Roller Derby related musical goodness, GRD-skater-based-duo SummerSlams are DJing an event, "Bitch, Please!", at Nice N Sleazy on the night of the 31st of May, promising an eclectic mix of musical genres, and specially featuring Glasgow-based Grime artist Patricia Panther.

Once again, all proceeds go to the ECDX fund.


Both of the above events start at 11pm, and are £3 entry.


Finally, if you're not one for late nights and music, the long promised GRD Fundraising Auction has launched, with "items" up for bidding including tickets to various events, custom art works, cupcakes and one day's time from a GRD skater. You can check out all of the possibilities on the special GRD Auction page.